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  1. Hello everyone, Does anyone know a good winter tire for my MCM5? With nails it would be perfect, the first snow is there!
  2. Thank you Marty, I will buy one. Yes Smoother, it’s the only thing why I’m sad know, because the wheel was at his end life and it’s not important for that... Like it was near a lock, I went to the office to warn but there was no one, the office is closed the weekend and as the wheel continued alone, I can give a distance around 10 meters but not better when I come back to see if I can do something. The river is completely black, I don’t know the deepth, hard to climb, I can’t take the risk to go in the river for that 😕 I burned all my credits for this 6 years no car pollut
  3. Hi Marty, Have you do a try to see if Msuper mudguard worked on the MCM5 ? Yesterday was a sad day, the Solowheel is dead! These last days I learned the wheel to my wife, and as she was doing well I proposed a ride and I had the good idea to go along a river. I leave my wife hand to change sides and go to the side of the river, and as I slow down to pass behind her, she was unbalanced, she jumped and the wheel continued alone in the river 😄. It took less than 2 seconds for it to sink and sink forever into bubbling bubbles. I could have come back and tried to fish it but i
  4. Chopsywa happy to see that all is ok now. Yes yourtoys, I’m 68 kg and with a full charged battery the wheel began to beep (80% alarm) around 38 km/h but it’s always very stable, I never feel in danger... I’m so happy with this wheels. Today I received the two pads, I will do a try next week with to see if I can tighten the wheels and continue at high speed when the road is well bumpy. Also I would like to know if someone have a solution for water projection. We can easily think that the wheel is well covered but in fact no. This morning I was completely dirty in my back when
  5. ED, it’s on an other wheel, it can’t be a MCM5.
  6. Yes too dangerous to disable !!! This morning the path was free and I was always earing the beeps from 80% and slow down it's time they happens. The best for my 70kg and the MCM5, is to set the tilt at 33 km/h. I can feel a small leaning back of the wheel that says me I'm at 33/35 km/h whithout regard a screen and whithout beeps all 30 seconds. Like that my speed is constant and I think my average speed is better. 16" wheels are dead!!! I knew I was going to be surprised by the new wheels but not at this point. I prefer that builders now work on the weight, compactness and on other p
  7. Yes first and two alarms are disabled, so it’s well beeps from capabilities I heard during the test. I read on an other post that you have disabled the tilt back. To do this, you set a very high value ? So, no tilt back but the beeps are here to remember that we are not (or yes 🥴) Superman, it’s depends of the view point 🤗 I think I have now a very good understanding of this wheel. I really love this MCM5, sometimes I just have to be carefully with high speed on bumpy roads because of the pads absence. I don’t arrive to limit my speed when the path is free I always want the max
  8. I don't have this problem chopsywa... I need some help after my tilt back and speed tests. So with Marty advices, this morning I began with a tilt back set at 9 km/h and increase each time of 3km/h after the test. I stoped to increase the tilt back when it was set at 36 km/h you will see why. In my mind, I was waiting that something strong happened when I push after the tilit back limit but no! For example with a tilt back set at 12km/h : I start, accelerate, reach about 15km/h, the wheel leaning back to recover 12km/h, and thats all, you continue your ride like if nothing happe
  9. Thank you Marty for the informations, I will try tomorrow morning. I’m surprised to don’t have a notice with all this informations but fortunately there’s the forum!!! I’m looking for a helmet so I don’t want to push too hard my wheel for the moment so I put the tilt back at 33 km/h to be quiet with the speed limit...🙃 But, I’m not sure it’s a good idea because this morning I was trying to push a little bit after the soft limit (33 km/h) watching what it was going to happen. Pushing a little bit more with this soft limit I’m arrived at 34 / 35 km/h in the GW app. After a few moment
  10. Perhaps Smoother, but it wasn't a problem, my old wheel have done the job waiting the MCM5. After 40km I'm very satisfied with my MCM5, I now have the good technique to brake in hard mode. For improvements, I would like to have the perfect wheel : - 16", - lighter, - more compact, - true lighthouse, - trolley less hard to handle (I put a little bit of WD40 to help), - with full holes handle, - ability to disable beeps when on / off and connected to the app, - a charger with more LEDs to know the approximate charge level whithout the app. Finally I will buy the pads to do a try. I think it
  11. I will put the tilt-back at 30 or 33 km/h for my security because I know I will be always at maximum... Why it’s indicate overspeed, I don’t heard beeps and nothing else ?
  12. Sure after a few km it will be easy to do the difference. I tried the soft mode but I prefer the hard one, I will try the medium this afternoon. I put the tilt back at 36 km/h but to go faster than 32 km/h I need to practice because I must to push in front harder to go faster and it’s less confortable for the moment. Edit : After a new ride there is no problem to go fast. I Think the medium mode is for me, I will change when I will have more practice.
  13. It's exactly my feeling this morning ! Ok, thank you for the alarms lesson, so I disable second class alarm on the iOs APP. Like that if I heard at least one beep it's for my security because of the 80%. I think it's would be better to have another sound for speed to don't be confused... I want to drive the wheel so I come back to the house to eat now
  14. So, for my first ride this morning : I'm really surprised by this wheel, it's really easy to adapt my driving. For the braking it's better now, I think in 10 or 20 km it's will be perfect, I will try the soft mode to come back the house this evening and compare. I promise you than the feelings passing bumps is really better with this 14" wheel than my old 16" wheel. I think the engine motor and the weight of the wheels helps. I don't need to use pads on the MCM5, I usually spreed my feet on the Solowheel. I'm just afraid to fall for the moment with all this alarms. To start I pu
  15. Hmmmmm what’s that ? My “dog” have done the first two km in my arms, I think he don’t like that, too cold for him 😂
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