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  1. Hi, my ACM16 motherboard malfunctioned. My wheel is a 820wh . Looking for a used one if anyone has.... in the UK
  2. Hi, is the charger for the inmotion v10f and v10 similar? What about the v8 ? Will it work on the v10?
  3. What I'm saying is you know when your turn on the inmotion app whilst riding.... by tilting the phone 90deg , the inmotion app would automatically turn into a camera mode feature with the speedometer.... my question is will the video record automatically or is there a certain button which I need to press as I have three other wheels a ninebot and a gotway and the app works differently. The other question is that in the inmotion app there's a lock function. My question is what is it used for?
  4. Lol sorry Gaz , which bit did you not understand?
  5. Hi guys, being a new v10 owner I would like some wise advice please... I own an android phone and I know how to turn the camera function by flicking my phone 90deg. But how do I turn on the video or snap pictures? On the app there's a LOCK MODE any idea what it is for?Thanks
  6. Made my decision, I've sold my v5f and gotten the v10 instead lol. Happy days. Sold my v5f for £340, add another £340 and gotten a new wheel better handling, bigger pedals. Wouldn't wanha pay £90 - 100 just for pedals.
  7. Hi guys, anyone owning an GW ACM16 who has changed their foot plates to larger ones? Please advice what footplates I could use. Cheers...
  8. Got the v10. Only £660 including delivery. Love getting a bargain from gearbest. My second wheel from them.
  9. Yes, I'm a confident rider and I own an ACM16 which i hit 35kmh regularly. I'm not too fussed about the weight as the v10 has a trolley handle for me to push around. I'm just concern over the slow pick up speed if I want to avoid danger and the breaking performance if I'm in an emergency situation.
  10. Thanks for your suggestion. Do have issues with the breaking performance and how does it handle on turns?
  11. Sold my inmotion v5f just after two months of usage. Not my cup of tea so I'm in the verge of getting another daily use wheel. For £650 I can get the inmotion v8 for an additional £60 I can get the v10.although the v10 is only £60 more with bigger battery I'm just wondering do I need it? Heard the v10 is sluggish and the breaking performance is poor. I'll be riding 20miles in total maybe a bit more once awhile. Weaving around pedestrians at times. Which would you recommend?
  12. we all have to start somewhere. Even when you're close to 50 cough cough cough.... Then you'll improve
  13. Yes there is the insta360 one X that everyone is raving about but the mi sphere is much cheaper and its water and proof
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