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  1. It's the best news of the days And thanks for your trust !
  2. Happy to read this, thanks It's so sick, normaly the only tricky part is the customs, once they release it, there is no problem then. Hope it will be delivered tomorrow or monday
  3. Damn, i hope too ! never had any lost problem for now :'(
  4. Hi, Yes i have It 25€ with a delivery time around 6-7 days. You can buy directly on the shop or send me an email if you need help : contact@gyroriderz.com And for information, the promotion end on 2019.09.15, so in 4 days
  5. Hi Guys ! before I embarked on this adventure which seems to me to be the most dangerous, have either of you ever done it? And if yes, any tips ? succeed or failed ?
  6. No 2 guys in france send me an email for tell me that's they crashed last week and that the gloves was perfect. But they didn't have elbow protection and get hurt on both elbow :-/
  7. It's the "positive" point, you could have damaged your hand without them. I'm glad they make their job fine.
  8. really sorry for you Sometimes there is nothing you can do, even on ways you take everyday something can go wrong. good recovery and hope you can ride again without any problems.
  9. Damn, sorry to hear that. You said you broke a bone ? Can you walk ?
  10. Guys just for you know, the special offer with the 20€ discount will end on 15 september 2019.
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