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  1. The local seller has replaced the whole wheel for me. Thanks everyone for info.
  2. @palachzzz @BarrettJ, yep, that was exactly how it used to behave, but now it's different. Many thanks for confirmation That does not sound good But at least, as far as I understand you @palachzzz, the issue is in battery, not on the main driver board right? I have disconnected battery and second connector and reconnected -> no help. No I haven't changed battery. But the story continues. I have done the diagnostics earlier in the inmotion app, says it's all OK. 1) Then all of sudden (when battery was about 30%) the wheel got red, with red sign on display, refused to go, inmotion app shows battery error. The wheel could not be switched off. The only temporary fix was to open the wheel and remove battery. The error disappeared, inmotion app reports battery is ok. 2) I rode the wheel more to see what happens when the battery get to 0%. It behaved normally, it tilted pedals etc. BUT ...: even after charging to 100%, the wheel still tilt the pedals after turning it on, refused to go. Again, temporary fix is to get screwdriver, open the wheel, disconnect battery. ;( The main driver board just never switch off, never reset it's status. Here is what it does:
  3. Guys, is this default behavior? My v8 (firmware 1009) stays on (it's bluetooth module at minimum) even after I switch it off. Wheellog stays connected or I can disconnect and connect to a switched off wheel. Not only it eats power, but I don't like it for security reasons as well. Before firmware update, everything seemed to switch off correctly. Can someone confirm on his/her v8? when you switch off v8, does your app stay connected or can you connect wheel that is off? @palachzzz Sorry to bother you bro, but you are a big authority here
  4. Thanks @Chriull for adding notification. I know how it's done, but I had to draft my reply in my editor, wait a day and paste it here later, since forum informed me i can only make 2 replies a day (I have not noticed notifications didn't apply and could not fix it.). Thanks again @palachzzz Are you sure? Maybe v7 reset pasword, but actually I don't think ver 6 sets bluetooth pasword. Yes, the pass to access v6 app changed, but password for pairing was still 000000 accordint to my tests. And it does not matter, because wheellog can access it anyway (whatever secret pass I set in v6, without running v7 to reset it, I have verified that). So there is no reason to use v6, since there is no added security.
  5. Thanks for advice @Blank, I did not think they have remove that feature. So I have tried 2 versions I found (6.6.1 and 6.6.5). It indeed allows me to change the "password". BUT ... !!! But the password for bluetooth protocol still remains 000000, so when pairing with phone using my new password I set, it does not work, but the unchanged default does. Only the old version of inmotion app would require the new pass, which is not a real bluetooth password but something internal to the wheel and app. New inmotion app does not care as well. Wheellong connects as well, cause it simply use hardcoded 000000 pass for bluetooth connection, may mr. @pallachz confirm(?) Conclusion: Well, info in manual is incorrect/misleading, connection never really was well protected by user defined bluetooth password, but by some parody pass, no wonder they have removed the functionality. Bluetooth pasword is hardcoded 000000 and cannot be changed. Sadly there is still a small chance someone unauthorized person would change V8 settings. (glad if someone proves me wrong, but I don't think so... :() My wheel bluetooth stays on and never switch off, so I can't even prevent it by switching it off Not very happy about the mix. (https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/12184-inmotion-v8-bluetooth-always-on)
  6. I have also realized, that I can turn on/off the light from wheellog app when the wheel supposed to be off. This is really weird. Unplugging battery didn't help to fix the issue
  7. Hi friends, In the past, whenever I switched off the wheel (or disconnected from charging), the bluetooth switched off after few seconds and Wheellog lost connection. Connection would not establish till I would turned on the wheel again. I consider that correct behavior, but ... Today, all of the sudden, with no apparent reason, I've found out that bluetooth on wheel never switch off. After I switch off wheel, the connection with wheellog stays on and indicator on wheel shows connection etc. After closing wheellog, connection close as well, but turning wheellog back on again (after waiting some time) it would re-establish bluetooth connection (meaning the bluetooth is always on even after switching off the wheel. I found it odd and I don't like BT stays on. Happened to anyone as well? How to turn it off. Is there a way to reset the wheel (I haven't tried to unplug batteries yet). Thanks.
  8. Hi, Did anyone manage to change default bluetooth password on Inmotion V8 sucessfully? This should be possible via app (with registered ownership). I have no idea how to change it as options described in manual (attached) simply are not to be found anywhere (yes, I am owner, yes latest firmware and app from google play). Inmotion support in China were able to help me with some other issues, but on the topic of bluetooth, due to lack of knowledge or proper understanding in English their answer is " Sorry, you can't change your Bluetooth password because Bluetooth does not require a password. Please don't worry, this will not be dangerous" does not really help. I tried to explain it the best I could few times. Well the bluetooth requires password (we know that ... wheellog) It is theoretically possible that someone with (let say Wheellog app) would connect with default-well-known password to my wheel and change my max speed, that I have limited for my safety. Yes it'd very unlikely gonna happen, especially in the area I live, but still, it's definitely possible.
  9. Ideal wheel is very light but agile and powerful (many Wh in a tank to carry longer distances), but in a real world we cannot have both, batteries/stronger motor are heavy. Or ... can we? I would love to have a light wheel like V8 to use for my normal riding, with the ability to attach (instant, into a hotshoe) andextra 20s1P or 20s2P pack on top the wheel when I plan a longer ride, and detach it again when not needed. That way we can have choice, lightness or extra juice. Or forget built in batteries, make batteries swap-able instantly and give us a choice to buy the size we like (or both, capable of being charged outside of the wheel). What is so awesome on EUCs is that you can combine it with other transport, if it's light enough. I've been considering KS16S and V8. My choice was V8 because it's lighter, but there are times I would like to give it a bit more juice. Inmotion, are you up to the challenge to have a wheel for longest ride, yet the lightest? ;-)
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