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  1. Wasn't able to find M6x13mm Thumb Screw on Amazon. I found and ordered M6x12mm from Ebay. I received M6x23mm instead. Had to Dremel to make it work. Hope this helps anyone else looking for easy TSG face shield change.
  2. I got my Sherman in January... the fire & smoke container from China
  3. Finally able to get the Old Pedal Hangers detached. This is a comparison of the Old Pedal Hangers and New Pedal Hangers. They look the same to me.
  4. Does anyone know what is socket size for the Pedal Hanger nut?
  5. I ordered my Sherman in December and received it in January on the smoke container. I recently bent my rim on the left and right side and cracked in between the bents. Ordered parts to replace rim. eWheels is shipping me the new 60 mm rim and informed me I have to order the new pedal hangers. I didn't understand why, until I read this thread. I also have the new cover with black buttons waiting for me to install.
  6. Thank you very much... fbhb I don't think I will be hitting my head at that angle. My shoulder would be in the way
  7. Does anyone know what is the identifier or designation for the TSG Pass visor SCREW? I would like to replace it with thumb screws. Thank you.
  8. Did the 3.5mm splitter in the front worked for powering up a USB plug?
  9. I have the burnt-smell edition too. Coming from KS16X, I had to get adjusted to pedal dip. Turning at a corner, I get pedal dip. I would turn to opposite direction to bring it back up. I also have it on +2 PA.
  10. Please help... How do I connect my phone to Veteran?
  11. Original Plan, I was holding out for next Gen Sherman. Plan got destroyed when everyone got a Sherman. Getting mine Sunday. Who is LeaperKim?
  12. My Sherman was in that Shipping Container. I'm all for the Fire Sale or discount or a set of Honeycomb spike pedals.
  13. Good afternoon, We regret having to report that upon opening our shipment we discovered that either a Gotway RS, Nikola, or spare battery pack had started a fire inside the shipping container. Approximately 20% of the goods have been destroyed, while the remaining boxes have varying degrees of surface discoloration and some charring. The LA warehouse team is working their way through to assess the damage, which products will be suitable to ship, reboxing, etc. While the exact cause of what happened is un
  14. I am looking for the least expensive solution for Flame Proof Safe or cabinet or a link. Thank you
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