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  1. Ah i will thank you, Got to 29mph and cant wait to top 30, I need to get the hang of the wobbles because they are deadly at 28mph. It still hasnt chucked me off it yet, Almost expecting it sometime soon!
  2. Ah yeah thank you! Ive been riding it everywhere and just going out on it, i have completely fallen in love and have hit a max speed of 26mph, I will get the balls to go faster soon. Its just upgrading from a EUC with a max of 13mph to one with a 40mph cut out, I miss the rush i got when i first started riding about 3 yrs ago now, Giving your self a goal for how quick you can push it. So much fun! Whenever i lean i get the sense im on my old euc and dont lean into the ride as much also the speed wobbles is something i need to get used to! Very unexpected, I havent crashed once and i have gone
  3. Yes mate, Gotway MSP High Torque id love to ride, Bath ways X
  4. Hi Im Otis, I Recently got my MSP second hand (less than 800 miles never crashed good nick), I feel im more of a heavy weight rider at 200 pounds or roughly 12 - 13 stone, Is there any risk of cut out at around 35 mph i want to unleash its power so bad and have got up to around 27 mph on it but just dont have it in me to lean that extra bit forward or put down more pressure as i upgraded from a very slow IPS F400 compared to the beast of the MSP and riding for 3 years on slower end euc's i cant wait to put my foot down on this weel! Id love to hear some experiences of more built people g
  5. Otis Knight


    @steve454 I realise that, but we were given it so we wont lose any money if its fried. At the moment i'm 13 and my parents are completely out of money so i doubt im gonna get a new one anytime soon! My dream is to own a ninebot or somesort of hi-tech version. Anyway good talk We have managed to sort it out and my dad is re casting the charger so it wont spark anymore. ( The unicycle still works- i went out on it) your truly Otis Knight
  6. Otis Knight


    Hi, Thank you for this i was alway plugging it into the wall then the wheel but since you have recommended the other way i have had no sparks and no problems! I have identified that there is some damage on the charger where the 4 port socket is, its just above on the casing of the wire and some of it has come away. (This was where i was seeing some sparks) Im trying to loacate a similar charger for a decent price, Thanks for your help +Respect XD Later
  7. Otis Knight


    HELLO, I have had my IPS F400 for a while but only recently have i had this problem! Basically i went to plug it in to charge and gave me a nasty white spark and then the light on the charger just stayed green, when its meant to turn red to indicate its charging! Please someone help, this is my only way of travel XD
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