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  1. The LED lights is an indicator of battery level(voltage). when you are riding there is voltage sag, the voltage drops, hence if it crosses the voltage threshold the leds will momentarily dip. however during “resting” of the wheel the voltage will climb back up slightly causing the “next” led to turn back on OR when riding downhill you are actually charging the wheel due to regenerative braking, hence when u stop u May seed the “next” led light come on again. this is nothing to do with any loose connection. You need to understand the 13 green led
  2. Hey, I’ve been away for a long time and haven’t checked back. Do a quick search in this forum, I started another thread regarding the polarity info for the gx series adaptors.
  3. It’s just a fad. He got excited because he was one of the first few to have 21700 cells in his gotway. 21700 pack more capacity but they take up more space. So it’s still a push and pull situation.
  4. To be honest, I think the KS16X is fine. It is just that suddenly we have this trend of moving to 21700 cells. It’s not better or worse, whatever cells u use there will be limits, limits that we should respect.
  5. I wrote about this topic many times in this forum. 5A isn’t fast charging, even 10A isn’t fast charging when it comes to most 20S6P wheels. 16X uses LG MJ1 cells I think
  6. Ah sorry mate. I neglected this forum for a few weeks.... totally forgot about this forum... oops!
  7. 16X is the best slow riding wheel I’ve ridden. You can ride to almost a standstill with it.
  8. I just woke up and just this morning another 16x friend of mine experienced the 4 slow beeps after charging and with app closed on his phone. He realised that he can still see the faint red light through his shell indicating the wheel isn’t off. And that there was slight voltage drain as well. I dunno why this is happening, perhaps a bug from v1.07. But I’m expecting more of you to slowly have this happen to u.
  9. Yup. I love only one pattern of automatic mode. The rotating multicoloured lights. The rest not so much...
  10. Yup the the holes are already there. The base piece has a slot for the nut, 2 slots per piece. And the side pieces have 2 holes for the bolts. Not difficult at all to assemble.
  11. You can just print it yourself or find someone in Germany to print for you. It will be way cheaper. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3778280/files
  12. Finally got around to printing the correct stand for my 16X. Lucky for me, my fellow uniwheeler friend stays across the road from me and has a 3D printer. He was kind enough to rush it out for me and even procured the nuts and bolts needed to assemble the stand together. i wasted no time spraying the stand black(why didn’t I print in black? Well he had lots of orange filament and was doing me a favour) to match the stand for my MSX. As you can guess by now, I’m a big fan of having my stuff black...
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