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  1. The app was fixed already, pls check. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  2. I talked with my colleague Emily, she will contact you soon, or pls send an email to her emily@imscv.com
  3. Thanks I'm glad to tell you the app is back to apple store, pls search "INMOTION" to download and install, thanks.
  4. Who is your contact in INMOTION, where are you from, Milan? Could you send more details to our email: service@imscv.com
  5. I'm glad to tell you the app is back on apple store, feel free to leave your suggestions of our app here, I will forward to our app team.
  6. If you didn't install INMOTION APP on your iPhone before, then you may meet that. Don't worry, click "settings" on your desktop, click "General", and click "Device Management", then you will find the option of “Inmotion Technologies Co., Ltd.” Click the option of “inmotion Technologies Co., Ltd.”, then click "Trust Inmotion Technologies Co., Ltd." After that, you will get a trust request, pls choose "Trust". Now, you will find you have installed the INMOTION APP successfully.
  7. If there's no option for trust request, and when you click the icon of INMOTION APP on your desktop, it will tell you it hasn't been trusted, and the app is not available. Just like the screenshots as following.Then you need to add a step.
  8. Firstly, try to use your iPhone to scan this QR Code. Then it will lead to a website, open it via the Safari, you will see like this as following. Try to slide to the end, and choose "English" (If you could understand Chinese, just ignore this step) Then you will get the page as following, click the blue button “Install APP” Then you will see a choice, pls choose "Install", and it will start to download the APP. After that, it will show "Solutions for Untrusted Enterprise Developers", pls click
  9. Dear INMOTION customers, we feel sorry the INMOTION APP would be unavailable on the itunes store for about half a month due to a font infringement case, our legal department and app department are trying their best to solve it asap. As it's Chinese Spring Festival Holiday in China, so it will take some time. According to the schedule, the APP would be available on the store in the end of Feb. So sorry for any inconvenience, if you want to download and install INMOTION APP on your iPhone or iPad, pls do as following.
  10. Hi friend, sorry to reply late as I'm pretty busy recently. If you buy from our authorized store on aliexpress store, it would be an European version. We guarantee 1 year warranty, but I'm sorry, we don't have an official repair center in UK now. If you could need to repair, we could ask our dealer to help. The spare part for repairing would be free.
  11. Sorry for any inconvenience, could you leave me your SN of your V10F? I will check if it's the batch with waterproof defect. Don't worry, we will help.
  12. Many thanks, actaully this is also what we want to do. could you leave me your email or could u send email to me jason@imscv.com ? Or could you contact our partner (www.emove.mobi or www.eletricz.com.br) in Brazil, or shall I ask them to contact you, my friend?
  13. Hi, friend, this is not a new model we are going to release, this is just an prototype of a V5 model which not released in 2015.As I like that design, so I posted it, pls understand.
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