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  1. I'm not sure if it the right place to post it but anyway... Good news for European wheelers ! We have extend our partnership with @The Fat Unicyclist aka ROLL.NZ and have now EUC Bodyguard in stock in France, so this mean some money savings with no duty tax to paid for you guys ! https://www.gyroriderz.com/collections/accessoires-gyroroues/products/roll-nz-euc-bodyguard For now we're only selling most popular model and color, so don't hesitate to email us at contact@gyroriderz.com if you need a particular model/color, we will take it in our next stock order to ROLL.NZ
  2. Hi Guys :-) For now for U.S.A we sadly didn't have any resellers in, any of the big shop i've contact give me an answer... So yes you can directly order from the product page on our e-shop. But with Covid-19, we can only ship outside of europe starting on 11th May. So you can place the order but the shipping will have to wait until this date
  3. You can't know are true you are ^^ I changed mine and god it was such a pain :'( i don't wish this to anyone.
  4. Sadly, when the Z10 have been announce Ninebot said it was a 100km range, and we all see the result which is for me the only default of this wonderfull wheel :'( The Z10 can make at big max a 60-70km with a Pilot of 70kg with full gears and not going faster than 15km/h in perfect driving conditions on a perfect road. And your average speed should be less than 15kmkm/h to succed to do it. So for most people a real 40km range is the max in real life condition. So for now that's why i don't believe that riding at top speed or a average speed of 40-45km/h could be possible for more than 60 km with the V11, but i would be so happy if i'm wrong
  5. The design is clearly inspired by the Z10 for the top of the wheel and i love that 3 things worry me: 1- Is it really possible to do 50km/h with a tilt back that starts at 55 or do we have tilback at 50km/h which would be really annoying 2- Will it really be possible to cover a distance of 50km ( the 120km announced is a joke as usual and have to be divided by 2 in my opinion) with an average speed of 45-50km/h? Because if you have to drive at 25-30km/h to reach this autonomy, there's no point because you fall back into the big problem of the Z10. 3 - I applaud the innovation of the suspensions, but I have big doubts about the longevity of the thing for daily use + intensive offroad at the weekend. Can't wait to the first tests of this new beast
  6. I'm so happy that you are satisfied ! And thanks for this review ! I'm also really happy that you noted all the little improvement like new material even if there is not a bigger difference :-) About the touchscreen, it has been improve on the V2 and for now i haven't have any bad feedback about it Thanks for your trust !
  7. OK !! it's great ^^ sorry for the failed Waiting for your feedback after your work then
  8. Hello @Kristof Willen :-) Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean here : "They fit like a - eh- glove (badum-tss - I'll get me coat...)." Is it positive or not ? are you satisfied with the gloves ?
  9. Good news guys ! Stock arrived early this morning !!! And shipping have already start ! You should received the tracking number by email today or tomorrow if it's not already the case
  10. Hi Guys ! As you can see in the update here they finally leave UK ! and should de delivered to us Wednesday ! So normally end of next weekend all pre-order will have been shipped !
  11. Hi, Indeed you should take the L size ^^, M size will have to short fingers for you. And in all case remember there is no problem for refund or exchange once you get them. You have 14 days to change your mind once received I will try to put a finger size in some days.
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