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  1. uekarashi

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    These are fantastic! I've stolen the 18L and colorised it to use as my display picture on our workplace wiki ^_^
  2. uekarashi

    Inmotion v5f and v8 pedals

    Yes, it does, and eWheels already has them, plus the necessary spacers. @Jason McNeil shared the link previously, but here it is: https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-inmotion-xl-pedals-for-v10-f-v8-glide-3-v5f-glide-2/
  3. uekarashi

    Solowheel Iota - Sneak Peak

    Did you order one of them or keep the one in the sneak peek, and if so, how often have you used it since?
  4. uekarashi

    Newbie question

  5. It's an utter joy to ride, although rather a lot of conditioning in terms of strength is going to be necessary, having come from the V5f. I. most certainly am in love though
  6. LOCATION: Kallang Riverside Park / Marina Bay, Singapore DATE: 20/02/2019 TIME: 09:09am WEATHER: Sunny and windy (or, lovely) DISTANCE TRAVELED: 6km WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: the much-anticipated new-to-me KS18L WHO WAS WITH ME: the Kingsong whine TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 8km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: hello isn't this a lovely wheel oh dear me yes it is. WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: should have left the house earlier, could have taken the long way to work RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: buy an 18L, they're probably going for cheap now that everyone wants to upgrade to an XL
  7. uekarashi

    Newbie question

    Hit me up when you do end up in Singapore, I'm always keen to go out for a ride
  8. uekarashi

    Newbie question

    This is how I felt when borrowing the partner's V5F after having spent time on the V3 (slow and stable) and 16S with 2.5" tyre (16", fast and stable). It's just a matter of becoming used to the wheel - part of it was that I was putting in a much heavier touch than it needed, and after a rest and resetting the mental model, I fell in love with the V5F too and have been commuting with it the past week (~12km round trip and a couple of longer rides). So you'll definitely get there.
  9. uekarashi

    Inmotion v5f and v8 pedals

    Yep, they're identical. Source: I literally went over to the SO's V5f and V8 and looked, plus he's swapped them over before
  10. LOCATION: Kallang/Marina Bay/Marina South, Singapore (https://www.relive.cc/view/2124172314) DATE: 05 Feb 2019 TIME: 1:35am WEATHER: Fair and windy, ~27C DISTANCE TRAVELED: 16km WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: InMotion V5F WHO WAS WITH ME: The wind TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: ~30km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Honestly, the wheel. It was such a brilliant thing to ride. But also, randomly meeting another EUC rider in the wild on his commute home. WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: A usual route being closed off for Lunar New Year carnival; no biggie though. It was just such a fun and good ride that there's not anything bad to say about it at all RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: There are water coolers at a really sensible stop point along this route (Marina Barrage), so yay.
  11. uekarashi

    POLL: What tire pressure do you prefer to ride at?

    If people start listing off dimensions and pressure, I'll happily graph it I'll give it a go with what's already been said, too. Inmotion V3Pro, 14x1.5: 40-45psi
  12. I think of my V3 Pro as a Nissan March - a cutesy, non-threatening vehicle that's fun but won't get you anywhere fast. It does put a smile on my face though!
  13. uekarashi

    Remind me why a KS 18XL is worth the price...

    Completely agreed - I picked up a barely used V3Pro for small money, after having tried my partner's V5F and doing horribly at it, and wasn't entirely sure I'd ever be able to ride EUCs at all. I picked it up 19 Nov 2018, and as of today, have also spent at least a few minutes each on (thanks to partner, and the local community): V5F (~15km), V8 (~10km), MSX (<1km, so smoooooth tho), KS -16S (~50km, what a lovely wheel), KS-18L (<1km, but what utter glory) As I type, I'm ~2.5 weeks away from making the last payment on and picking up the 18L (that one ride was my test ride before deciding on it ), which will be an amazing upgrade to the commute. And it's all thanks to the happy little V3Pro
  14. I can't get enough of this positivity, so here's another one. LOCATION: Kallang/Marina Bay/Civic District, Singapore (watch the Relive: https://www.relive.cc/view/rt10003320437) DATE: 2 Feb 2019 TIME: 12:04 am WEATHER: Windy, ~28C DISTANCE TRAVELED: 12.69km says Strava WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: InMotion V5F WHO WAS WITH ME: My partner, on V8 TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 15km - my first ride on this wheel besides practice, yay BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: The Marina Bay area really is quite pretty at night, 10/10 would recommend to visiting wheelers. It was also fun to stop and take a couple of 360 images for Google Maps. Also, first full trip out on a V5F. WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Finding out that most of the light festival exhibits around the bay weren't switched on. RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: The park is paved with bricks, mind the thousand tiny bumps. 16" and up wheels won't really feel it though, heh.
  15. Thanks @Smoother! I've been trying to find places I can join the conversation, but I have learnt a lot from the forum and enjoy reading it immensely I'm not sure about contributing from a Singapore perspective - it's warm and flat here, with plenty of more than acceptable infrastructure \o/ well, okay, there are some fairly heavy handed regulations but that's a post for another topic I think