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  1. I didn't get an update...
  2. I remember someone dislike the power button on the front panel, instead of near the handle. I'm thinking if you are planning on having a seat, you would design it where you wouldn't be sitting on it.
  3. DragonFZ

    INMOTION V20 ??

    She is so Wong. I didn't want to get into EUC for 12 to 15 mph. I can do that with my eSkateboards at half the price. The Performance of an EUC is half the price of the Highest tier of eSkateboards.
  4. There is a Hoodie with Motorcycle Armor attached. Street & Steel makes one.
  5. Hey Jim, I'm in Arlington TX... did a couple of rides with the DFW OneWheel group. I pre-ordered the KS16X. The off-road part of the ride convinced me to get an EUC.
  6. DragonFZ

    INMOTION V20 ??

    I bet it is disc shape and available in black
  7. LOL... Just got on the forum to search what is a Inmotion V20
  8. Yes, I do need my head examined... from my perspective, I preordered the Raptor 2.0 in December 2017. While waiting I ordered and received, the Backfire2 and Ranger X1. Then in September 2018, Enertion said hey we have the 2.1 ready you can upgrade if you are willing to wait. 20% restock fee if I cancel my order. So, I waited till Feb 2019 to get the Raptor 2.1, Yes, that's 1 year and 3 months of waiting and fully paid for. I should be shot. At least eWheel is not asking for the full amount upfront and I can get my money back any time and it is only a 2 month ish wait and one year warranty in the U.S. KS16X is $600 more than KS16S. I figured I don't need a collection of Wheels like I did with the eSkateboards. Only getting ONE. LOL
  9. Thank you... I read the marketing and thought it was an absolute. I really don't understand the math behind this, but I'm learning. If I cannot go by advertised Voltage, can I compare EUC by the estimated speed and range?
  10. I'm glad you guys are able to calculate voltage and amps... but
  11. I know you're right, but the wait is going to be painful. Waiting on my first EUC.
  12. Dam... issues... I hope it will be covered under the warranty. Does the Demo model have the 2000W or 2200W motor?
  13. I'm banking on King Song company reputation of putting out quality products. I'm hoping they have systems in place, not to repeat past mistakes. For instance, a YouTuber mentioned the KS axles are thicker for the bigger wheels. So, I'm thinking that was a lesson KS learned.
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