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  1. @RockyTopGreat idea, that would be the best option, as it's likely that V11 will become my main wheel and I will sell 16X soon. Ordered the covered GX12-3P connector set with both male/female parts to solder it directly to the charger and make an adapter for 16X instead from the cut piece with the Lenovo connector:
  2. @RockyTopThanks for the details. Exactly my thoughts regarding the lenovo connector. I will need to solder the thicker wires, shrink wrap them properly, or probably use liquid electrical tape and epoxy the whole assembly. Ordered GX12-3 connector as well. The Lenovo connector I've got looks like this, but getting the plain connector without the wires would be even better for this kind of adapter:
  3. @RockyTopI have the fast charger with Lenovo connector for 16X and getting V11 soon. Do you plan to make Lenovo -> XLR adapter cable for V11 so that I can use the same charger for both wheels? What's the exact part number for this XLR connector? I've ordered Lenovo square connector and plan to solder the adapter myself, looking for the XLR part now. But if you plan to make such an adapter, I might order from you to save time. Already got your black crown stand for 16X, works great, thanks!
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