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  1. I have strange problem with logging to EUC World from the app. It works just once after fresh install. But after a while when it needs to be logged in again (for premium features), it reports "no Internet access". But Internet is normally reachable by browser, etc. What only helps. Uninstall/install the app again. So practically before every usage, I have to uninstall/install it, login to Euc world, configure my setting.. My Android is older: 5.1 j.
  2. jitesar

    IPS i5

    I'm using one of these 2 versions for Android https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Mw2NWF6DgBcOAM22jUkGPESTxf8zpxzu/view?usp=sharing or https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NYezFrXqcjDu6M4TeQiufqBvQuHNZDW5/view?usp=sharing I have also IOS app on my iPhone, but installed when it was available in store. Unfortunately IPS is already dead vendor.
  3. Actually I did opposite. Using 84V 3.5A smart charger bought for KS, also for IM. I think, also, factory charger for KS or IM is practically the same. So you can using both vice versa. It is only matter of connectors. You can get Lenovo male connector and GX12-3 male and build very easily reduction from IM to KS. KS is not using central pin in Lenovo connector (fortunately, because it is very thin) but thicker side plates. So you have to get plain Lenovo male connector (without cable) to be able to solder shield as "+" and inner plates as "-".
  4. jitesar

    IPS S5

    This is result of their design. Unfortunately very sad idea to have one part of the motor (coils) connected to the chassis and second one (magnets) with the wheel. By principle there must be a gap between these 2 parts, so their IP54 waterproof is maybe valid for control board, but it is BIG lie for the chassis! This design can be used for 2 motors as S5 have but can't newer be waterproof as normal motor is. So S5 is just double design fault of I5.
  5. No way! This can't hold 25kg wheel. Every guitar stand with bottom holders attached in one point will have problem: bending wires, can crack soon I found this one to be usable: K&M Heli 2 A-Guitar Stand HN156805 because critical parts have support. but frankly, 3D printed stand is better (EUCarmy in my case)
  6. I don't believe that china vendor would clone other china product. It can't make it cheaper. All other description on this alibaba is about ninebot Z-10, also picture is with ninebot sticker. But you can ask the seller directly. But in any case be ready to have zero day warranty.
  7. If we would find this Lenovo Amps specification it is not relevant, because as we need only 2 wires, KS fortunately used both sides of connector plates (internal pin is not used at all). It is KS specific (IM V5 has the same Lenovo connector but one wire is connected to internal pin and it could be limitation factor there).
  8. Great! I don't need it yet. But if I will need to replace motherboard, it is necessary to set S/N.
  9. Updated. Riding 100 km after that. I don't see any significant change. Probably only my personal placebo effect feeling: it climbs better ;-)
  10. I'm sorry if this is out of topic question or it was answered already (haven't found it). Can this app be used only for changing S/N when new control board is installed to 9B Z10?
  11. I think you could try to sell it. We like tuning of Z10.
  12. I would not try to solve it only with gauge. I'm using flexible hose (https://www.ddpneu.cz/pryzove-prodlouzeni-ventilu-100mm) and I connect it to valve and to the gauge (SKS Airchecker in my case)
  13. yes, it lands to Germany, Poland, Hungary... just EU. And then shipment is practically EU <-> EU. So, if shipment from EU to you is tax free it should be OK. And if not it is robbery. By the way, VAT is not the same in all the EU, for example in Czech we have standard DPH 21%.
  14. I'm still not sure if this tire type is really intended to be used as off-road. We can see analogy with road and motocross bikes. 9B1 "Z" is much more similar to road bike then motoX one. This tire type is also reason why we are continuously checking different PSI. Higher pressure is definitely better for cornering on the tarmac but is then very hard and non-comfortable off-road. I really like "Z" but it is definitely different wheel ;-)
  15. Looks very, very nice & professionally made! But I would worry that it will be devastated after falling to the ground during some crash. I teared original one already when a big dog caught me.
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