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  1. Are you serious ? People over leaning and face planting for they just don't take care about security. It is not written anywhere that the mod increases power, but rather speed. You draw conclusions out of which you don't know where. If people think that, they should start by learning to read How many of them take the time to test all different feeling you can have with the Z just in changing the tire pression ? How many of them are riding without protection ? How many of them are riding at more than 35km on damaged road, or on road they are not use to take ? This mod as lot of thing in the life can be wonderfull when use by responsible people, but can be a disaster when use by bad people. So there is no reason to punish everybody for all unconscious people who use it. So we should also ban alcohol.... You have to know how to empower people more than always want to ban everything, it's one of the big problems of our current society, you ban rather than educate
  2. I'll tell him that you're trying to contact him, he will probably mp you then you can talk with him
  3. Check My last Relive ride with the Z8 55km Firmware, didn't thought i had reached this speed ^^ And here is my stuff
  4. Guys you should read this before choosing the base version of the modified firmware you will choose to use : Personnaly, i'm back to the 1.0.0 based firmware Z8 55km/h.
  5. For information I have so far ride about: - 800km with firmware 1.0.0 - 1300km with modified firmware 1.0.0 by @MRN76 - 100km with modified by @MRN76 and unmodified firmware 1.0.5 included The advantages of version 1.0.5 compared to 1.0.0: - Improved wheel agility, its driving requires a little less effort - Improved acceleration, it is no longer necessary to force so much forward to accelerate - Improved wheel maneuverability above 25km/h, which is much less likely to fight to stay perpendicular The negatives of version 1.0.5 compared to 1.0.0 : - Loss of the wheel's feeling of ultra-stability above 25km/h - Hard Brakes, by tilting your body completely backwards in an almost seated position is no longer possible, the wheel no longer holds you back and starts jerking if you force too hard (this has earned me every time I try to jump off the wheel to avoid falling) - The near impossibility of falling in corners has disappeared, the wheel now tilting more, so you have to be careful not to let yourself be surprised by moving your body completely to one side thinking that the wheel will want to get back perpendicular to the road - Below 50% range, the wheel tends to zigzag slightly when approaching or exceeding 40km/h Here are my conclusion : There are no doubts that Ninebot's goal is to make the Z10's handling faster than it was at the beginning. We can feel the subtle attempt to change the behaviour of Z10 to bring it closer to that of the other wheels on the market. The problem from my point of view is that this is done at the expense of safety. The Z10 in firmware 1.0.0 is for me a real rock, a train that nothing can derail, the handling is certainly difficult and can be discouraged, but we feel 1000% safe. In firmware 1.0.5 I felt that the train could derail at the slightest mistake on my part and even if the wheel is still pleasant to drive, it is for me less safe than in 1.0.0. If you received your Z10 in 1.0.5 and are therefore not used to Hard Brakes, you will not miss what you never had..., but if you are in 1.0.0 with more than 500km to your credit, then it is likely that you will not really appreciate this change in your habits. Make your choice guys !
  6. Totally agree. I would add that you have to constantly getting focus on the road and ride being prepared to see something appears sunddently in front of you. Doing this is a great way to prevent emergency brake in case of danger. @MRN76 is my hero :-D
  7. Still no update for my friends, it's sick. :'(
  8. Hi Guys, Battery drain is really huge when you run at max speed constantly, so make some test and don't trust the battery life remaining indicate by the app. You need to test it and take your own mesure. In this video you will see the battery drain really huge ^^
  9. @Girth Brooks No, i don't really know what are the difference. I guess a better battery gestion (i hope ^^)
  10. Hi guys ! I'm looking informations for some of my friends. The lastest official Z10 firmware is the 1.0.5 but some of my friends have the firmware 1.0.2 and the application tell them there is no update available but 2 of them have no problem and have update to 1.0.5. Even when using a china vpn to try to get the update, they can. Does any body else get this problem ? Or anyone have an idea about how resolve this ? Thanks in advance for help
  11. I'm equipped like when I do motocross, and I wouldn't conceive of ridng without.
  12. You can mp @MRN76 it's his wonderfull app :-)
  13. Thanks for sharing very interesting. Didn't thought it was possible to ride at this speed on snow !
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