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  1. Amanda

    Speeds up

    Yes it is a hover board. He was riding it really well, very good balance. It’s done the speeding thing 3 times, where he’s just been thrown off it as it went so fast. It is now not riding in a straight line...my son says he feels a vibration and like the left and right sides are fighting against each other. Thanks for trying to help. amanda
  2. Amanda

    Speeds up

    Hi Not too sure if I’ve put this in the right place. My sons board is new. Three times now it’s suddenly speeded up. It’s thrown him off and scared him. Is this something that can happen? -should it go back to the shop? The last time it did it, the red light showed and beeped. I recalibrated it and it went back to normal. But I don’t trust it now. Any help, greatly appreciated Amanda
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