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  1. It's not the only top-heavy wheel on the market; the InMotion V5f and V8 are also top-heavy due to battery placement.
  2. It's actually most of the work. After which it's a couple of screws, and a couple of connectors.
  3. @hyperair has literally done this on a V8. It was not a big deal, at all. We stopped for about 15 minutes and it took all of one Philips screwdriver in terms of tools.
  4. This would be really perfect; I really only want my cool long trip to just be a single-coloured line so it shows up as my 'latest' trip for the forum signature. No stats/graphs at all is great.
  5. Every wheel takes learning - I ride my 18L in an urban environment daily (half my commute, 15km or so) and it only gets better with time :)
  6. That looks like a fun happy summer ride, love it <3
  7. Well, that was lovely! I don't care much if it's placebo from reading all these forum posts, but: - acceleration and braking does seem sharper than before (it flies off the mark, and I can stop in the same or smaller stopping distance from what feels like higher speeds) - it stays level through long sweeping turns and just barely dips coming out of a tight radius turn I didn't take note of my battery, but I'll do so today and see if consumption is any improved - I tend to get something usually like 1.5% drop / km normally. Who knew it was possible to love the 18L more, but now that I've fixed (I think) the case rub issues, and it's handling like this, it's pure joy to ride.
  8. Oh, not at all. I just didn't want anyone misled that I had any kind of skills at all, when I was just hacking on it for selfish reasons. Nor more wheels than I actually have who do you think I am, @Marty Backe?
  9. I just completed the update first try on Android, no issues, now I can't _wait_ to ride the 15km home and see what it's like! Work can't end soon enough...
  10. I'm not going to be working on Z series support or features, as I don't own a Z wheel. I'm only really hacking on WheelLog to scratch my own use itches and will only submit PRs for those I think might be useful for at least a few other people.
  11. You're absolutely right - I eventually swapped to M3x30 and it works great! This is great right now.
  12. Following on from this excellent suggestion, I 3dprinted a kickstand instead, because 1) I kept waking up too late on the weekends to get to the hardware shops here, 2) this means I don't have to drill anything It's on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3715805 And @Lutalo, M3x35mm worked perfectly for me with the 3dprinted model:
  13. @Seba - This is old news, but I've just submitted a PR to add an 'Edit user distance', that allows one to key in the number that @hyperair kindly restored for me, directly into Wheellog itself. This will come in useful as I'm of a mind to try developing support for the newly-acquired IPS S5 and will thus be performing out-of-band updates frequently
  14. There's a couple of new hashtags, #inmotionv12 and #inmotionvx, that's been showing up on inmotion_jason's instagram...
  15. I've submitted a PR on github to not prompt for the wheel password if it's fairly obvious it's not an IM wheel, just to scratch me not wanting to cancel out of the password dialog for my KS18L
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