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  1. Rafal

    Crazy off-roading with the MSX and 18XL

    Comparison in track in difficult terrain with lot of dirt. Than compare time runs for each wheel. Make few time attacks on each wheel
  2. Rafal

    Riding during off season.

  3. Rafal

    Crazy off-roading with the MSX and 18XL

    @KujiRolls Great video, looks like a lot of fun MSX is looks much better for riding in difficult terrain. Amazing skills, especially this jump up 60cm (judge from video) with this heavy wheels. Please make a video, how to learn to jump.
  4. Rafal

    Riding during off season.

    -27C you are brave :) -13C is max I rode EUC so far.
  5. Rafal

    Charging costs?

    0.2 Euro/kWh gives me 0.0042 Euro/km or 0.42ct/km. Cheap cheap cheap!!! Oh I forgot I charge most of the times at work. So the average charging cost is close to zero
  6. LOCATION: Warsaw DATE: Jan 30, 2019 TIME: 8:05am WEATHER: light snow, -4c DISTANCE TRAVELED: 13km WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: Tesla WHO WAS WITH ME: No one, sadly TOTAL DISTANCE TRAVELED: 2200km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: passing guy on bike in up the big hill, he scream loud "wow". His speed probably 10km/h my 30km/h. WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: places of ice RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: ice is a hazard
  7. Rafal

    MSuper X SpazZing Out

    @Slartibartfast there are plenty of instructions how to check hall sensors in the internet. All you need is 5v power supply or 18650 battery, and multimeter. Below instruction from one of the forums. "The Hall Effect sensors require a +5V (H+) supply. Naturally, that's what your H-(0V) is for. You'll need to supply the Hall Effect sensors with this supply (almost no current required) to test them. You'll need a meter (DMM) as well. Having connected the supply, meter between the H- and Ha, Hb, Hc terminals. Rotating the wheel should give you a pulse train from close to the supply level and back to zero. "
  8. Few days ago I pass guy on Lime Electric kick scooter. He have to slow down a lot, to be able to drive on uneven pavement. On 16 inch EUC I was able to go safely at least twice as fast as him. If he try go as fast as I am, I pretty sure he will fall. conclusion: EUC are much more safe than Electric kick scooter.
  9. Rafal

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    I am sure you do Marty. For example: wider tire have higher rolling resistance and more power available almost always drive to more energy consumption. Just my experience.
  10. Rafal

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Higher speed, more power, better acceleration, wider tire. Here is the missing 10%.
  11. Rafal

    Seasonal Riding Conditions

    High temperatures are even worst for battery, than a low ones. Look at tesla active cooling. Best temperatures to keep your li-ion chemistry in best condition is about 20'C. So don`t leave your wheel on the sun espercially when is 40'C or more. Don`t leave it in the car in a hot sunny day. Keep it in the shade and don`t push the wheel to hard when is hot. Best is to monitor battery temperature, but this is overkill.
  12. Rafal

    Can a 14s serve as an all round wheel?

    You need to find a compromise. Of course bigger wheels forgive much more, but they are the most expensive and most heavy. For 10 miles range and 15 miles top speed ks18xl or msx is overkill. So the most neutral choice is 16 incher: Tesla or KS16s are most popular and probably best choice for you.
  13. Rafal

    Edit : MCM5 800Wh (p.2)

    I ride with 2nd alarm on. 3 beeps at 35km/h. For city riding it is perfect, because beeps let now pedestrian that I am approaching. An in crowded town it is really useful thing. Then I have alarm on wheellog at 41km/h and tiltback ar 42km/h. This is working very well for me. I know exactly how fast I am riding. 3 beeps at 35km/h, phone vibrate at 41km/h and after that tilltback hit around 43-44km/h. If pushing hard still can reach 47km/h for a second and can sustains continuous 45km/h. For high speeds I feel more safe riding against tiltback with my pedals raised up.
  14. Rafal

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    @EcoDrift Can you please measure how wide the tire is? Is it really 3 inches?
  15. Rafal

    Help! MSX charger or wheel is malfunctioning

    @Hatchet Any updates? Can you share whit us what couse the problem. If you unplug charger when battery is almost full, then it will not turn on. So need to discharge battery first to charge wheel to 100%. At other hand, in the winter, my Tesla is not charging to full. Meyby is is some kind of protection.