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  1. Marty - I have been following your story and I am glad you are back on the road! I just started riding a few months ago and I’ve learned a lot from this forum on safety and what to look out for. Happy Holidays to ALL! Ride safe!
  2. K-Rider

    IPS Zero 260Wh // $100

    Can you PM me? I’m in SF area.
  3. I just bought this directional tread tire for my kingsong 16s on ebay and I will install this soon. wondering if anyone installed this type of tire before and how is the performance.
  4. Just wondering if anyone has done this. Would love to add the usb port on my KS16S to charge my phone.
  5. K-Rider

    Riding group in San Jose Ca

    No worries! I just started last month on ninebot e+! i took it out to Shady Oaks park twice and its a great location to practice. Pm me your # and I will text you when I go there on the weekend.
  6. K-Rider

    Riding group in San Jose Ca

    Hit me up if anyone wants to ride in san jose.
  7. K-Rider

    gotway msuper v3s+ 1600wh for sale

    Is this still available?
  8. Hi all, I am new to EUC world and just bought One E+ 2 weeks ago and was able to ride after 30mins. Still rusty on turns and get on. Anyone around here? I went to Shady Oaks Coyote trail last week and it was awesome! hit me up!