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  1. What's the minimum disassembly required to change a tire on the Nikola? Looks like at minimum one of the battery packs and LEDs from one half of the shell need to be disconnected. Did you need to disconnect and remove the motor or control board also? Seems like there is a glued on cap that would need to be removed in order to take the motor out, which might be really annoying to replace. Looking at this for my next wheel but I'm worried about needing to rebuild the entire thing every time the tire needs replacing or patching.
  2. I’ve been calling them e-wheels more frequently. 2 syllables vs 7 for “electric unicycle”. I do like EUC but it’s too esoteric to use with non-riders. Actually in practice I end up using all the terms and confusing the hell out of other people and myself. But E-wheel ftw so far.
  3. I have a V8 with about the same number of miles on it. It definitely does dip sometimes when making sharp turns. I guess it might be somehow related to the fact that when the unicycle turns it leans to one side, and that lean causes the angle of the pedal relative to the ground plane to decrease, allowing it to dip a bit more? Just a hunch. Curious to know the real cause if anyone knows for certain.
  4. @rooford It's called Last Mile: https://lastmilesf.com/
  5. I bought a V8 as my first wheel, and it's been great. It's super portable, not too heavy, has reasonable battery life, and has conquered every hill that I've asked it to climb. I do sometimes think that I should have sprung for the KS16S for the added range. This is the one thing is limiting on the V8. For reference, I weigh 170lbs (77kg). If you're much heavier than that I would definitely go with the 16S or a more powerful wheel. I've let heavier friends try my V8 and it looks a little sketchy.
  6. Yes. I would never have gotten into EUCs if a friend hadn't let me learn on his for about 30 mins. I dropped it a few times but after that I was completely sold and got mine soon after. The guys at our local shop are super nice and have a beater V8 that they'll let people try out.
  7. Anecdotally, I've been seeing more people lately on EUCs here in San Francisco since I started riding 5 months ago. Solowheel Glide 3 (same wheel I have) seems to be most popular but I've also seen Ninebot S2s, KS16s, KS18L, KS18XL in the wild. OneWheels seem to be pretty popular, too. I probably see 2 for every 1 EUC. I usually see at least one of these if I go out for a ride for a couple hours by myself on the weekend. I should also mention that there's a local store that sells InMotion wheels so that could be one reason why they are over-represented. Also their marketing features SF prominently.
  8. I'm tempted to take my old Android phone out with me just to try out WheelLog. Exporting data is one of the features I really crave, as that would allow me to -- as you say -- apply my own analysis after the fact. My current phone runs iOS, and I'm definitely not upgrading any time soon due to -- cough -- saving for a new wheel Thanks for the confirmation, @Chriull. Seems like reverse engineering or partnering is the way forward if I want to pursue this.
  9. Has Inmotion or some third party documented the Bluetooth protocol used on the V8 or their other EUCs? I love geeking out on the stats from DarknessBot and the official app, but I find the logging interfaces in both to be lacking some functionality. Being a software developer by trade, I thought it would be fun to play around with some interface ideas. But after reading the forum posts about GyroMetrics, DarknessBot and WheelLog, it seems like the developers of those apps had to reverse engineer the communication protocols for the various brands with a Bluetooth LE sniffer and lots of trial and error. It might be fun to dig into that, but I'm curious; has the situation changed at since those apps were originally written?
  10. I'm guessing this would be because heels out gives you a wider stance increasing leverage and therefore ability to precisely control wheel roll?
