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  1. Does not ship to Canada, I tried to buy something and they emailed me later saying they do not ship to Canada.
  2. They changed the name in north america for minipro to ninebot s: https://store.segway.com/segway-ninebot-s-self-balancing-hoverboard Cheaper but 236wH battery for gokart kit. Is it default to go through battery for the firmware hack?
  3. I'm still interested in this, would it work with the new Ninebot S? Thinking of upgrading the battery and to do that, firmware change is needed. Is it still possible to buy the chip? @MRN76 Would love to pay for an app. Thanks!
  4. Frankly, in my opinion what makes the V8 so attractive is its price point to features. Please note that these suggestions are for the mid range model and not the highest end speed demon tier. Keeping the price point the same with a lot of improvements that's been posted here would be amazing. If a price raise is warranted for some features like a bigger battery, just create a different variation that costs more. We just need a new iteration of the V8. It's the best bang for your buck unicycle, is lightweight, and a good size which keeps it selling despite all the other higher end ones. So please keep that in mind. Some features I liked from reading this thread: - I'd like it a bit faster, I feel the V8 is already at a decent speed but when you need more speed it should have it. 35/hr seems to be the sweet spot for casual riders. - A more premium feel. Honestly, I think the shiny plastic looks cheap. I think Ninebot with the one Z hit it out of the ballpark in terms of aesthetics. Not too flashy like a christmas tree yet still bad ass and matte like the bat mobile. - I'm open to the idea of a bigger and wider tires with a seat, I've tried my friend's with a high tire with a seat and you can call me converted. Keep the quality high and price in the same range. Adoption rates and volume quantity will grow which is what we need in the market as you saw with the poll. I'm in the market for a reliable luxury convertible coupe and not a Ferrari. Again, different target audiences! And of course if you're looking for crash test dummies, just send one my way.
  5. I'm interested in learning how to manipulate firmware, but I'm not sure of the procedure. I'm a developer by trade but I've never touched hardware/firmware. I'd like to try my hand at cracking this, and I'm confident I can with enough information. What tools/programs would I need? So far the tools I have in mind: Soldering Iron. ST-Link V2. If anyone could link me to any helpful videos/guides would be quite helpful!
  6. Thank you Andy. Maybe Google translate will be of help, hopefully. I wonder if they can ship to Canada, would love to give it a try! If it's not too out of your way, can you ask him how I can get one shipped here? Many thanks.
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