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  1. I don't know... didn't look... but it was 83 degrees F outside
  2. Query: The random Tilt forward issue... has it been solved? I'm 190 lbs with gear probably 200 lbs. v1.05 100% battery, BT music was ON. I've done the BT update... 10 minutes ish into ride. I was getting Tilt forward. I did go as fast as I am comfortable. I was already slowing down and then notice Tilt forward. Turned OFF and On again to reset tilt.
  3. WearOS... so Samsung Gear S3 is a no go?
  4. That's exactly what I doing with my PVC pipes. Pro Tip: use foam insulation to keep the pipes from burning your case... like how I did it.
  5. I'm new... this is my first wheel. My info is a collection of things read here and on YouTube. Anyway, Foot position is important. The one leg or one knee touching the case, is a move describe by evvhere on YouTube about how NYC EUC riders are able to make quick sharp turns in traffic. The outer knee leans in on the case. I've be practicing in an empty parking lot and accelerating while in a turn. I agree with Unventor, there is a sweet spot when I get my foot in the correct position there is no wobbles during acceleration. But if I'm tired, I will get wobbles. I've been able to correct speed wobbles (foot in wrong position and I'm not that good in adjusting position while riding)... I would straighten out my knees or loosen up and slow down a bit. The important one is how to maintain control during an emergency braking wobble. Still figuring this one out. So, I'm riding cautiously to avoid emergency braking situation. I believe, foot spread helps to balance the wheel with more leverage. Like using a short handle shovel vs a long handle shovel. My heels are touching the case cause I maintain control with the Kuji pads.
  6. Hmmm... I need to check that. During a ride today, I noticed speed wobble is affected by my foot position. The wider the better, but my heals have to grab the wheel (I've been bounced off before).
  7. Well... I'm still trying to understand.. so, Full Charge is 84V (aka 100%), Cut is at 63V (aka 0%) ... 21V to play To Simplify 84V - 64V = 20V to play ... Every 5V = 25% (Need to simplify so I can look at V for quick math on the fly) Will this work: 84V = 100% , 79V = 75% , 74V = 50% , 69V = 25% , 64V = 0% So far, I ride with a OneWheel group... after 14 to 16 miles or so, they are approx at 30% to 40% and my KS App would say 80%. I top off anyway, usually get 90%. They have HyperChargers which gets them to 100%. I have the 5A charger from eWheels, but I don't bring it out with me. I bring the smaller lighter one. After the ride, I'm usually at 67 to 70%. The other EUC rider KS18XL doesn't even bother bringing a charger. I guess, I will start paying more attention to my Voltage reading.
  8. KS16X is my first wheel. I'm only at 200 miles according to KS App. My challenge now is hitting curbs during group rides (crashed twice) and getting use to riding in jeans (been riding in shorts all this time) and jeans feels weird by the ankles where I connect with the Kuji pads. On the last ride, I tried KS18XL. I couldn't get comfortable on it. I'm thinking it has a lot to do with muscle memory and you have to put in the time to own it.
  9. I already have the Demon D3O knee pads. They are great if I'm hitting the ground, but that KS16X pedals keep finding gaps in my protection. Tonight I did a group ride, I can't remember what happened, but definitely wasn't my superman dive when I hit a curb. I think it was when I saw a curb that was brightly painted concrete color to match with the ground, I jumped off landed on my feet, the wheel popped up 2 ish feet in the air and somehow hit 2 inches below and a little to the left of my knees... right at the spot of no pad. I'm going to get the Leatt Dual Axis.
  10. Well... I didn't want to spend anyone more money on this hobby (which is a lie... just brought more armor and Halloween costume for EUC). So, I looked around the garage and MacGyver-ed it... LOL
  11. Nice... I was fed up with foam, too. It was splitting up after 2 weeks of use. Here's my version:
  12. Halloween is coming up and I just spend $2000+ for EUC. So, why not drop some more money. Thank you
  13. I've decided to get the Alpinestars Bionic Motocross Roost Deflector. Had to weigh the level and areas of Protection, heat comfort, compatibility with existing gear, value and convenience.
  14. I've been looking at Leatt 5.5 HD Pro Chest Protector and Leatt 4.5 Pro Chest Protector, both have flank rib protection. I figured if its too hot I will not wear the Leatt 5.5 Body Protector. Most likely, I will not need the elbow and kidney Protection built into the jacket. If it gets cold enough, I can take off the shoulder armor and just wear the chest and flank protection under my Motorcycle Jackets (5 to choose from), which all lack chest and rib protection. The 4.5 has no hard plastic at the flank. Might be better for wearing a Jacket.
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