  11. Yaaa I've been taking breaks from work to skip off to the local park and practice braking / tight turns. I find going slow and turning, starting and stopping is so much more fun than going fast anyway. Still working on my yo-yos.. Definitely agree that the V8 is just way more comfortable after putting the cover back on. Eventually I'll try to find some durable padding to replace it with. Gotta show off them LEDs
  12. Yeah! I was surprised that it wasn't more difficult, but then again I'm very aware that I may be a bit "overconfident" since new types of terrain tend to throw me back into noob mode where I'm struggling to regain control. I'm wearing a cycling helmet and the freebie wristguards from ewheels.. Thinking about getting some elbow protection for riding in less comfortable zones, and maybe upgrading to some better wrist protection. This feels like good advice. Sometimes when riding in the bike lanes I expect to ride as fast as I would on my bike.. Gotta remember to take it slow >_<.. Definitely easy to get a little complacent. I try to sway a little even when going straight so that my muscles don't go to sleep
  13. So I've been riding for about a week now on my Glide3/V8. I've gotten fairly comfortable going slow, making tight turns, and riding at speeds up to 15mph on flat surfaces. Recently though I've started to ride on some roads where the asphalt is uneven with slight waves and larger cracks and such. This is unfortunately pretty common in San Francisco where I ride. I've had a few close calls but so far have been able to recover. I'm curious if you all have some suggestions for how to deal with that type of terrain. Aside from just riding at a slow speed, is this something that will get easier as I build more leg strength? I see people who can ride without touching the wheel, but that still feels a little dicey to me as any slight deviation from perfect balance can kick the wheel to one side or the other. I usually end up with clamping the wheel loosely between my calves. Slow speed tight turns are where I feel the most comfortable since I'm actively moving the wheel around. Also the stakes are a bit lower because everything is in slow motion. Riding at higher speeds has seemed to become harder since I removed the protective cover due to the thinner profile of the wheel, which makes it harder to hold between my legs. I'll probably put it back on until I'm thoroughly comfortable on a wider range of terrain, or until I can find some padding to thicken the wheel up a bit. Sorry if that's a lot of different things. Just curious if this begins to feel less dicey with a bit more practice.
  14. Heh I know they have the 16S. What I meant was that I wish the design was closer to 14D and 18L. Guess I'm just not a huge fan of the battery bulge-outs / pads and the specific way that the LED windows and plastic case are designed.. but also I'm a designer so I freak out about details like that ..
  15. I've got a couple days of training time on my V8 now. The 16" wheel feels like the right size for me. The ride is super smooth, surprisingly smooth actually. I've taken an hour or so for the last couple afternoons to practice slow riding and turning. My local plaza has a bunch of flagpoles and trees that are fun to weave around. This is a good list of things to try. I haven't had the courage to try one leg or backwards riding yet.. But I'm on the lookout for a safe place to practice pendulums. When you say "hopping up curbs" do you mean a full height curb like 6" or so? I'm guessing you need to actually grab the wheel and jump? The KS18L looks so nice.. But I already have a bicycle for longer distances. Also it's so much heavier. If Kingsong released a 16" wheel with the same design as the 18L I would be tempted.. Yeah I feel like this is going to serve me pretty well for a while. I really have no complaints so far, but then again I haven't tested long distance and hill performance yet.. Might try some of that tomorrow.
  16. I decided to go with the V8/Glide 3. It seems to be a good middle ground between all different factors. Very much looking forward to it. Thanks for the help!
  17. Thanks for the advice, Marty! So assuming I go with a 16" wheel, would you recommend the KS16S over the SW Glide 3? The Glide3 is $400 less, but do you think the 800W motor and 480Wh battery would be a significant disadvantage safety-wise for ~16mph riding and some hill climbing? The 6S also has 10 miles more range which I'm not sure I would actually use, and is 8.5lbs heavier which makes me lean a bit toward the Glide3 when just looking at 16" wheels.
  18. I'm 6'2" 170lbs and looking to pick up my first EUC. A few days ago I tried out a friend's Solowheel Glide 3 (16") which was great. But after doing some research the Kingsong 14D looks like a better choice in terms of features. The overall design appeals more to me and Kingsong seems to have a good reputation for being conservative and reliable. Also the 14D has Bluetooth speakers and USB charging which I could imagine being really useful. The only downside is that I'm worried a 14" wheel will be too small for someone my height. I would consider the 16S but it seems to be an older design and also does not have USB charging. Does anyone here over 6' ride a KS14D? What's your impression? I'm just learning, not interested in going fast, and mostly planning on navigating city traffic/pedestrians and climbing hills.
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