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  1. Singapore Hyperlapse on Gotway MSX Electric Unicycle Testing the Insta 360 One X Hyperlapse and Flowstate function. Clip was entirely edited on my iPhone Insta 360 and iMovie app. Somehow was unable to transfer the full-res files to my Mac, hence quality might not be there.
  2. I think 5A should be safe. Even though I don’t have any anecdotal evidence for it. I’ve already prepared an adaptor for my ks16X to use with my 3A and 5A escooter charger’s.
  3. Haven’t this topic been settled? 5A is no issue, even 10A isn’t fast charging . It is safe for your batteries the only thing of concern is whether the wire can take 10amps of current without burning. Along with memory effect of Nickel cadmium batteries, or having to charge a battery full first the first time you receive a product, people still are so worried about “fast charging”. 5A is NOT fast charging
  4. I am very well aware of that. I’ve had bad falls in the past on my escooter at higher speeds. I’m currently waiting for this new helmet to arrive and I will definitely suit up.
  5. See Singapore through my eyes and on my MSX.
  6. Yup I got my wheel from thewheelies as well. Let me know when u are back and we can go for a group ride and eating session with my group!
  7. Those are not roads. It’s connectors for parks all over our country. Its like little highways for us.
  8. https://youtu.be/Hdi6o-J41oQ Check out my home, Singapore! The famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Helix Bridge, and gardens by the bay. Also see the type of pathways we have called PCN(Park Connector Networks), highways for bicycles and electric mobility devices. This is is my first video with the Insta 360 One X. Apologies for the loud ambient noise! Do take some time to watch my video and leave a comment!
  9. I prefer the lights now compared to the ones seen in the first kuji rolls 16X video. That one just looks aweful, like a shoddy diy job. The latest design looks cleaner and more presentable.
  10. Thank you very much. That is very helpful!
  11. Yup I ride an MSX and I’ve got a voltmeter adaptor for it as well. I just need someone to use a multimeter against the KS18L/XL Lenovo charging port and confirm that there is no voltage reading.
  12. I just need to know if there is really a diode blocking a voltage reading.
  13. Just to clarify, I followed the polarity diagram on the charging brick of KS18XL and KS18L. Positive OUTSIDE and Negative INSIDE Plugging my fast charger to the GX16 end (without plugging the lenovo end to a wheel) has a voltage reading ~84.0V So now I'm wondering if my theory stands true and that everything will work once i plug one end to my fast charger and the other to my new KS16X
  14. Hi guys, as some of you may know, I recently did a small DIY project to make a fast charger adaptor for my impending KS16X I ride a Gotway MSX however and didnt have a chance to test the adaptor because there arent many ks18L/XL in my group. Most of us ride gotways or kingsong wheels with the usual GX16 port. Today i had a chance to test the adaptor on a friend's KS18L. However when it was plugged in at the Lenovo end to the wheel(the other end NOT plug to any charger), there was no reading on the voltmeter. Turning on the wheel and plugging in again had no effect as well. Now im pretty sure the polarity on my adaptor is correct as i followed the diagram on the back on the KS18XL charger, and it was also tested using a multimeter. My question is, are kingsong wheels built such a way that i cannot get a reading just by plugging in the voltmeter even if the wheel is turned on? But if the other end is plugged to a charger and then the lenovo end is plugged to the wheel, then a current flows and i have a reading on the voltmeter.
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