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  1. Thanks! What i meant was a image of the 16X wheel on a transparent layer so that i can use it to print t shirts....
  2. Does anyone have a KS16X logo on a transparent layer and is willing to email me? Wanna make 16X t shirts
  3. Ever since I got the wheel pre V1.05 and had to do that BT update thingy, I was never at ease playing music whilst wheeling. I dunno why but when I’m wheeling and thinking of playing music over BT, I have this weird impending feeling that something bad is going to happen. Not exactly the most logical or scientific way of pin-pointing the problem but I’d like to trust my gut at the moment until the firmware is sorted out.
  4. It’s voltage sag, any wheel or electric vehicle will encounter this....
  5. I stay in Singapore and it’s hot like anything. I work as a flight crew and just got back from London, loved the weather there. Nice and cool.
  6. So today I found out why the 16X pedals have a slight give or “bounce” to them when you press down on the grip tape area. My stock grip tape has started to wear down unexpectedly fast and has “shifted” on a spot about the size of a penny and tore itself apart, so much so I can start to see the shiny bare metal plate below it. Removing the stock grip tape and unscrewing the metal plates reveals that there are actually two pieces of padding that I guess acts as a noise dampener. Hence the reason why the grip tape plate has a bounce to it I’m using the Black Gator 60-grit grip tape(I have it on my MSX as well), a tape used for industrial and indoor applications, it has a very nice surface to it that is grippy but doesn’t feel “sandy” like skateboard grip tape The Black Gator grip on my MSX has lasted me a long time thru dry/hot and wet conditions and still looks as good as new with no peeling at the edges.id highly recommend getting this grip tape over any skateboard grip The finished product... Credits to TC for helping me with the change.
  7. The moment I heard the pls decelerate and beeps I stopped leaning forward. Pretty sure I didn’t feel any tiltback
  8. Sometimes I forget just how fast the 16X goes.... Was not even leaning aggressively forwards and then I heard “pls decelerate” followed by the beeps. Strangely no tiltback.... 🤣🤣🤣
  9. The first KS16X at Jewel, Changi Airport, Singapore. Have you visited Jewel yet?
  10. The best wheel for you is always the one that suits your needs the most.
  11. 21700 cells are just bigger cells compared to the usual 18650 cells. Hint: the dimensions of the cell corresponds to the type of cell! Whether using 21700 cells makes the wheel lighter depends on the specs of the battery. The main difference is it has much higher capacity than 18650 cells. So for the same voltage and capacity, you require lesser cells, but because 21700 is slightly heavier than 18650, how much lighter also depends on how many cells u require.
  12. Interesting. You can’t find what I can and I can’t find what u can. Haha
  13. Interesting. Thanks for the valuable insight. I buy the Lenovo male connectors from my local shop but can’t seem to find the female ones actually.
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