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  1. FoamieNinja

    Range issue with new V10F:

    I haven't had the time to attempt another long range run with it as of late, due to poor weather conditions... But I did squeeze in a couple of short runs with the tire inflated to 50psi. It's a bit more unforgiving with bumps, but seems to be a bit more nimble when maneuvering. I may bump it up a bit more in the future, just to see how much of a change in performance I'd see. I regularly deal with, and am intimately aware of the characteristics of lithium based cells, and their "quirks." The temperature at the time was within acceptable limits, and shouldn't have been that much of a contributing factor in this. I don't believe wind should have been much of an issue, either... As the gusts were perpendicular to my direction of travel... I did get blown across the bike lane a couple of times, though. Probably the simplest way I can think to quickly get an accurate measurement of what's going on under the hood, would be to rig an ammeter, and shunt inline with the input. It's a clean, and simple method for getting a decently accurate reading, as long as it's properly calibrated. Also, for confirmation... 160lb loaded. ±5lb just to account for drift in the scale. I'll definitely need to revisit this once the weather warms up again. Unfortunately, it's just too cold outside to get an accurate result right now.
  2. FoamieNinja

    Springfield, OH - USA

    I was wondering if there might be any riders registered here that would be local... I checked the recent list of users in the InMotion app, and it seems that there are only 12 in the entire state... Only two of which are within 30 miles of me. I figured this might be a more effective method in finding others to cruise with, since it doesn't restrict my search to InMotion users. I know it may be a while before the weather will cooperate again, but I was hoping to find a few that may be interested in the future... Or when the weather clears.
  3. FoamieNinja

    Range issue with new V10F:

    I did a bit of prodding in the official Discord channel before deciding to post my issue here and such... Yesterday, I decided to see how far I could push my new V10F on a single charge. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed when my answer ended up being ~24 miles. I'm at a bit of a loss for the solution, as the only thing I could come up with was that the li-ion pack may have gotten swapped out accidentally, when they were fiddling with the waterproofing issue. The ride was smooth, level, and paved for at least 90% of the trip... with the only exceptions being road crossings and a couple of bridges. I only weigh 160lb, so weight shouldn't be an issue. I keep tire pressure at roughly 36PSi, as well. Most, if not all acceleration and deceleration cycles were smooth and gradual, too. To me, 24 miles seems abnormally short, considering InMotion claims at least 50 under ideal conditions. Even derating that value by 10-20% is acceptable. Something seems quite off, when one is only able to achieve 40-50% of the stated range. Thoughts?
  4. FoamieNinja

    Custom V10/V10F Stand Design

    It seems that there was no appropriate place for homebrew stuff, so I figured that this would be the appropriate place, as it's InMotion specific. I was working on one of my other projects, when I figured it would be a great time to go off on a tangent, and design a suitable stand for my V10F. This is the end result: I finished the setup with a section of carpet tile under the base. If you need a relatively low friction surface, and don't want to scar up your smooth floors, this seems to be the most appropriate option. On a side note... If the footpads for the V5/V8 are in roughly the same location, it may work for those models as well. I'm also working on another nifty little accessory that may be useful in the future, too.