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  1. tothjm

    Glide 3 V8 top speed issue

    Hey guys been trying to get my top speed maxed to 18mph vs the 14mph standard. I keep hitting tilt back at about 13.2mph and i even go in the inmotion app and chnged the slider to 18, and hit agree on teh message, but it still is locked to 14 on the wheel itself ( if i go back into the app time and time again it says 18 ). have tested this at full power, half power, 40% etc.. always tiltback at 14. Is there something i am missing here or perhaps another setting? IS there another app i can use to connect to my wheel and unlock that speed setting ? hoping im just missing something simple... i have logged about 100miles total on the wheel and for straightaways would just like to be able to hit a little higher, even 15-16mph would be fine but 13 is a bit limiting am i doing something wrong? is there another app?
  2. tothjm

    Question about tilt back and top speed

    in the app if you move it to 18\19 ( mine used to say 19 now just says 18 odd ) and it gives that warning, do you hit orange agree, or grey thought? whatever that means lol
  3. tothjm

    Question about tilt back and top speed

    ya if i tell it to go over 14mph it gives me a warning saying i should ride for more than a year but if i say agree, it lets me set it but something makes me think its not really setting it, ill test with full power next time its warm curious if anyone knows if this wheel in particular cuts back on power and speed at 50% battery or less? thinking that could have also been an issue before but unsure.. kinda annoying
  4. tothjm

    Question about tilt back and top speed

    hey just want to be sure i understand if i push more into the tilt back will the wheel just cut off? or what will happen if i keep pushing against tilt back? I weight about 160lb btw def not a weight problem i have the inmotion app, i set it to the 18\19 mph max.. not sure abuot disabling tilt back or sounds like a bad idea bc i wont know when the device is feeling limited? i hit about 13mph and i get tiltback, the wheel is prob a little under on air to be honest but shouldnt stop me from going faster than 13mph i wouldnt think never heard any audible warning to slow down not sure if this wheel does that but seeing again as im only doing 13mph i doubt i would hear that anyway. taking another look in that app but i only saw the max speed slider not sure anything else had to do with tilt back or max speed so little lost, will try again on a warmer day, winter here ugh
  5. hey guys just quick questions here **Edit -- i have the GLide 3 V8 1) ive hit tilt back around 13mph, i was curious if during that if you keep pushing forward on it will it just cut out? i heard the MsuperX has a cut off at 45 degrees which seems super unsafe was curous if that is similar with this item as im scared to push on it when it tilts as i dont want the damn thing to just cut off 2) i can only seem to geta top speed of 13 mph out of this thing.. i hit tilt back and it wont go faster, this was on about half charge but i think it still is doing it after a full charge as well, used to app to set top speed to 18\19 mph but not sure im seeing any difference. Is there something else i need to do to unlock faster speed... just a bit confused as to why im having issues going faster than 13mph if anyone can clear up tilt back and top speed for me that would be great, just want to be safe and dont want the thing to cut off on me and would like to know if tilt back means hey you are hitting upper limit please stop leaning forward etc, or if it will be an audable cue to tell me to calm the F down and slow down etc. thanks!
  6. tothjm

    New rider question about posture

    can you explain more about the hip thing and how it relates to foot pressure... are you more saying the leaning forward or back vs putting deliberate pressure on toes or heels to move? feeling frustrated a bit for the moment on this. I am doing better each day but for last 3 times now i still keep using my legs against the wheel to balance it so i think im doing it wrong even though it kind of works, just scared im learning to use the wrong parts of my body and some very obvious action item is still missing can anyone try to speak more about this hips idea? i can turn mostly ok by turning hips but just balancing seems to be more about my legs and then i get shaky and end up steering right and left very quickly ( while moving with decent speed ) just to stay upright which again i think is wrong... i guess ill focus today on just trying to be in a neutral upright position to balance to see if that helps? shoulders above hips
  7. tothjm

    New rider question about posture

    thanks guys i will try to keep that all in mind! i laughed out loud when i read the part about the foot... when i start now, if my food isnt right around the same place ( i like mine little bit back for now so stopping is easier ) then the muscles feel weird and tense so i have to get that right... but ya i will do what feels right for now until my body just learns. i feel like i prob need a bit more core strength though! wasnt sure what you meant by move hips instead of my legs but i will check out that vid to see if the mention it, have watched several by now. def still improving each day but my legs are killing me after each go, so im def steering with my legs right now and balancing the wheel against my legs to keep from falling vs unknown alternative at this moment can anyone shed light on that what unknown alternative is at this point?
  8. tothjm

