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  1. OliverOliverOliver

    Newbie question

    When I come back to Malaysia I look forward to ride with you guys in Singapore Uekarashi
  2. OliverOliverOliver

    Newbie question

    I wasn't going fast , just around 15kmh maybe lesser at times. Guess I really do need proper conditioning. Had no issues with my ACM16 and my nine bot one at high speeds. This 14inch is a different kind of beast but I'm loving her. She's beautifully built, nice and portable/light for easy commute. The kill off switch under the handle is God sent . So convenient to use . Although not heavy at all, the trolley handle too is still a great feature to have. This V5F will be used as my daily commute on short rides, ACM 16 for longer rides and off roading and the ninebot one will be for thrashing around learning simple tricks.i can now confidently reverse (yuhoooo...). Still having trouble to ride with one leg though.
  3. OliverOliverOliver

    Newbie question

    Thanks pico, yes I realized it really is a toe heel type of wheel using different stances and muscles. Maybe because my body/ legs are new to the wheel. Was my first time riding to work ( just 2km first long distance with this wheel). First 1km was okay, then towards my second km, it felt as if I don't know how to ride anymore. The wheel was kinda going all over the place. I had to use my legs to compensate each other to get the wheel to run straight. Had to slow down to avoid wobbles as the last I experienced riding the wheel went sideways to the right and came off my feet and that's where I had my first scratch to the foot plate ( sob sob ).
  4. OliverOliverOliver

    Newbie question

    Yes, hyper is the right answer. Ever so wanting to turn left and right. Hard to stay in a straight line. Not liking it at the moment. But will keep on practicing .
  5. OliverOliverOliver

    Newbie question

    I started off with ninebot one E plus . once I was more confident I got myself I got way ACM 16 . Had no problems with the transition as both the wheels were 16 in . I've just got myself and inmotion v5f last week. But I seem to have trouble riding it. It's much more nimble as I have read, but it's hard to handle( control ). The wheel keeps shifting either to the left or to the right.s this because I'm new to a 14 inch? Is this a conditioning issue?
  6. OliverOliverOliver

    V5f sudden acceleration

    Just got mine yesterday too. Damn, that's scary to hear that it shot just like that. Have you checked with your supplier?
  7. OliverOliverOliver

    Inmotion v5f and v8 pedals

    Hi there, newbe question... are the pedals on the v5f and the v8 the same? If I were to get the v8 abrasive pedal sticker, would it fit on my V5f? Thanks
  8. OliverOliverOliver

    Any riders in Bournemouth or poole area?

    Sounds like a plan. Will make contract with you next week. What's your phone number please
  9. OliverOliverOliver

    Any riders in Bournemouth or poole area?

    From your past , where in Bournemouth have you ridden? I'm totally new at this so I only do Short distances .
  10. OliverOliverOliver

    Any riders in Bournemouth or poole area?

    Oh, just remembered that you live in Salisbury, unfortunately I was off yesterday arrrrrgh.... today in working. I'll be off on Thursday next week if you're up for it.
  11. OliverOliverOliver

    Any riders in Bournemouth or poole area?

    Cool. If you plan to come down again please stay in touch would try to meet up
  12. OliverOliverOliver

    Any riders in Bournemouth or poole area?

    Oh wow, is the one wheel rider from Bournemouth too?
  13. OliverOliverOliver


    Hello, I'm a new owner of the ACM16 820wh. Need some help as I don't have a user manual, how many alarm beeps are there? What should I be listening for. I get beep. Then I get beep beep. Don't dare go for another beep lol
  14. OliverOliverOliver

    Tyres and dinner tubes

    Thanks again meepmeepmayer. You're the best
  15. OliverOliverOliver

    Tyres and dinner tubes

    Hi guys, a newbee question. Can I just use normal bicycle tyres and inner tubes for my ninebot one E+ and gotway ACM instead of the original ones that come with the wheel?