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  1. i ride the msx and when doing a high speed turn, you have to be committed and lean into the direction you wanna go and trust the wheel. if you are turning left for example, leankinda like diagonally forwards and left and dip the left side of your body, push down on left pedal and sort of tip toe on your right foot
  2. I realised there are a couple of people who are against fast charging or worry that it will damage the battery very quickly. I’ll just like to share with you all that it is not always the case and that “fast charging” for our large capacity wheels these days is pretty safe and not really “fast charging” at all. Im gonna demonstrate it by using the Gotway MSX as an example. So bear with me. The Gotway (84v)MSX is a 72V 20.7ah 1490wh Wheel, with its cells arranged in a 20S 6P configuration. Before we carry out “fast charging”, it is first important to know the config of our battery pack, and also what cells we are using. The MSX uses the Panasonic/Sanyo GA cell, with a max capacity of 3.45ah per cell, and since it is arranged in 6P as mentioned, the total capacity of our wheel is 20.7ah. Next we need to find the data sheet for the cell and find the standard charge rate for the cell, most of the time it is 0.5C 1C is 3.45amps discharged in an hour therefore 0.5C ~1.7amps However, the manufacturer has stated a lower standard charge rate of 1.475amps instead(https://www.orbtronic.com/content/Datasheet-specs-Sanyo-Panasonic-NCR18650GA-3500mah.pdf) so we shall use that Now when we use a 5a charger, assuming 100% efficient, those 5 amps will be spread over the 6 parallel packs in the msx Each parallel group will receive 5/6=0.83amps, way below the standard charge rate of 1.475amps. so don’t worry, “fast charge” away because it isn’t even fast charging!
  3. Gotway msx and nikola: 20S 72V system Gotway msx (100v), monster: 24S 88V system A typical 18650 cell has a max charge of 4.2V and a safe cut off of 3.0V Joining cells in series increases voltage, but capacity doesn’t change Joining cells in parallel increase capacity, but does not increase voltage Nikola: 20S6P config total of 120 cells 20 cells joined in series, which is then multiplied by 6 of these blocks. A panasonic GA cell is 3.45ah 6P:20.7ah so the nikola is more accurately a 72V 20.7ah 1449wh wheel thats if u use the traditional nominal charge(average) of 3.6V per cell 3.6v x20 =72v however for marketing purposes, to make everything seem “more”, manufacturers overstate the specs and round up the final number using the “newer” 3.7v nominal charge as a starting point, 20x3.7=74 74vx20.7ah 74vx21ah=1554wh ~1600wh thats how the magical 1600 value Comes about.
  4. Use the voltmeter i realised many prior don’t know how to read the voltage on their wheels and rely on percentage. Coming from an escooter background in singapore, we always look at voltage instead of percentage. For the nikola, it’s a 72V system(not 84V, that’s just max charge). a 72V system is a 20S(20 series) system full voltage would be: 20x4.2v=84.0V cut off is 20x3.0v=60v in essence, you have 24V to play with
  5. You can get chargers aplenty especially the China ones. Don’t spend so much money. Make an adaptor for it if it doesn’t come with gx16-4 plug 1:positive 2: negative
  6. Hi there. I ride a Gotway MsX and will be getting my KS16X somewhere in June. This will be my first KS Wheel with the Lenovo type charger. I just wanna check if the connector is universal, just one size, similar to the 18XL Since I ride escooters and msx, I’ve got plenty of different amp chargers at home. I have gotten adaptors made for gx16-3 to 4 pin. Now I wanna make a gx16-3 to Lenovo adaptor. I dont forsee any issue right? Just need to find out the correct polarity ? The charger from ewheels look nice but I can’t really see myself dropping $150 UsD on yet another charger.
  7. Enjoy the dualtron! I miss those days!
  8. Some caveats on the Nikola though, all solely based on my observations and what I have heard. 1. Pedals may not be level, there may be some units with very very slightly uneven pedals, giving u the feeling that one leg is dipped more than the other 2. Check your tire rotation when you wheel, some are known to wobble slightly, may be an issue with the axel. Massaging and resetting the tire didn’t seem to help 3. The side pads may force your legs a little too out, making them slightly bowed. Removing the pads may feel better but when you sweat against the plastic the feeling isn’t desirable. 4. Too many Gotway logos and the stickers may peel off easily, best to replace them with something else or remove it completely. 5. Trolley handle screws may not be tightened properly, do conduct a check before wheeling off. These are just some of my personal observations and you may not experience them. Just sharing.
  9. Singapore Represent! We are lucky that we received a large shipment of Nikolas. In fact we still have the choice of whether to purchase it now or not as we have a few extra sets. Singapore may be small but thankfully we have a great relationship with our dealer and suppliers. Ive tried the nikola a few times and it’s buttery smooth. Great wheel!
  10. That’s how it started off in Singapore too. It was rare at first and even when riding on the road, not many people knew what they were looking at. But as it got more popular and younger and younger kids started buying and riding them recklessly, we started to get accidents happening and get our image tarnished. Now everyone seems to hate escooterist. Pedestrians look at us with disdain, as someone stealing space on our sidewalk/pavement, and as someone reckless.
  11. The speed can be uncapped quite easily if you know how
  12. As you guys play more with dualtrons, you will realise it doesn’t matter what model u are riding. Next time what u all can do is mod the battery, change the controller, and change the motors. I was running a 28S10P system using LG Hg2 cells(3000mah 20a), dual 80a controllers and dual 3600w motors for my ultra. That is what we call a beast in Singapore. A true 100V(117.6V) scooter.
  13. The difference between d3 and thunder is the same as the difference between d2 limited and ultra. These are just the next iterations of each product. D2/d3: dual 27a controllers and 28ah batt pack Ultra/Thunder: dual 40a controllers and 35ah batt. Basically they are just different tiers of escooters. The reason why ultra/thunder goes faster is because it’s controllers are at higher amps. And because it uses a 35ah pack, it would mean its batt pack is in a 10p config for LG mj1 cells. At 10a per cell, u get 100a total discharge for a combine 80a worth of controller in the thunder/ultra. Hence it has more power to go faster, but it also increases its weight.
  14. They are using LG Mj1 cells. Dualtrons have always been using MJ1 cells since dualtron 2 limited. 60V system. 16S8P giving you 67.2V full charge and 28p The way they calculated is by using the nominal charge instead of full charge. Nominal charge for cells can be 3.6/3.7 and they used 3.7V 16x3.7V=59.2V(60v system) [16x4.2v(full charge)=67.2V full charge for 60V system] 59.2V x 28ah = 1657.6wh ~1658wh There. Mystery solved. Note: LG MJ1 cells are 3500mah and 10a discharge cells. Dualtron 3 uses dual 27a controller, total 54a. At 28ah,, the D3 pack is in a 16S8P config, and 8P gives you 8x10a=80a of discharge for a 54a system.
  15. The spider was manufactured for the Singapore market as the “older” dualtrons exceeded the legal weight limit set by our Land Transport Authority in Singapore we are only allowed up to 20kg unladen weight
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