    New rider question about posture

    so im at a place now with my riding i can go in a line sometimes turn and go all the way back.. but damn i am shakey and using my legs to turn the wehel back and forth in a fairly uncontrolled manor i think im on the right track? but i also feel like my legs and CORE def need to be stronger for this. does this sound right for this stage it has been about a week now of practice and when i see pro riders they seem very stable and not even hugging the bike with legs... i feel bad that i think im hugging it with my legs to balance vs actually just balancing ( its more 50 50 ) but i def need more work. trying to be sure i stand up staright to find that center of gravity as i fear im bending forward without realizing hopefully im on the right track to figuring this out ?
  9. oh wow, based on your pic, yours has a TON of clearance... mine is FLUSH against the damn wheel itself not sure if they put it in bad or what... if i had that kinda room i would have no problem lol i will try to manipulate it more.. maybe let a bunch of air out so i can move it around some might help....
  10. Hey guys so i have the Glide 3 and for the life of me i cannot figure out how to attach anything to the air nossle! it is so flush against the wheel itself that i cant get at it without lightly propping it up with a flat head screwdriver ( but not that much as i know that can cause tearing ). is there some trick or tool that works well? i tried to buy a 90 degree attachment but it really sucks, air leaks out of it if you even touch it the wrong way. Any help or a vid would be appreciated, i couldnt find anything on youtube for this model unfortunately.
  11. tothjm

    New rider question about posture

    guys -- looks like they shipped me a bad wheel tube.. came fairly deflated, thought that was normal so i put air in, around 35-40 psi. after a few days its squishy again.. pretty sure there is a leak which im pissed about. going to call them today see if they will send me one. Also i wanted to ask you guys.. for hte life of me, i cannot figure out how to get an air nossle on this thing without taking a screwdriver and proping up the air nose ( not a lot as i know that can cause tearing ). is there a tool to get at this thing easier? i tried to buy a 90 degree valve attachment but man does it suck, air just leaks out if you touch it the wrong way. It is so cloise to the wheel body nothing i have will attach to it and for 900 bucks they should really send you some kind of attachment. i may just be retarded here but anyone have some tips for getting at this thing or am i just going about it the wrong way ?
  12. Hey everyone so im wondering if the full body items avilable acutally save you in these crashes and worth buying and 2) what recommendations can anyone give possibly having had an accident while in a full body getup with padding etc. i know some of these can cost 200 bucks but if its worth it and saves me in bad situatons im fine to buy, just overwhelmed and not sure which brands for protection are any good. curious again people who have been in accidents in some of these and can attest to how well they work. seen some full body get ups, 2 piece.. pant piece with build in pads or shells, and again upper body portion. I will need a helm eventually also but i will get to that as well.. cross helm vs skater helm any suggestions for all of the above GREATLY appreciated as i want to stay as safe as i can.
  13. tothjm

    New rider question about posture

    hmm so i see the regular cover but i dont see a padded protective cover? they ship with the regular cover now which i am using. had a decent ah hah moment on day 4 training last night.. practiced the turning the wheel vs leaning to one side now that i have more strength and balance... was able to ride a bit further than normal and it feels easier to mount the wheel without help.. so this is exciting working on foot position for mounting and i am finding so far for me at least, it feels best and in the most control with only about an inch or less of foot hanging over the front. too much over the front and i have bad stabilitiy so i will just continue like that for now at least. still end up twisting some by accident and turnign the wheel into a 180 slowly but at least now i can balance through most of those mistakes lol... might rain today so may have to pause the practice but ya this is getting exciting.. i bet i can legit ride it straight very soon! ty soo much to those who left tips and the tip about twisting the wheeel to one side when falling i think for me was the most helpful so far!! watched some of the videos as well online that you all suggested which also was very nice... wish i could leave work early to try more, i will get this soon for sure EDIT: i ordered some D30 double sided wrist guards as i read on the forum here they worked great for a few people, curious if anyone has suggestions for a knee shin combo pads or just brands that they have used, fallen on, and confirm it works great? for now still need the shin\knee, elbow, and a decent helm. thinking just normal skater helm would be ok, i dont need full mask until i start going faster which honestly isnt going to be anytime soon not against a full body solution either, dont mind paying the 200 or whatever it is is it keeps me safe and protected. any and all info there welcome on pieces and or brands that have proven to work for you all
  14. tothjm

    New rider question about posture

    i will keep the twisting motion in mind. thats really good to think about that way. mine did not come with a band to save the wheel when i bail off.. anyone have suggestions of something to use or buy ?
  15. tothjm

    New rider question about posture

    thanks for the tips! so i cant seem to stay on the thing without falling off for more than about 2-3 seconds at this stage so i think your tips mean well but at this point im just trying to not fall basically right away haha.. i can ride an electric scooter and bike no problem but this is taking a bit more time for me it seems. i think i need more core and leg strength, but when im going slow my body has started steering into the direction im falling on its own so thats good, but i do still fall lol. some progress! for the reasons listed above i think 10mph is out of the question haha.. as i start to approach some decent speed in the 2 sec or so i can stay on the thing, my overcorrections turn deadly and end in sharp turns and me having to jump off the thing. i guess my balance just isnt there yet ? little crushing to see some people get it in a few days but for me taking a bunch longer though one guy online who does reviews mentioned it taking a solid 2 weeks. im determined either way so i will just keep trying until my body finally gets it and try to keep your tips in mind! if anyone has any other tips or if it sounds like im doing something wrong that i should correct please let me know. I def am hard on myself and feel like i should get things quicker than i do!