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  1. I recommend eucservice I have my MSX from them ! There is EUCSERVICE Fb group facebook.com/groups/1098582130337563/
  2. Interesting discussion started, I did not think that my video would be popular
  3. Today's ride ended with a small accident of a friend, I leave to evaluate what could be the reason (action starts at 3:09)
  4. Here is my first ride on "new lamp" MSX
  5. Igor Rz

    Ninebot Z10

    What is your problem exactly? https://www.facebook.com/groups/ninebotzseries/
  6. Do you still have a problem with coverage in MSX? I have a Z10 and I am very curious to compare the range of these two wheels ?

    1. Igor Rz

      Igor Rz

      Can you write a brief comparison of these circles? which is better which worse?
    2. stephen


      On my z10 i get about 25 miles and 20% left

      Msx about 27 miles and 30% ish left.


    3. Igor Rz

      Igor Rz

      how much you weigh ?

  7. I have the same and recommend it
  8. I have the same sound, and in the second wheel I also had it, the problem is the vibrations that are produced by the wheel and transferred to the back. I think it's normal and I'm not doing anything about it
  9. Here is a short survey created by me on the Fb group The problem indicator can be easily assessed
  10. Ninebot has made the film available directly on the group, it can not be downloaded elsewhere :( I will write to them to send me this movie
  11. After conversations with Beijing HQ of Segway-Ninebot, their technical department dealt with the problem, prepared and made available to the Fb group official instructions for a known problem with the battery and its activation. I invite you here for the Fb Ninebot Z-series group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ninebotzseries/
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