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  1. I'm so happy to read this !! Big thanks for sharing it ! I'm happy that you love the regular version For now there is no pre-order as we don't know when/if we will succeed to get a very good model. But I'll keep you in touch when we will have receive the next prototype in August. Thanks to all of you for your emails encouragement ! We have have receive a lot of kind messages
  2. A little update with pictures about the summer version here : https://www.gyroriderz.com/blogs/le-blog/gants-gyroriderz-version-ete-prototype
  3. Hi Internationnal shipping are re-open so we are delivering to USA again. Sadly for now we doesn't have any resellers in USA. ps: don't forget to suscribe to the newsletters to get a Welcome 10% discount code
  4. We are still on it, we should received 2 more prototype mid April, for now we try about 9 prototypes, but none of them was good always something wrong. Too warm, not protective enough, not confort enough ... As you know i'm the first user of them so I really want a good product. So i don't think we will have a summer version for this summer but maube i'm i'm wrong and i'll be happy with one of the proto i'll receive mid april. I'll keep you in touch once i've test them
  5. Just for you to know, UK shipments are available again
  6. Hi, hum did you compare both, picture and production description ? As i don't know what i can add, it's 2 differents product just when looking at the picture So i can said better then read the product description Yes Thanks ! And are you enjoy them ?!
  7. Our priority is a summer version for now, and about a V3 we will but not before end of 2021 or beginning of 2022 as really now lot of people ask us for a summer version. About the issues above, i really think he received a bad pair, this happen some time as we are checking the gloves but we don't try them for hygienic reason and even more now with the Covid-19 :-/
  8. Great ! Thanks There is a discount code if you subscribe to the newsletter
  9. Hi Thanks for your remark ! About the part you said "Leather thinned by the the tip", we are trying to find a way to change the tip, but in all case the leather is not supposed to break even if it's thinned, i'm not sure if 'im really clear. About the pop up, this is not supposed to happen and maybe it's a default on your gloves with a bad cut in the leather, you probably only had this pop up on only one hand i guess. In all case could you please contact me in MP with your order number, i'll send you an other pair to remplace this one as you should have any pop up issue.
  10. Hello :-) our chart is really accurate, i remeber only 2 guys who needed to change the size. Send mle your measure by email at contact@gyroriderz.com if you want me to check
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