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  1. jitesar

    Inmotion V8 pedals

    Thera are two plastic rollers between rod and screws. The central screw attaches pedal to the rod and the rod is held between two plastic rollers. Try to tighten 2 screws on both sides of the pedal to increase tension.
  2. jitesar

    Z10 replacement pedals and parts? Recommendations?

    I can recommend weunicycle on ebay or wheel tech on ali (you linked it). Definitely genuine parts.
  3. jitesar

    Inmotion v5f and v8 pedals

    It is there on my V8, I used normal 8mm shims together with original shims. I'm ashamed that not any part is 3D printed as is very common in these days ;-) you will have to have longer rod (delivered with V10 pedals) then the original one which is on V5/V8 Posture is great. Not sure about slippery when it will get wet.
  4. jitesar

    Inmotion v5f and v8 pedals

    Also installing it on my V8. You need cca 1 and 1/2 more of the original shims. But it looks I can use 8mm x 14mm shims
  5. jitesar

    Ninebot Z6/Z10 Battery Type

    I think LG MH1 in 14S6P (Z10)
  6. jitesar

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    Nice it looks we see real one It will be higher, probably same as Nikola. But looks great!
  7. jitesar

    KingSong protective covers are now a thing...

    Yes it is expensive, also with shipment and customs. So I was thinking about it longer time. I hope it will protect my wheel.
  8. jitesar


    Finally I can compare with V10F pedals
  9. jitesar

    v10f & KS18XL

    Just for pedal size comparison:
  10. jitesar

    Inmotion v5f and v8 pedals

    My V10F pedals just arrived. I will mount them on V8. So sending some pictures for sizing consideration. Comparing them with new big ones on KS-18XL and originals on V8/V5 KS are cca 5mm longer, so practically the same size but I prefer sandpaper on KS. On the other hand the rubber is very easily replaceble.
  11. Wear Wheel @ Sony SW3 side loaded to wearos 1.5.0 I think that the issue with updating (or maybe capturing from BT) is after very short time when wheel doesn't move. Until I was able to keep some movement it worked. When it stoped to update date ( but maybe some BT collision??) I see frozen display and app must be restarted, reconnected to the wheel.. But I think BT signal reception isn't the problem.
  12. jitesar

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Just for comparison. We can see what part of the whole chassis the wheel occupies. Optically Nikola looks as circle but it is more ellipse with big part on the top.
  13. It is android wear os room here I would like apple iwatch non-tethered version as well ;-)
  14. jitesar

    IPS S5

    I think it looks better then I5. There is a ring rising from the shell covering the gap between rotor and stator. So at least there is not direct path to coils and magnets. I think they also screwed it up with my I5, using some forewer gluing epoxy lacquer. Or they forgot to add second component to the epoxy. It stil glues after months of usage. Enjoy your S5! If it looks as you showed up it should be probably fine.
  15. jitesar

    IPS i5 Max speed

    I don't have ambitions to ride 30km/h on I5. Only I can't explain how it happened that this speed limit was rised in the app.