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  1. I never said you have "stolen" swallowbot from him I think its clearly that swallowbot costs a lil bit. 50€ is acceptable for me. But as long as it needs to change the processor/mainboard or a visit from russia ( :D) it isn't a possibility for me. Are you guys working on a app based flashable version?
  2. Actually Swallowbotversion should be 10.1.3. So, ninebot.run shares his own "swallowbot" firmware?
  3. Hey Ivan, nice to hear that. Is this the original Swallowbot from Alexej?
  4. Found something interesting: https://www.ninebot.run/services/proshivka-ninebot-mini-pro-23-km-ch/ And https://krank.au.ru/11649042 Does Alexey has his own "partners" now?
  5. @trevmar So, if the chinese firmware would have a speed increase, you would say it is the perfect firmware for MiniPro? Sounds good to me. Does the chinese "closed" his firmware like swallowbot or is it "open" for tweaks?
  6. @trevmar Interesting! I am very excited to hear if there are any more limitations will be removed....i think not at the speed anymore cause i am riding 18,4km/h right now at maximum with higher profile tires.
  7. @Brian Anton You are one of the fourth in the last few weeks who asking the same questions again and again. I think it is better you read on mimod.ru or here in the commercial sub again.
  8. Had the same error popup, but MRN76 told that in the official thread of his app that could be happen, so i wasn't very surprised and waited till the end of the flash process.
  9. The pushback is really soft at downhill AND on straight driving. Only uphill is not perfect (pushback soft....then after 2 or 3 Sec stops tue pushback complete, then again...pushback soft, after 2 or 3 sec....and so on) but now after my long travel i can handle this good and i am faster on hills than ever before. The battery seems to have a better management: It takes longer time before losing the first of the 5 points of MiniPro. And i think i am a lil bit faster.
  10. Came back right now from a 20km tour: Perfect! Absolutely perfect! Straight and downhill are so fucking great driving i wont never changing to another one.......only if the maximum speed increase
  11. I never had the 1.1.7 installed on my board before: Very nice feeling driving with it! Slow but nice speedup, makes me better controlling. The push back isn't such so extremly hard like in 1.4.0. Uphill is a lil bit faster but the push back is strange. It beeps 3 or 4 times and push you back (very gently) and then it seems that the whole board stops pushing and i think i falling at the front. Very strange feeling after driving the 1.4.0 over 1 year.
  12. Thanks for the rollback App. @MRN76 Do you heard something about about the "storm" against the "swallowbot"-boards from Ninebot? Is it possible to write back own edited firmwares with your tool or is it just compatible with officials? EDIT: Are you sure your tool getting work with miniPro? Your official thread says "No, MiniPro is Alexej's project and only his app works with this model". EDIT2: Worked.
  13. Sounds good to me. I will waiting for your final results and your personally likes and dislikes between the 3 CPUs.
  14. Ok, thanks for telling your experiences with these 2 mainboards So, as I understand you: - The 2 boards doesn't use the original swallowbot firmware - The limits are erased at all, but it is also necessary to do the "learning" process again with the first miles limited with the very slow speed - It seems that the first board, that arrived within a few days, has also modifications in the steering back, too and doesn't "beep" after arriving the official ninebot limit. - This board can also use the official and newest Ninebot App for controlling it (that has to be a "must" cause of deleting the limitation after the "learning" phase) Is this correct? Looking forward to a uphill test with this board. I am excited for your report of the second Board and your final results
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