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  1. V10F is a good wheel. The firmware has been improved. This is not high-performance wheel, but it is comfortable and hassle-free in everyday use. Personally, I like riding it more than KS 16S. A matter of preferences.
  2. The V10 is better wheel than the V8. It has a larger battery, greater range, more powerful engine, wider tire, larger, more comfortable footrests, higher top speed and is more stable. The only advantage of the V8 is that it is lighter, but higher weight gives more stability, so ultimately it is not a big advantage. It will be easier and faster to learn to drive V10. It is so good wheel that it can last you for a long time.
  3. Yes. Airwheel wheels do not have such good parameters as other companies' wheels. They have small batteries, weak engines and outdated design.
  4. There is cooling fan in V10. See video (3:54 - 4:00). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9aotD8IlEw
  5. Hi everyone. This is my first post. I found such a video (not mine).
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