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  1. Rafal

    Help! MSX charger or wheel is malfunctioning

    @Hatchet Any updates? Can you share whit us what couse the problem. If you unplug charger when battery is almost full, then it will not turn on. So need to discharge battery first to charge wheel to 100%. At other hand, in the winter, my Tesla is not charging to full. Meyby is is some kind of protection.
  2. Rafal

    Ring_light issue on Gotway-Tesla

    It looks like both of them are broken. On one strip I see first led purple and rest are blue. On the other on is the same? In my case one strip was ok. Second strip had few led working and rest was blue. On the led strip you have 3 wires. Positive, negative and driver (which change colors) and this one is probably broken. I cut strip after few working leds and before blue ones and second cut after the first blue one. So remove first blue led from the strip, solder 3 wires again and it should work. Strip after this operation working as new and it is just a bit shorter. Hope it will help you as well.
  3. Rafal

    Ring_light issue on Gotway-Tesla

    @arqfg Please attach pictures with both strips connected and with different light modes.
  4. @Marty Backe hope soon you will feel better. Do you roll a bit or hit the concrete hard? Please do a movie in place where you fallen, so we can learn from your experience.
  5. Rafal

    Yet another what to buy. Second wheel

    In turns I did not notice any pedal dip. I calibrated the wheel to pedal lean back 2 degrees. Only one problem with pedal dip is when I hit few holes in the row in a short time. But it is only happen on road in very bad condition. On the road, where it is easier to walk than ride a wheel.
  6. Rafal

    Yet another what to buy. Second wheel

    Please share with us those reports. I never heard of any Tesla failuer causing crash. I really like my Tesla. Drove so far 1500km without single issue.
  7. Rafal

    Best wheel with easily removable batteries?

    If you carry extra battery in your backpack, switch is not the best way. Connect it directly to other batteries. You need to open EUC only once, to solder extra wire with connector to spare battery.
  8. Rafal

    MSuper X SpazZing Out

    Hall sesnor is quite easy to repair. You need open the motor, cut 3 wires from broken part, remove broken sensor, glue new one and solder 3 wires to new sensor. If it is too difficult, maybe some electric workshop will fix it cheaply. Here, where I live, it is cheaper to fix it, than send back to China.
  9. Rafal

    EUC with longest range under 10kg

    IPS zero, 14 inch wheel, 10.7kg, 340Wh battery, about 12 miles range
  10. My vote goes for Tesla. It is faster, lighter, more agile than Z10, V10. Compared to V8 or KS16s is a big upgrade. I have Tesla since 6 months, I traveled over 1000km without any issues.
  11. MSX is lighter than 18XL. So top heavy title goes to 18XL.