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  1. @houseofjob Really appreciate your feedback. Good idea about the handheld flashlight. Back in the olden days when i used to ride on two wheels, i bought myself a $120 flashlight 1100 lumens for my bike, and mow mounted it on my wheel. Also, wow I didn’t know there’s so many people delivering already in the US, very nice to see. I think the key to doing this safely is be a defensive rider. Thanks!
  2. Hey y’all, I was just thinking of a cool idea — EUC food delivery. Someone in the Toronto region has been working for a food delivery company, but unfortunately got into a pretty terrible accident. There is a video of her riding on Twitter (video below). I have known her for a while; and she broke her leg pretty badly, required surgery and placing metal screws and plates. She specifically told me that she was riding at 35km/h when she slid into the back of a car tire, and her legs just kinda pushed up into the body... ANYWAYS. I just wanted to ask for your opinion, should I not even bother, or should I just be extra extra cautious. I was thinking to set my max speed limit to like 20 or 25 km/h, and wearing knee pads and elbow pads. Also in the video, she’s riding pretty fast, on city streets, with minimal gear. People already deliver on bikes, and bikes usually ride around 16-20 km/h on average. I live near toronto, in a sliglhty less popular area, more sidewalks — I think this would be a great side job, as it has decent pay and you work whenever you want. Since you get paid per delivery and per km, my V10f would be a money-making machine. I love riding, already put 3000 km on my wheel, and making money doing something i love would be just 👌
  3. Agreed. It was all going well, until the battery was unveiled. IMO, the front light + suspension kinda makes up for it. I know there aren’t that many nighttime riders, but I happen to be one of them so i appreciate the extra lumens. Also, I believe that they see suspension as an off-roading use case, but I’m looking at it from a commuters perspective, this will make the ride that much more comfortable. The V10f was already known for being the magic carpet of wheels, now adding sandpaper pedals and suspension to that equation = decent commuter wheel. Still not the happiest with the battery, but maybe later this year?
  4. I’m an 18 year old, 60 kg, put 3000 km on my V10f since last spring. Absolutely love the thing. Yea I know I’m lightweight, but taking this to school everyday isn’t necessarily easy for the wheel when I’m carrying calculus and physics books. I’ve actually got an overload once, and I realized certain patterns as too why. If you brake and accelerate repeatedly, that works up the motor significantly. Also, if you go up and down hills repeatedly, you might get an overload. Notice I said overload, not overheat. After the overload, I powered off and on, was good to go. The wheel is not programmed to audibly tell you it’s overheating, it only says overload. If it’s hot out, just take a 5 min break.
  5. Hey, I know exactly how you feel, you’re waiting for a decision but you’re having some doubts. I started my riding career on a V10f, I was stuck between the V8and V10f. I researched, asked the forum, made comparison charts, and it came down to the V10f. My decision should be similar to yours, so here’s what I can offer. Although the V10f is MUCH heavier (50 lbs compared to 29), your trading that weight for a 2x stronger motor and almost double the battery as well. Plus, it’s not like your lifting the wheel a whole lot. A heavier wheel is actually more comfortable and stable to ride, from my experience and from what I hear. The V8f although a good improvement over the V8; you don’t want a little hill to kick you off the wheel due to overload. This is where the V10f shines. Let’s not forget about the battery too. Always take the advertised range with a grain of salt, so finding the best range out there is priceless. In conclusion, if you really want a wheel that will last you a long time, the V10f is the best option from INMOTION. I guarantee that you will one day outgrow the V8/F. I’m overall very happy that I chose the V10f over the V8 in the past. PS, the new V11 is coming out in a few days, see if that interests you
  6. @esajwow thanks for the explanation. Nothing to argue with you about
  7. Thanks for the reply! @mrelwoodAt the end of the 18 mins it showed a max of 600 W used. My EUC can do over 2000 W. So I managed to overheat it, not because of drawing too much power. It just overheat physically from rolling back and forth, and told me to get off. Hopefully this wasn’t a mistake by pushing the limits. 🤙
  8. I have the INMOTION V10f. I did the exact same test @eddiemoy did, overheating the unicycle by idling (rocking back and forth in my living room). It took me 18 mins to reach 64C or 147F. I heard the fan "screaming" pretty loud in the end, and I thought if this was actually bad for the actual internal components? I know the V10f like any unicycles do prompt you to get off for safety reasons, but do high temperatures like these have any effects long term? Thanks
