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  1. Yes Scanning takes very long time (but in our company I see approx. 100 BT devices, so it can be also impacted). It could change when we will be able to save "My Wheel". It can then filter just this one. But I have more Connectivity issues now. If finally name of my wheel apears and I catch this second.... Reloading app, restarting wheel. Takes minutes and when screen finally appers it randomly disconnects sometimes. I shut these wear os watches down until new version. I don't plan to use it for anything else then this app. Wearing back my iwatch is for me as teleporting forward in time ;-) But still I think it is great result for the first version of the app.
  2. LG Sport + KS-18XL, my first feedback is that it really works :-) Didn't have time to ride it yet, but speed, battery is there! My major issues are with scanning & connecting: it takes sometimes very long time until KS... is proposed to connect. And then connecting is also looong. Maybe I can't use wear os smartwatch correctly but jumping to normal watch screen and back to the app starts connecting or scanning again and at the end I also had to switch off/on the wheel to be able to connect with it. Or I see "Select wheel" but without option to select some. Then it apears for short time and disapears before I can select it and connect it. I've seen also state when app was started but speed was not updated continuously. So, issues mainly with connectivity. But as firts watch version where we don't need tethering wit phone. Great! And it is only beta, so looking forward :-) Thank you for spending your time with this project!
  3. jitesar

    IPS i5 Max speed

    Strange, this is max speed I see now. Haven't measure it yet. I think it has changed somehow when it had total distance about 100km.
  4. Bought also 2'nd hand LG Sport. My first non apple smart watch ;-) Looking forward to download the app.
  5. I'm all Apple gear user, so using iWatch all the time, but orderer Ticwatch Pro to meet also Android Enemy ;-) I like Samsung smartwatch form factor more but I know, this is not Google Wear OS. It should come next week then I will test it.
  6. jitesar

    IPS S5

    They claim IP54 for S5, even for I5. But probably it is the case of control board, maybe battery. But definitely not for motor part!! It is opened to everything. All water, dust, mud, sand.. splashing from the wheel has open path to motor internals (cols, magnets, moving parts) !!!! And I really don't understand that nobody cares about that? It is show stopper for me. And because we accepted it with I5, IPS came with double crazy design with S5. It is really pity because I like the form factor, case is build with focus on details, reliable control board. Very comfortable for learning: only one wheel I can ride backward ;-) BTW is IPS company still alive? It looks they gave up their business??
  7. jitesar

    Try My Best to Help Our INMOTION Fans

    V8 has great ratio in weight!!, size, commuting performance. I vote for more battery capacity. 480Wh looks a bit outdated in these days. I think we can't add more power without that. And more power and more battery means heavier wheel... Then we will approach to V10. But maybe changing battery cells in power pack can give us more Wh in replaceable pack with similar weight. All my 3 kids are IM wheeled (1 x V5F, 2 x V8) :-)
  8. jitesar

    Try My Best to Help Our INMOTION Fans

    Done, thanks Inmotion support!
  9. jitesar


    They are big and great. For comparison with shoe size 42.
  10. jitesar

    IPS S5

    I have I5 but only for in house playing because opened motor design. I'm curious how S5 looks from the bottom sight. Can you see magnets, coils? similarly as here?
  11. What watch type? Thinking about ticwatch pro
  12. Perfect, I have to decide what smart watch to buy :-)
  13. jitesar

    CNC Machined Z10 pedals

    Not sure, but do you think that pedals are made from aluminium? these preproduction pedals are nice!
  14. jitesar

    New King Song iOS App

    Not sure if KS representative is checking this threat... if your (KS) suggestion is: "please´╗┐ do not ride before upgrading" tell me how to do it! After using your official app and following your FW update menu, the wheel is now useless?? I hope that new version of app will allow FW update also with screwed up telemetry data. But really don't want wait for it ages :-(