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    Tesla 850Wh or MCM5 650Wh

    Wow, thank you for all this very interesting informations! In my dream I have a MCM5 16” :)) My first inquiry about the MCM5 is the 14” wheel but I read here that the MCM5 is so powerful that it’s a little bit as a 16” wheel. My solowheel is very good but I’m always looking for rising small bumps because she don’t has power. I always became lighter :) when I’m rising a bump else I need to decrease speed and at the maximum speed, now approximately 10 miles (snif snif) I don’t want to decrease my speed. So for sure I need to buy a MCM5, because she is : - lighter (I think it’s the maximum weight to be confortable in my use) - earlier and nice :) - has the button at the hand to cut the motor (sorry I don’t have the word, my English is so poor). It’s also a very good option for my all days use. Now I have two choice to buy. In France the 800wh isn’t sold, so I can buy the 800wh model in China for 1000$ with 60 days delivery, or the 650wh model in France for 1400$ with 7 days delivery... I think the 800wh is perfect for security because in my use I will be always at more than 50% battery. Tomorrow I will ask to French sellers if they can do a special order but I don’t think or perhaps with 60 days delivery...
  2. Boubalou

    Tesla 850Wh or MCM5 650Wh

    Thank you for your help! I think the best choice is to try both to decide because my perfect wheel doesn't exist but it's impossible before to buy, the seller is too far. Like I have a Solowheel in 16", I'm worried about the 14" tire and MCM5 plastics seems so bad in real !? I don't understand why recent wheels are so big and heavy compare to the tires. They are bigger and bigger, for exemple the Z10 with 26kg!!!
  3. Boubalou

    Tesla 850Wh or MCM5 650Wh

    Hi guys, I’m a rider from France and I would like to have advices from your comunity to choose beetween this two wheels. I have around 10000km with my Solowheel Classic. I go to work every day in Solowheel, it’s represent about 8km a day and sometimes 16km when I return home to eat 😀 I really like the MCM5 but I’m worried about the 14” wheel. The road I take is made of bitum, so I think it’s ok but I’m not sure for the confort. I really like the Tesla but the weight is a little bit high (19kg!) and is she really more powerfull? Thank you for advices, Laurent