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  1. Got a flat tyre a little while ago. I took the EUC apart and made a bodge of repairing the inner tube. Anyone know where I could buy a new one? I found this one at decathalon: https://www.decathlon.co.uk/14-inner-tube-with-bent-valve-id_8542251.html. Which seemed perfect but the valve is bent the wrong way (sticking at a right angle to inside of flush with the wheel). Also happy to buy someone spare if they have one lying around! Getting a bit desperate.
  2. Got a puncture. Managed to get to this point in the repair - removing the plastic body cover using a screwdriver in the notch. But I just can't get it off whatever I do. I found the two notches on the lower side of the wheel and I can use a screwdriver to loosen the body slightly at the bottom but I can't make the top part move at all. It feels like its stuck in the middle. Have been trying for ages, any tips!?
  3. Wondering if some slime is a possible solution at least temporarily?
  4. Managed to get a flat tyre somewhere riding down the canal towpath recently . Have put off fixing it for a while since it seems so complicated vs fixing a flat bike tyre. I found a couple of videos like this that seem to involve taking EVERYTHING apart, circuit boards and all. Which seems mad to me, could they not have designed it such that the wheel is in a bracket and can slip out on its own after untightening a bolt? So before I trash my euc forever any tips on how not to?
  5. Got a bit worried seeing someone's thread where their inmotion V5F cut out on them (what I've been riding for the last 6 weeks) and they managed to bash their face in and am considering whether the wheel itself is safe enough for pootling around town. Also reading all the threads here about ATGATT. Right now I'm just wearing neoprene gloves and a skateboard helmet and it seems like the proper stuff would be more than its worth to go a mile through the city. Lots of posts about the individual components but kinda hard for me to visualise so what does it look like when you're kitted out and
  6. Thanks for your help guys! I've gone ahead and bought the V5F from gearbest for £281 total including insurance and delivery. An absolute steal considering I was looking at paying £600 initially.
  7. I recently moved house and now have a 1 mile journey from the train station to work (Liverpool St to London Bridge if you know it). I went through the various options of how I could shorten this (skateboard, scooter, rollerskates, electric scooter, electric skateboard etc) and got hooked on youtube videos of electric unicycles, particularly the speedywheels reviews and rides. I have read the thread about the person in NYC, but still really torn on which is right. Hope someone can assist! My criteria Daily 1 mile each way ride through fairly busy streets - it will probably look
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