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  1. I find it! is the corner connector
  2. Hello, I´m going to change the euc controller but the new one had a one more connector, can someone tell me wich one correspond to the old controller?
  3. really thanks, and now I see why charge batteries separately is bad idea xD
  4. Ok thanks. one more question, why 4 wires from every bms and only use 2? what is this wires? This is only curiosity
  5. The photo show the question, what´s the uso of that connector (is battery to battery connector)
  6. A lot of bad news talking about personal mobility... U.U (ElJueves is jokes about news) I never see wheels for rent sorry
  7. https://iwheelsurvive.com/evento/salida-para-despedir-el-2018/
  8. 2 weeks and no problems The paint is just normal paint I find in house
  9. Just 3 pieces of wood and some nails https://www.instagram.com/p/Bqz9HIbHpVK/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  10. In bike lane, max30 kph way and parks. The new normative is a pain in the ass Here you can see some images https://todopatinetes.com/normativa-patinetes-electricos-barcelona/
  11. Pues por aqui dejo esto que me encontre https://iwheelsurvive.com/evento/puig-de-la-creu-castellar-del-valles-2/
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