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  1. He is on mobile, i Guess you ordered on PC 😁
  2. I don't know what to tell you. I just check and UK is in the list, did you Scroll down ? See m'y picture it's in french so it's Royaume-Uni.
  3. It's really strange because @Retrovertigo is from UK too and he succeed to do it. Can you send me a screen ?
  4. Great ! I hope you will be totally satisfied !
  5. Ok i got it I'm sorry but your code was for the V1, it can't be used for the V2, it will not be very for all other people who was also waiting for the 2.0 version. This is a good remark that give me an idea to try something ! Thanks Ok ! In this case i understand Pre-orders are officially open ! here
  6. Here they are : - The top and bottom straps are 1.5 cm longer as this is something lot of people ask for - The middle clamping rubber band has been replaced by a stronger one to ensure a longer life span. - Foam pads have been added to the ends of the wrist guards to improve comfort. - The wrist guards are now made of reinforced ABS in order to resist better to multiple falls - The quality and the size of the tactile area has been improved What we finally don't add : - Waterproof : despite the fact that I would have been the first customer of a waterproof version, especially since the weather in France is horrible and it's been raining non-stop for 2 months, I had to resign myself to admit that it wasn't possible. I received 2 prototypes offering 2 styles of waterproof and alas each time the loss of comfort was too great, and the feeling of having mittens instead of fingers was really horrible. It's hard to explain or imagine when you haven't tried them but it's true. Roll.nz who tried one of the waterproof models confirmed me that I was right about my feelings. - Winter version : same problem that with the waterproof, loss of agility and mittens sensation. - reflecting parts on the glove : my manufacturer can't make it with a leather version What is next if this V2 selling well ? : - A version for women as lot of women send us email to ask us why we forget them, so i explained them that it was not the case but it was a step by step new product launch. - A summer version : Many people tell me that they would like a lighter version even if it's not necessarily made of leather. So I have to think and see with my manufacturer if it is possible to make a summer version that is still resistant to abrasion in case of a fall even if the protection will obviously not be at the same level as with leather. All suggestions are welcome for such a version because personally I wouldn't have opted for a non leather model and therefore I'm not necessarily the best person to have an idea for this model^^ - Working on our hoodie with integrated and removable protections (shoulder, elbow and back) because even me that wearing a motorcycle jacket even in the summer, I sometimes wish I only had to put on a sweatshirt when I go on short trips. Great ! thanks to you About the code, you can cumulate it with the pre-order promotion, if it's not the case, it's a bug so please tell it me we will try to fix it. You said you will keep these ones for winter, but they are not particulary warmer than the V1 sorry, so if you want to buy it only for this goal, it's not worth it
  7. What code are you talking about ? Codes for V1 buyers are only send by email starting from today.
  8. Good news guys ! I've get the validation of @The Fat Unicyclist about the new improvement yesterday ! I've just give the confirmation to my manufacturer that he can start the production. He tell me he launch it monday or tuesday and that we should get them at end of january ready to ship beginning of february With this confirmation and due to the high demand for pre-order, i'll open them on the shop next week. Concerning the special discount for all V1 buyers, it will be personal code manually created (this will take some time to do ^^) that you will received by email starting from this afternoon to next weekend. If next sunday you didn't received your code, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail at contact@gyroriderz.com
  9. End of January i hope. I'll test them from Thursday, and i'm now loooking for people arround me with big and small hand to be sure S, XL and XXL size have the good sizing. I'm also waiting for the test of the improvment by @The Fat Unicyclist who had a pair on the way. If all is good and validate, i could give the top start to my manufacturer before mid-January, and maybe getting some stock end of January or early February. Once i'll have give the top to my manufacturer, I'll then think to maybe put a pre-order systems in January on the shop as lot of people are contacting me by email to ask me to do it. Guys once again thanks a lot for your support ! This second version couldn't have born without all your feedbacks and trust ! i really hope all of you will be satisfied this time !
  10. Yes they are longer ! See the picture when i wear them with my watch to compare old version black and new version red/black Thanks for your feedback ! don't hesitate to leave a feedback on the shop too
  11. Guys I'll make an official News soon on the shop's news, but you got the information first : I've received all new prototypes size ! and will start to test them on thursday and trying to find people having hands for these sizes to be sure sizing is ok. But they already look very good this time.
  12. Thanks four your feedback ! I'm happy that you like them !!
  13. I don't really know how it's works but i wear a heating jacket with 3 mode : Stand by, low heat and high heat. When i set high, once it reach a certain temperature, it automatically drop to stand by, then it maintain a certain temperature. I was selling this jacket last year until my Spanish supplier decided to increase its prices I'm not sure, but what's for sure is that it works great.
  14. Yes i know it's hard too believe ^^ but in fact the explication is simple Heating gloves and jacket both get a smart fonction to stop heating at a certain point for not being to warm. But here the warm is not smart controlled and at a certain point it's become very horrible to wear + the fact that the lose of dexterity when used to the V1 is horrible. One of the sample is on the way to @The Fat Unicyclist for him to check the other improvement, it will be interesting to see if he confirm all of this feelings
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