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  1. I've been able to jump my 16X using some (very poorly cut) Kuji-style neoprene pads. No where near as high as Kuji, but curbs had become non-existent problems (until my shells developed some new, unrelated structural issues...)
  2. eWheels first batch, sea shipment (arrived like the last week of August or something).
  3. Just found my pedal stickers. Says it is 190815 as well.
  4. First batch. Switched to the second batch tire about a month ago. After cracking 2 shells in the short time I've owned the wheel, I've learned either I really, really suck at riding and specifically crash management, or The shell integrity/wheel body integrity is really ass. Currently debating whether I should try to overhaul the structure of the wheel body completely to be sturdier, given that my INNER SHELL is already partially damaged. Maybe you're right @eddiemoy. This is my first time having such an experience, so I can't help but think about this thread. I've hit holes and drops and other things before without the wheel dipping tossing me forward (though losing my footing because of a bump? definitely). I can't really figure out why this one would be different. Bad luck or something. Maybe I'll get more answers once I've cooled down a bit.
  5. You know, I really didn't think too much about this issue (able to pedal dip) at first as I had personally never experienced any pedal dipping/power issues myself.... That was, until today when cruising at around maybe 22 mph max (phone bad, wheelog wasn't running unfortunately), I hit a devilishly hidden "pothole" (I think, its hard to say exactly what happened. boy do I love Berkeley's streets) and the wheel instantly dipped completely forward, popping off the 4 beep overpower alarm in the process as it sent me off into the nether. High 70s% battery, not accelerating/leaning into it, very, very slight uphill. Thank goodness for my wrist guards. My 16X, which I just kinda "fixed" yesterday (turns out my first crash with it had messed up the internal body structure slightly, causing the front panel to bulge, in addition to completely destroying one side panel), is now officially borked again (yay another cracked side panel). My confidence in the wheel has unfortunately dropped drastically after this incident. Maybe it isn't a battery voltage problem but a controls and/or hardware problem... The one good thing I can say though, is that despite all the physical impacts this wheel's been through, the fundamental component of being a self-balancing unicycle still works. It's tough in that sense, at least.
  6. I am of similar opinion after going around a bit with the new firmware. At less than 50% battery, got absolutely no early beeps or pushback that I would have gotten on the previous firmware. Riding faster too, up and down hills. Feels really good.
  7. From what I saw of your 16X on Saturday and this additional info here I want to say this is a hardware-related issue specific to your wheel. Hopefully your motherboard replacement will cover whatever the source(s?) of the problems are. Have you tried taking a look at the current board, see if it is loose or anything?
  8. This is normal for (all?) KingSong wheels I believe.
  9. I swapped in the ChaoYang tire from @Hibiki Mr.H this past weekend (arrived in like, less than a week. crazy) and proceeded to lose some shell screws and a pedal set screw in the process. Had a shell replacement from Jason also installed; I cracked one side after hitting speedbump (don't wheel and use your phone at the same time). Was able to go around a little bit last night and this morning with the new tire (and a jank pedal screw fix), and it just feels TOTALLY different from the original tire. I only have a V8 to compare with, so my best description is that the 16X now feels like a heavier and more powerful V8. Extremely nimble. I don't know what it is exactly, but everything, even visuals, seem "lighter". Tight turns are super easy, just kinda falls into it. I always thought the "tank" like feeling I had originally was from the weight of the wheel, but turns out it was the tire. I kinda like both for some reason...
  10. @BleepBloopBlop holy crap are you alright my dude? I thought this was a joke with red paint at first. Don't think I'm ever going to risk riding without wrist guards now..
  11. Ouch. Is that per tire? Would it be any cheaper/tire to send a bunch to one address?
  12. I'd be interested in getting one of these tires from you as well. Maybe someone in the US/Euro could act as the shipping middleman for other interested forum members to make it easier for you?
  13. Sup fellas. Got a response email from Jason about 2 hours ago regarding sea-freight 16Xs.
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