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  1. Besides new tail light it is much more powerfull. https://forum.ecojazda.pl/index.php/start/gotway/219-gotway-msuperx?start=150
  2. Look at this thread. Updated version of MSX is comming. It is not easy choice:)
  3. MSX>Nikola/18xl>Tesla>16s 1. MSX best all runner/performance wheel. Probably fill your need for a longest time. Best motherboard with big 247fets. 2. Nikola - newest wheel, probably much better hill climber than 18XL. 3inch wheel provides good traction and comfort. Only bit smaller than 18inch. Big battery 1600Wh, nice design, nice large pedals. Bit too big. or 2. 18XL - overheat on very hot days, hill climbs or extreme use. Good range, great commuter, good quality, can be paired with big pedals.
  4. Just connect the battery directly to charger through the xt60 connector.
  5. To do so he have to destroy the cover of his battery. At this point there is no need for that. Easier and faster is to do full charge and discharge the battery. Masure capacity charged and discharged and compare it to nominal battery Wh.
  6. 16x looks nice. But is so big, probably as tall as 18L. Why manufacturers make new wheels 16x, Nicola so tall ? They should go Z10 route instead.
  7. If you charge it at 0.5 AMP it won`t burn or don`t heat to much. Even if cells will be damaged. So you are safe, but better anyway charge it outside. Voltage should go up preety fast at the beginning of charging and then stabilize. I done that in the past with single 18650 cells.
  8. You can try. Just use low amp and monitor battery when charging. After charge, check if the battery is not self discharging and if it is not hot when charging. You have big chance to revive it, but for sure battery lost already some capacity.
  9. Large rubber foot pad is making this wheel comfortable but at the same time missing top metal structure is bad engineering,
  10. Comparison in track in difficult terrain with lot of dirt. Than compare time runs for each wheel. Make few time attacks on each wheel
  11. https://electrek.co/2019/02/07/study-electric-cars-lose-range-temperature-tesla-disputes/
  12. @KujiRolls Great video, looks like a lot of fun MSX is looks much better for riding in difficult terrain. Amazing skills, especially this jump up 60cm (judge from video) with this heavy wheels. Please make a video, how to learn to jump.
  13. -27C you are brave :) -13C is max I rode EUC so far.
  14. 0.2 Euro/kWh gives me 0.0042 Euro/km or 0.42ct/km. Cheap cheap cheap!!! Oh I forgot I charge most of the times at work. So the average charging cost is close to zero
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