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  1. No, I did not saw it....my fault But I have a question on you: Do you have the apk file for the android controlling for changing easily the swallowbot firmware too?
  2. @choy I think it is better to make an own thread for selling.
  3. I don't get any info about that, but this thead speak for itself: More than 20 pages in a few month and now no new infos for so long time. That is a sure sign that the interest in bringing up this firmware is no more. The MiniPro is now 4(?) years old. There a newer and slightly better hoverboards and segways, so the customers for this hack are getting less more and more.
  4. Seems that the programming for a flashable BT version stopped....and all that cause of a missing workable copyprotection. Very sadly Wish you guys a nice time and maybe we will read us in another board A special thanks to @MRN76 for keeping us with updates and helpings in the last few month.
  5. Yeah, we knew the speed limit. But we did not knew that the real speed limit is at 16km/h instead of 18. We did not knew that the leanback is such a crap that my safety is in dangerous. What i knew now: It is possible to fix that problem with this firmware and the speed would be much higher with my larger tires. So a good possibility to give that Ninebot a better experience
  6. @redpoint5 Sorry, i cant see what you quoted. Do you edited/erased your answer?
  7. @MRN76 Shipping to russia 40$, 35$ Firmware, 40$ Shipping back. Wow I know the question is irritating but do YOU think it is better waiting for the BT version a few more month for the MiniPro or should i going to sell my MiniPro and buy another, but successfully BT hacked Ninebot/Segway?
  8. @MRN76 Is Alexey planning to make vacation in Germany in near future? I am so frustrated for waiting for the official/public BT release Maybe a new idea: Why he don't try to create an activation server? Only One Key will be only One time Activated and the file for installing this FW proof the legal installation with the unique ID of the MiniPro. That means, before a customer gets the FW, he need to pay, send the MP ID, you guys "lock" the MP ID with one SerialKey and that should work. What do you think?
  9. An official Boost Update from segway for the miniPro? Never heard of that. Does anyone have more infos about that?
  10. @Fortminable You can't find the "famous" Firmware, cause it is not a public release. I hope there will be a final release in near future...spring and summer are coming and my MiniPro and I waitin' for a boost
  11. I think every user in this thread who liked his work will be his very best friends ...hope it is not a "only for friends" release cause of a missing copy protection...that would be very very sad
  12. @redpoint5 Seriously? 50 USD is too much for a hack that makes your ninebot better, faster and safer? @MRN76 The price is absolutely perfect!! You and alexey will find many customers with this and make them happy! Thanks so much for that!
  13. Are you guys gonna accept PayPal or stuff like that if the remote version is available?
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