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  1. I bought a Z10 and I had to get it out of deep sleep. I had to do this: Now it’s fully loaded and I have to look at how to protect this beast to learn on it
  2. You just restarted everything in my mind haha
  3. Sly

    Brussels, Belgium

    Hello @lebeaumarc I only find a page with people playing hockey on wheels. Is that the group? Could you pm me the link?
  4. Hey @RockyTop your comment got my attention, you wouldn’t recommend an Inmotion product then?
  5. So I couldn't see the V8 and the guy doesn't reply any more and there is a Kingsong ks 16 680wh with 1500km for 650€. What's best V8 or KS 16?
  6. Thank you so much man @travsformation
  7. @travsformation it does help a lot. That was the first wheel I looked into but the price was high for a first wheel, second hand it’s better! Is there anything someone could mess up with that I shouldn’t consider buying it? any fragile/weak part? I’ll try to go and see the wheel!
  8. Sly

    Brussels, Belgium

    Hello I’m looking into buying an EUC but I struggle to decide as I haven't ridden one. I’m from Brussels any meetup planned? Cheers
  9. @meepmeepmayer I think that I got it, this is what I’m looking for: safety. Maybe a noob thing but I’ve the feeling that the wheel could stop at any time... Probably due to my no-experience. The price is 500€ for 790km but I would try to have it a bit under that. what do you think? @Mike Sacristan I weight 65kg add the weight of a good meal, clothes. laptop and stuff 75 I would say? For the shoes you’re right.
  10. What is the "safe" standard nowadays?
  11. @Mike Sacristan Hello Mike and thank you for your straightforward advice. @meepmeepmayer @Mike Sacristan @travsformation @gotmotion2016 @dieterGRAMS I’m now looking at second hands wheel, what should I pay attention to? The mileage and what else? Knowing that I never rode one. I’ve found a V8 with 790kms. What do you reckon?
  12. @travsformation I’d love to but I haven’t even seen someone with a wheel in Belgium and all my friends are more making fun of the idea than supporting it. Anyone up for an initiation in Brussels?
  13. @meepmeepmayer The 2 videos make it hard to decide, but the V5 (not the V5+) at 300€ looks like a really good deal to start with. The KS14D is around 1k already. Is the difference worth 3 times the price?
  14. Hello guys, thank you so much for all your replies your community looks awesome! @gotmotion2016 Thank you for the link!! @meepmeepmayer wow this looks like a bargain. I’ve only had one bad experience with long shipping and expensive product. What about the customs fees? @travsformation These wheels are looking super good but I never rode one and around 2k it’s quite a heavy budget. I’m really struggling, looking at heaps of videos, reviews, vlogs...
  15. Hello everybody, I love and I’ve always been at ease with riding a board, snowboarding, windsurfing, wake-boarding etc. I’m currently working at a place where I have to park around 1.5km from the office and it takes more time to walk to the office than the drive from my place to the parking (5 km). I usually work in a suit and wouldn’t really want to wear a helmet to the office. I’m considering any electronic vehicle that can be either for only this last "mile" or even for the full commute but I can’t really decide as I haven’t tried any. I’m looking for something portable that could fit in my trunk and be kept in the office, quite "light". Safe and with a max speed limiter so that I’m sure I’m not going above 12-14 km/h for this small commute and risking to get injured heavily. Something manoeuvrable and with which I could go a bit off-road (in the grass with some small hills). I liked the idea of a handle like the KS18 or the 8V have. I liked the idea of the Kiwano but it doesn’t look agile as a wheel. I’m lost in this quest? What would you guys recommend? Is anyone from Belgium? Thank you for reading me.