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  1. Ok, but... what about electric unicycles ? Won't you be able to drive it without the handle bar ? could you inform me how will be treated, if you have the knowledge please ? Do you have the papers about and could you share it please ? If you are not envolved with laws in germany could you please put me in contact with german people working in that way ? I am in a spanish discussion group ( in talks with Spanish governement ) which is formed by 10 association of drivers of PLEV, and we are so concerned of that term 'just with a handle bar' Thanks! Regards, Roger
  2. Hi!, they’re working on it, testing the new limitations before they release it to the public
  3. Some of us are pleasee to hear about it.. a 1420Wh it could be right for +110km battery's capacity ... and for sure that if it could be around 2kWh would be perfect then 😊
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