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  1. Thanks a bunch man, and sorry for the late reply. I'll give that a try on a hot day. It's been a bit cooler outside lately so it hasn't gotten as hot. I appreciate the help and reply. You have a great week yourself!!!
  2. Hello John, thanks for the reply! This brings me some relief, as I didn't want this to explode between my legs lol. I'll check the temps again on a hot day. It really is fun!!! I get the occasional hater every so often, especially from bikers, but it is what it is. I'm sure more people will ride with us eventually.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a solowheel inmotion V10 and noticed that it's been getting kind of hot between my legs. I live in Denver and a few days out of the week have been around 98 degrees. It's mostly dry heat out here, but I was just a little worried if I should be riding when it's this hot out. This morning was 64 degrees, and when I checked my temp, it was at 102 degrees. What is too hot for a V10?
  4. Thank you rwent1! I just noticed this message. Thank you for your input. I'll go ahead and try to reach out.
  5. Has anyone ever replaced the V10 pedals? I noticed on the website (myinmotion.com) they are only selling pedal replacement parts for the glide 2/3. They have side panel, tire, tube, covers for the V10, but no pedals?
  6. Thank you for the input Jason. I just really want to take care of it so that really helps me out! It's not that cold yet, so I still have some time.
  7. Thank you Jason Jiao! My SN is 1270985F12310070. I'll email those addresses now. Thank you guys for you your input. I just want to remind you guys, if I don't reply in time it's due to the forum restricting my posts per day. Thanks again Jason!
  8. Thank you for your input! I just got the information from their main site about the battery charging when you first acquire the device, so I'm not too sure. The charger says LED:GREEN<400mA and the light was indeed green. I guess I'll have to use my multi-meter. The V10 is suppose to inform me when the charge is complete with a sound. There's a sound for it in the sound effects that says, "charge complete". That's what I meant, sorry for the confusion. I attached a pic of the charger info just in case.
  9. Hey guys, just got my inmotion V10 and the battery won't charge past 91%. The device will never informs me that the charge is complete like it's suppose to. I'm in the period (new wheel) where I'm suppose to drain it (not all the way to 0, but low) then bring it back up to a higher percentage. The first time this happened, I didn't think I left it on enough. The second time, I left it on for hours and it just wouldn't rise past 91%. I reached out to inmotion, but I was wondering if anyone else ran into this issue, and if there was a fix. Thank you!
  10. Thanks for the replies guys! I reached out to Chooch and he said it's nothing to really worry about. Now I have another issue I need to post in a different thread >.<. My posting for yesterday was limited, so I couldn't add anymore posts. I guess I need to rank up on this forum.
  11. Understood! I'm still researching and your input really helps. The app does give me a temp indicator, but the app is a little wonky which makes me a little afraid to trust it. I won't take it out if it's too cold. My ride to my light rail station is only 10-13 minutes so I'm not out all morning in the cold. I add another 5 minutes once I get off of the train, to work. Shorter rides if you will. Every time I check the temp, it's above the temps you mentioned. I'm definitely riding more conservative due to the weather ha ha. The app temp has this weird overlap of data. Like you'll see numbers o
  12. Thank you meepmeepmayer! I really appreciate your time. This helps me a ton. It's a nice to get a quick response as a new user to the forum. It's the first time I actually paid for a wheel so I really want to take care of it. The last wheel I got was given to me for free. Hope you have an awesome day!
  13. Hey Everyone, I'm new here, and I was wondering if it's okay to ride the inmotion V10 in the cold Weather. Out in Denver, the weather is about 20F in the morning, and about 48-40s degrees F in the evenings. I want my battery to last as long as possible. I know that cold weather can mess with a battery temporarily, but I don't what that does to the batteries life span.
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