  9. @Jason Jiao At the moment the app crashes as soon as you tilt it from portrait view to landscape. Before, when you turned the iphone, it would show the wheel stats (red dashboard view). Now there appears to be a bug because it crashes every time. The app is unusable at the moment, every small motion causes app to crash. I shouldn't have to use third party apps for my V10f. Thanks, hope its fixed soon
  10. I just received my first ever EUC, the Inmotion V10f. Started practicing in my somewhat large-ish living room because outside too much salt on the roads and will damage the wheel. So far awesome wheel, especially good since im only 62 kg/140 lbs. Too bad I can't go very far. Just after a day of practicing I noticed one of the pedals were extremely loose all of a sudden. I compared the opposite pedal which felt good and stiff to the very loose one, and saw that the little silver bearing was moving along the direction of the pedal (up and down), on the other pedal, none of the two were. I'm not "mechanically savvy" or anything, but it seems like the looseness could just be fixed with tightening the screw. I tightened the bottom screw underneath and it did the job, but the bearing is still moving (shown in picture) - It's more twitching kinda spin, not a smooth continues spin. I want to be sure everything works the way its supposed to, as this is only the second day now. Maybe some screw got loose because of vibrations? Or I fell on the carpet at 5 km/h and the screw slipped off... I don't know (you can see a little bit of a scrape on the left side of the pedal on the picture, but on carpet? hmm). I also noticed a blue paste surrounding the bottom screw when I took it out (blue loctite?). Maybe adding more of the paste could prevent it from loosening again? There are also the two screws on the front and back of the pedal, but I don't think those have anything to do with the problem. Maybe someone with their own V10(f) can take a look and confirm what’s going on... It might not seem like a big deal all this, but imagine the whole screw falling of entirely while riding in the future Can't wait to go outside, like most other riders waiting for the snow to melt away Thanks a lot. Andrew
  11. Yea, if you're going to get a V10, get the f version. For the weight of the wheel, you need torque. I've also noticed that the V10(f) got mostly negative first impressions at first. Since summer of 2018, people stopped reviewing the V10 because there was already a solid opinion formed about it (heavy, overloads)etc... But since then, INMOTION has fixed most of the issues and people didn't change their opinion on the V10. It's honestly an AMAZING wheel, very comparable to the KIngSong 18L(XL). I bought it because it has everything I'm looking for in a wheel. I only weigh 60 kg too...
  12. Ordered my v10f 2 months ago (still hasn't come) but I've done SOOOO much research and turns out that YES, much of the overloading issues have been solved with the new firmware updates. If you're a relatively light rider, you should be absolutely fine. I might be wrong... but this is what I know based on seeing other people's opinion on YouTube. I've noticed, much of the overloading issues happened around June and July both on the forums and on YouTube. The've recently died down; it's quiet. Maybe that's a good thing
  13. Just curious why you disregarded the V10f. From what I heard it performs really well on hills, because It feels like an 18 inch rather than 16. Does not overpower, smooth ride... Just ordered my V10f . I feel like there is a lot of hate on his wheel, mainly due to its weight not being able to provide off-the-line acceleration. It is a very smooth, good-looking wheel. and especially if your looking for safety, this well check all the boxes. I bought it because I live in a city, and I read It was super stable at low speeds, and carving was good. Can't really speak from experience, as this is my very first wheel ever, super excited
  14. Could someone please explain this. It's a comment on one of the Youtube Videos. I feel like this guy wouldn't be just making this up... From his story, there seems to be no possible explanation. His story is one of the reasons why I get worried, I was originally going for the V8 but after seeing this in the comments... I found a good reason to choose on the V10f over the V8. At the same time, others are saying that the V8 is absolutely amazing. P.S. There is no protective cover available for the v10f which really sucks, especially since I'm a newbie
  15. Thank You so much @houseofjob. I'm apologize for the huge text, I thought it would fix itself after posting. Wow! You answered everything perfectly for me. You got me hooked on to the V10f. One more thing (you know I'm a huge freak when it comes to safety already) but honestly, this thing will definitely attract a lot of attention for sure. What's stopping some big guy from coming up to me, and asking me to step off the wheel to mug me . I am only still a teen (16) so...yea. Are there any good strategies to protect myself from theives when I'm out and about (maybe self defence) ideas? I was thinking of a GPS tracker in the worst case, even sound grenades exist to create a lot of noise (idk anymore *sigh*). I was thinking of nighttime riding as part of my commute, but I guess that's the riskiest. I'm not trying to overthink all the safety aspects of EUC's, but I can't help it really haha thanks again
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