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  1. Robotek

    IPS i5

    Hello Baba, can you please tell me where you found your IPS i5 . Thank you.
  2. Robotek

    The lightest EUC

    Hello Cowboy ! Can you please tell us where you bought your IPS I5 ? I'm looking for one to buy and it seems hard to find. Thank you :)
  3. Hello ! Could you please tell us which motor you have ? 800w or 1100w ? Thanks
  4. Oh ok ! You mean I was too much polite when I asked it to Vladimir, which is a man, right ?
  5. I understand something is funny in what I said, but sorry, I don't get it, i'm french
  6. Hello Vladimir, could you please tell us about your weight ?
  7. Thank you ! The peak would have been higher if your weight were 90kg for example right ?
  8. Hello Jason, could you please tell us what is your weight ?
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