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  1. High all, Just got my KS 16X last week and did a range test. A word on the right... it was mostly flat with only moderate changes in elevation. It was fair weather with no serious headwinds. Temperature was a pleasant 80 F.... I rode it to nearly 0 and got 58 miles (93.3 KM). Here are some additional details about me: -I’m 200 lbs and 5’ 11” tall -Tire pressure was 25 PSI (I could have gone further with more pressure I think) -Top speed was 23 mph (yeah, I babied the speed as I was on a popular rails to trails route) Hope that helps anyone who’s interested in the 16X. It’s a massive step-up from my KS 16S with a ton of power and great build quality. I’ve never ridden a Gotway so I have nothing to compare it to. I can confirm that the Kingsong app is so bad on the iPhone it really detracts from the initial impression of the wheel, but if you can tolerate that, I’d highly recommend this wheel.
  2. Hi all, I got my 16X on Tuesday, August 27th... I updated to 1.05 right away as well as applied the Bluetooth fix. The wheel itself has been flawless. No wobbles, oscillation, etc. Here are a couple of observations: -The app is tragic Just piling on with this one. I can’t wait for it to be updated as its a big improvement over the old one -There is definitely a gyro effect compared to my old 16s, however the padding at the top of the wheel makes it quite comfortable to push it over and turn with my calf. I’m debating whether I’ll replace it with a CST as others have done -I found the calibration tricky to figure out. I did it incorrectly the first time leaving it off level and causing a weird angle after a hill climb, but after doing it properly, it did excellent on a 30 mile ride -If someone is reading this, I’m BEGGING YOU, please allow us to deactivate the “PLEASE DECELLERATE” voice prompt and change it to a beep or something else. It’s super annoying! -The speaker is disappointing and I’m not sure what the point of it is. When you are riding, you can barely hear it and it lacks bass. It’s like its not designed to be enjoyed while you’re riding so I don’t use it. I am having a blast on this thing. Super fast, great long distance rider, I really like the larger pedals over my 16S. The look and build quality are amazing and I have to mention the headlight—it’s throws so much light I had several cars brighting me. I love how much of the path I can see with it. Thanks to all who are contributing to this thread!
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