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  1. I am definitely not a spammer. I am getting into Electric scooter and just have quite a few questions Why is the limit so low and how do I raise it? Thanks.
  2. Aric Lasry

    Dualtron 3 III battery quality

    Hi, I am looking into buying either the Dualtron Ultra OR the Dualtron 3. I am trying to grasp the differences. I can read online that the Dualtron Ultra has an LG battery, which for me goes with quality, but I can't find anything about the battery for the Dualtron 3. Can anyone help me shed the light on Dualtron 3 vs Dualtron Thunder? Thanks.
  3. Aric Lasry

    Brand new, unridden Dualtron Ultra... anyone want it?

    I do! Can you reach out to me ? 6467051274
  4. Aric Lasry

    Dualtron H29e vs Dualtron II EX

    @dwallersv I might be interested actually. How can I reach out to you privately?
  5. Aric Lasry

    Dualtron H29e vs Dualtron II EX

    it's very tempting but I think it is too big of a machine for my needs. I need to commute 8 miles + 1 mile twice a day, and put it in a train (amtrak). Plus I use it around in Berkeley from my place to coffee shops (1 ~ 2 miles). The spider or Dualtron 2 looks like a better fit. I would buy the ultra for $2500 though :p I just did, when can I expect to hear back?
  6. Aric Lasry

    Dualtron H29e vs Dualtron II EX

    Thanks for pointing out the battery quality and the Spider! The spider definitely sounds like the holy grail. But at the same time, if it goes over $2500, might be too expensive for me. Do you know who / where it is going to be sold? Can we pre-order it somewhere?
  7. Aric Lasry

    Dualtron H29e vs Dualtron II EX

    Hi, I am a happy owner of a Speedway mini 4 pro but I am looking into getting a more powerful machine like the Dualtron II. My maximum budget is about ~$2200. When looking at where to buy online, these two fits all the checkboxes, and they also look very similar: 2018 New Dualtron Scooter Motor 60V18AH 1052Wh Most Powerful Electric Scooter H29e - from alibaba. Link here. vs NEW: Dualtron II EX 1200Wh/2x 800W (1600W) Motors - from ewheels.com. Link here. The main difference I see is 1200Wh/2x 800W vs 1052wh 2 * 6000W, but other than that, they look exactly the same to me. Are they? Any info that can help me understand the Dualtron product offering landscape is welcome
  8. Hi everyone, I got a speedway mini 4 pro 3 months ago. I have put 300 miles on the odometer. It is advertised to go for about 28 miles but I can only get ~12 miles, sometimes 15. The exact model I got is this one: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2018-48V-13A-SPEEDWAY-MINI-4-PRO-BLDC-HUB-strong-power-electric-scooter-Speedway-mini-IV/32835281573.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.25c04c4dtZm5hS I am 68kg (150 lbs), I ride on mostly flat surface, there is only 2 highway overpass on my ride. The terrain is pretty good and there is little wind. I never really try to see how much milage I could get when it was new. so 3 main questions: 1) Can it be because it already has 300 miles on the odometer? 2) Can it be because I keep it plugged in to the charger cable for too long? 3) how many miles on the odometer can I expect to get before the battery gets to 80% of it's capacity (100 miles? 500 miles? ...). Thanks