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  1. @houseofjob The Flatland 3d gloves look great, will order a pair, thank you!
  2. @meepmeepmayer thank you so much. Wasn't aware of the distinction before. I certainly should look into getting the proper wrist protection.
  3. Thanks @meepmeepmayer, in fact these are the only ones I could find with plastic slide plates both on top of and under the palm. Hopefully, that's what you're referring to.
  4. Hi Marty - I've actually scratched them within minutes as I was going down curbs not realizing that the pedals were much larger than before... Otherwise, didn't have any issue with pedal scraping during tight turns (as tight as I can make them...). The other thing that was noticable was that the grip tape is so effective that I couldn't slide my feet on the pedals anymore! To change positions, I actually had to lift my feet off of the pedal. That's a great sign IMO! These are actually not LED lights but the amazing reflective tape from customTaylor33. I took the picture with a flash to show what they would like when reflecting the light of an incoming car.
  5. A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to discover the world of electric unicycles. I stumbled upon it as I was researching different e-scooters options that could relevant as a practical commuting device in Manhattan. My research led me to the following conclusion: no e-scooter, or e-skate comes close to the performance, range, compact size as an EUC. The problem was, I didn't know anyone who's even tried an electric unicycle and maybe saw once a rider quickly zipping through Broadway street, standing magically tall on a fast spinning wheel. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this forum and after combing through the invaluable info, I finally purchased my first wheel from the outstanding Jason at eWheels who had it at my house the next day: A King Song K14S. As I've learned a lot from this forum, I wanted to share some tips in the hope that something will find them useful. Getting on the wheel - Learning to be stable on a wheel doesn't take more than a few days but in my short experience, requires two important things: excellent video tutorials (my favorite are from the French "tuto de la semaines" - Hirsute) and a friend with a wheel who can take your hand for an hour. The latter I still couldn't find but I was fortunate to find myself in Paris for a few days and subscribed to a lesson (electric wheels are much more popular in France than in the US). Padding the wheel - The first few days, I would, of course, fall a lot. I've read some tips about padding but actually found what I think worked best for me: - Foam strips with adhesive, high density isolation: Available in different sizes and thickness - Hyper-reflective RIM tape by CustomTaylor33: I've rarely on Amazon seen such a highly rated product from a small business. I actually reached out to Taylor who sent me the custom pieces the next day. As you can see, these are indeed very reflective. - I also added a vinyl film but I'm actually not sure it's necessary. Padding ourselves - One item that I would recommend for winter riders is a pair of gloves with integrated (and removable) wrist guards. I've only found a product from DaKine Upgrading the wheel - As many of you already found out, the XL Pedals that Jason masterfully commissioned are a game changer for using the wheel. It used to feel like standing on a stool with the smaller pedals. Now it reminds me of seating the large leather seat of an SUV. Thank you for all your help and support. Raphael
  6. Hi! Glad to hear about V8 riders in Israel. Is there a way you could recommend to purchase an EUC in Israel? I understanding shipping or flying in with a wheel is a non-starter.
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