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  1. You're gonna love it. I've got almost 5k miles on mine over ~2 years, and it's still my favorite out of all the wheels I've tried. It's not the fastest, but it's one of the most versatile, and will take you father than faster wheels with equivalent Wh battery packs. It's also the nimblest 16x3 wheel that I've tried.
  2. Begode's new adjustable pedals look pretty good. The 16X pedal hangers are 50mm wide. I wonder if these would fit. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001776668654.html I wear pretty thin soled Vans style shoes, so I worry that the more intensely grippy spikes on the Hextech and Teknika4 pedals would be uncomfortable.
  3. Oh these look like a nice option. The grip tape seems a bit redundant though, and hard to replace. I might just strip that off after it gets muddied the first time. Do your pedals close fully when the Teknika plates are installed?
  4. I've been doing a bunch of off-roading on my 16X. The winter mud really ruins the grip of even super course Vicious grip tape. Studded pedals look like the best solution to this, preferably with holes that allow dirt to fall through. The NyloNove pedals look great, but a 16X version won't be ready until this spring, if at all. Has anyone here successfully fitted any of the various studded hex pedals on their 16X?
  5. I've also experienced this and have the same suspicion. Also, the plastic parts that house the red turn signal LEDs are also one of the attachment points for the side panels, and I've had one break, likely due to riding with one leg. After noticing this I try to ride with my foot as close to the case as possible (when riding on one leg) and that seems to have mitigated the problem so that I never hear wheel rub against that case anymore.
  6. I suspect that Inmotion either uses the nominal tire diameter for their calculation, or calibrates it with a light rider and a tire inflated to max-psi. Because rider weight and tire inflation level both have an impact on effective tire circumference (gets smaller as the tire is compressed more) the correction factor will be different for everyone.
  7. I should also mention that I ride primarily on the "medium" ride mode. I don't have enough experience on the hard or soft settings to really tell the difference on those. Hah no my name's Ryan. Perhaps I'll try playing with the pedal tilt now that there's a setting for it. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. So I became curious enough to give 2.02 a try. My 16X is one of the 2nd batch with the original v1.4 main board. It's had 1.07 installed for months, so I know the feel of that firmware really well. This afternoon I upgraded to 2.02 via the SoftTuner app, calibrated the wheel level, adjusted the shutoff timing, and went for a 25 mile ride around the city. At first the feel was very similar to 1.07, but I noticed a difference when braking down steep hills. The wheel feels a bit stronger/controlled and inspired more confidence in that situation than I was used to with 1.07. In other res
  9. On one hand.. I feel like EUCs should be reasonably popular in cities within 5 years because they're so insanely practical. On the other hand.. I've been riding for more than a year and still have not convinced a single friend to get one. 🤷
  10. I just tried this on my TSG Pass. It works well! My helmet is a size small, and with this buckle installed there's no room left to tighten the strap further. Luckily the fit of the strap is just about as tight as I like it, which is just tight enough to be touching my neck. If anyone wants to measure against their helmet, it's 5.75in (146mm) between the two pleather pieces where the strap is sewn in. I'm considering replacing the snap with a permanently sewn piece of webbing, but I'll ride with this for a week or so just to make sure it feels good first.
  11. Thanks for sharing this! I've looked into replacing the D rings on my TSG Pass with a fidlock buckle, but couldn't find one that would both fit the strap size and install without modifying the helmet irreversibly. I do worry a little about the buckle being held on with a single snap on the webbing that goes around the D ring, but I suppose that could be permanently installed with a sewing machine. Definitely going to give this a try!
  12. Damn! That overlean really seemed to come out of nowhere. I'm glad you came away from it uninjured. I really don't like riding on roads like that. The bike path is narrow and positioned right next to cars going 35+mph which gives the illusion that you're going much slower than you really are. In situations like that I hit my first speed alarm (currently set at 26mph) much quicker than normal. Thanks for sharing your logs. Every data point helps better understand this wheel's capabilities. Guess I'll be keeping my alarm on the conservative side for now.. 😜
  13. This confirms my suspicion that the 16X is not at all waterproof after seeing how the shell fits together. I just rode to the train station in Portland in-between rain showers.. Feeling lucky that the wheel didn't get wet on top, or it might be dead by now. It's a shame that KS didn't seem to consider water resistance when designing the case. Like you said, just a simple overlap could have provided much more tolerance to light rain. Sorry that both of your wheels are out of commission now 😢.. Maybe the 16X could be fixed with a replacement control board?
  14. Also looking forward to a direct comparison. I was also looking at the Nik+, and eventually decided to go with the 16X. I live in San Francisco, so I do a lot of city riding up steep hills, and take my wheel on transit constantly. Hill climbing torque, nimbleness, compactness, and great trolley were the selling points that got me to go for the 16X. The high-speed ability of the Nik+ was less important to me. I'm rarely in an open-road situation where I can get up to speeds above 25mph. I recently had a chance to ride the 84v Nikola. It felt harder to turn at low speed, and the wideness fe
  15. So after updating to 1.07 I can no longer access the Speed Setting from the iOS app (kingsong_NEW 1.3). When tapped, a load spinner animation appears for 1 or 2 seconds and nothing happens.. So, if you're an iOS user you may want to wait for Kingsong's next app to be approved by Apple. I tried to load the app onto an old Android phone I have lying around, but it just crashes after the splash screen is displayed. This phone is pretty old though. It has Android 4.4.2 on it and can't be upgraded. Luckily I had already set my speed settings to something I'm more or less happy with before
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