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  1. Ok so am i right?: Right now i am using the legendary original FW 1.1.7 at the MiniPro. At first i have to install the original earliest original FW of Ninebot back (cause for the Swallowbot and the ExtremeFW is 1.4.0 or higher needed), install the newest NineTool on my Android, generate the Key, get in contact with MRN76, paying 60 Dollars, send my Key and after that Ninetool will allow the Installation for the Extreme Version. Am I right with these price and this procedure?
  2. Many people at here seems not to read the last 2 or 3 pages....sadly. If they do that, everything get an answer. Guys, please! Wait for the "tutorial" for flashing the firmware. *facepalm
  3. If i change the battery (cause in the near Future it has to on my MiniPro), do i have to repeat the "upgrading" process again?
  4. @Uwe Kleinhenz Nein, Swallowbot ist ja die Firmware. Das Board muss natürlich kein "Swallowbot MB" sein. Macht ja auch kein Sinn: Auf einem Swallowbot MB ist ja bereits Swallowbot drauf. Bitte auch nicht verwechseln: Die neue hier unter anderem angebotene Extreme FW ist NICHT Swallowbot sondern wurde erneut aufgebohrt.
  5. @WI_Hedgehog Sounds good to me! Waitin' for your documentation before buying this FW
  6. Ah ok, thanks MacGary! I think it is time to get the Mini pro back from the attic
  7. I need this firmware! Hope MRN has found a workable possibility for him to Upgrade without the Board and only with a android apk
  8. That is an known error. You can read about that in his official thread for flashing with this tool
  9. Ok, thanks for the Info. That was also in my mind that was the reason for deleting this thread.
  10. Seems that the Original thread at commercial part of the board has been closed. That was it, guys. EDIT: It's back....dont know for sure what was the problem with this thread......
  11. I never said you have "stolen" swallowbot from him I think its clearly that swallowbot costs a lil bit. 50€ is acceptable for me. But as long as it needs to change the processor/mainboard or a visit from russia ( :D) it isn't a possibility for me. Are you guys working on a app based flashable version?
  12. Actually Swallowbotversion should be 10.1.3. So, ninebot.run shares his own "swallowbot" firmware?
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