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  1. I have both of these wheels. I also had Inmotion V10. The XL is a great general purpose wheel. You can go shopping and do business in offices. It is maneuverable and faster to accelerate than MSX. It is easier to ride on it. It climbs the hills a little better. Has a great handle. The maximum speed is 47-48 km/h (GPS). The ride is similar to the V10. MSX (84 V) accelerates more slowly. Requires more lean. It is a little harder to maneuver. But it's comfortable if you swap the left and right pedals. The greater width of the housing helps me ride (feet are distant). A wide tire absorbs a little better. Overall, the XL seems like a better wheel, but lately I have been choosing MSX more often. It's hard for me to explain why. It is possible that the wider tire plays a role here.
  2. On my KS 18XL I got about 51 A four times in seven months and many times more than 40 A. I always wanted to "squeeze" as much power as possible from the wheel when driving uphill. The maximum power obtained was 3.7 kW.
  3. Dew appears in the mornings, which can result in corrosion.
  4. 3-inch tire is only 20% wider than a 2.5-inch tire. The difference is not huge. Just lower the pressure on a 2.5-inch tire by 20% to have a similar feel to a 3-inch tire. Personally, I think that KS 18XL drives much better than KS 16X. I was disappointed with the KS 16X driving experience (CST tire, firmware 1.07) after 2-3 hours of riding this wheel. I did not have a joy of riding, because the wheel rode a bit as it wanted. Riding it is more difficult.
  5. Good choice. Better then 16X.
  6. I have other observations based on Wheellog. When accelerating with constant pressure on the pedals, the current increases with speed and does not decrease at any time until I reduce the pressure on the pedals. This also applies to speeds greater than 35 km/h.
  7. TDK


    Did you run over ducks @ 8:40? Why didn't you turn right a little bit?
  8. Inmotion V10 is much more comfortable than the KS 16S. It has a wider tire, bigger pedals and is much more stable.
  9. Just divide the distance by two.
  10. He is too heavy (220 lbs). Driving this wheel can be dangerous, especially at his age. The battery in this wheel has only 40 cells.
  11. At gas stations there are compressors that accurately indicate a pressure.
  12. Chao-Yang tyres are not the only option for 18XL. https://eunicycles.eu/en/tires/49-18-inch-tire.html
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