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  1. I found a topic on a Russian website. Z6 and Z10 are the same, except for battery and lateral pads. We can see on the pictures an unused XT60 connector on the Z6: On Z10: On the motherboard, all wires are present in the Z6 as same as Z10: And we can see free space in Z6 battery compartment: So we can easily add cells inside to enhance mileage, but not sure it will provide extra power to the motor needed to reach Z10 speeds. We already know Z10 manage batteries recharge in an original way: it will full charge the 1st one, and then start chargin
  2. In what conditions this test have been made? With original unmodified wheels? Because maximum speed can be locked by two factors: first the firmware, and secondary the maximum power the battery can deliver. Is somebody tried to put z10 battery inside a z6, with a modded firmware from @MRN76? Or is somebody simply did a motor teardown of both models for a comparaison ?
  3. Z6 is also half price So if motors are the same, and it's possible to flash a z10 modded firmware, I should be very interested. Then I will see later to build a diy battery
  4. @MRN76 In another thread, you said that z6/Z10 hardware is the same, so we can flash a z6 to become a Z10. But what's about the motor? Is it the same too over different models? Or is it only a lower battery?
  5. WoW may be totally crazy to run at 56km/h ! Be very careful, as you said before, braking at this speed is a real problem 😊
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