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  1. Oh, man, you're missing out! that should be fun itself - sugarcoating on the unicycle awe
  2. I survived!! It was pretty cool ride - not too long - from Ferry terminal on Hudson and 39th to Grand Central. I was in full gear. I had a couple of "iffy" starts, but managed. Also scared a couple of pedestrians due to not being used to riding in the city, so my decision making probably was not top notch. I took 42nd and it probably was a mistake for a first ride. Too busy at 5pm, so at two occasions i had to pass the stuck traffic: ones on sidewalk for about 50-75 feet and once i had to go to the middle of the road in between two directions, couldn't lane-split at all, it was so packed. There was no oncoming traffic, so that helped a lot;) But, hey, it worked and it was super fast!
  3. After watching some videos of people riding in -25C i feel like a wuss;)) I do layer up and was riding somewhat successfully in about -2C (Around 30-32F) Feet and hands are the biggest issue so far. My full face helmet does have some vents, but they can be closed, so for these temps it works nicely, no need to add anything so far. I'm now preparing for first time ever riding in the NYC this week - we'll see how that will go;)
  4. In my defense - i suggested to use the car as a test object because it seemed to me compelling enough as a test scenario, without asking anyone to put newborn babies, toddlers and elderly family members in front of runaway wheels to check how harmless they are;) ...Wheels, not family members... @meepmeepmayer The runaway wheels happen and i think by now this is an established fact. The reason doesn't matter (noob rider, slow reaction, bad fall, whatever). The thinking is simple: the faster you can bring the wheel to stop after the fall the better. 1 meter proximity sensor with a key fob in your pants pocket, that turns off the wheel should do the trick. 1 meter is enough for you to ride on the wheel as well as to walk beside it. And you can have your option of turning this feature off. There is no need IMHO to add any other detection or sensors. You're either with the wheel or you're not. What's not to like?
  5. Ouch! That hurts!;) Considering that we were living in SoCal few years back;)
  6. I just got into this recently - got my first wheel in November. Plus I'm not in NY - i'm in CT, Danbury area. So i missed all of the demo days As for the indoor - that one looked like a lot of fun:
  7. I have already done that - have two nice stands for both wheels;)
  8. I tried to put 50psi in my v10F - got really wobbly immediately, reduced to 30psi - (i'm 180lbs). It is very stable and pretty comfy ride
  9. Yeah, it's suboptimal at best - i'm not advocating for a loosely hanging cord though, not at all. Retractable one is the only thing that makes at least some sense, and I wouldn't want it to be tied to my leg without safety disconnect, like the hoses on gas stations - they allow for driver to drive away with only a part of the hose in the car, not with the whole pump. like this: https://www.amazon.com/T-REIGN-Retractable-Retraction-Polycarbonate-Attachment/dp/B00BF6QRM8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1544114525&sr=8-2&keywords=T-Reign+Small+Retractable+Gear+Tether But yet again proximity sensor based immobilizer seems to be the best option. Might also serve as additional security feature.
  10. I'm so bummed by the cold weather that is making riding somewhat less pleasant to put it mildly... What are you doing to scratch the itch of wanting to ride during winter? Keep on going? Put winter tires and more close or shelve it until rare warm day? Go to indoor skating parks? BTW may be it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a wide get together in some indoor facility around NYC - Westchester for riders from NY, CT? Check out different wheels and so on?
  11. I respectfully disagree. A lot of crashes that i read about or saw myself are ending up with a runaway wheel. The wheels are becoming heavier and they are able to maintain their speed and upright position for longer time without the rider. If there is no concern for you i'd challenge you to let your wheel go into your own car, see how that would feel. My wheel InMotion v10F ran away for about 50 feet on a slight downhill and i got lucky that it swerved onto a lawn and hit a border stone. The impact was pretty bad as the handle got dented and bent against its own curvature. During the fall it tumbled in such a way that the handle got undone from the cradle. I tend to lean towards that as well - car-like immobilizer would be best. You can ride and you can walk with it, but two meters away from you it would turn off. The cord solutions is poor man's immobilizer;)
  12. WOW! Just WOW! Good Job! I like the inlays and carpet touch. I went a bit simpler route, but same idea - didn't paint it yet.
  13. Interesting, thanks for the insights, gents. I believe @who_the is exactly right - that was the thing i saw the guy used on a video. I agree that hard tether even like surfing cable is too dangerous, - i wouldn't want 45 lbs to pull on my leg at 15-20MHP with full force. So i thought that making it "breakable" could mitigate some of the concerns. But if statistically cases where the wheel runs away are very low, then may be it doesn't make sense at all.
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