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  1. Longer range is my top priority🥺 Followed by more crash resistant body And would love longer travel suspension
  2. Having read this, I'm about to place my order also. I see the price increased also, so I guess veteran did so much r&d they needed to inflate the price (still might be worth it though)
  3. I was riding the other day and thinking why not make swappable batteries on the EUC, can't be that hard to make the side covers open and close on a hinge or something
  4. Rikachu

    Back pain

    I ride the v11 mostly and went back to ks18xl after a short ride got back pain and leg cramps... I was thinking of getting the shrman to sit and chill and have the range... and I'm still thinking lol. The v11 is like riding a Cadillac
  5. Most of it 😆 it's young on the inside though (newer stronger inner plastic shell)
  6. Sold going to a good home It's ugly, it's plastisprayed but it works New~ish inner shell Tire is in good shape First $950 takes it.
  7. I use a v11 working for a resturant and it definitely faster than the other guys on bicycles. I used to use a 18xl and the suspension and bright headlight is an amazing improvement
  8. But this needs clearance on top with is like 1cm on most eucs Yeah something like bolt on shocks I was thinking too but that requires lots of modding
  9. Wouldn't the metal frame and linkages weight more than just the 2 air cylomders like in the v11
  10. If adding suspension to a wheel take lots of modifications and work then maybe adding suspension to your feet can do the trick. While I haven't tested it, the concept is the same. The only thing is to keep the suspension traveling in the same line and not rock back and forth🤔 US $96.97 18%OFF | Factory Direct Outdoor Unisex Kangaroo Jump Shoes, Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Boots Sports Bounce Shoes https://a.aliexpress.com/_mrTJbAZ US $107.19 28%OFF | Mechanical Shoes With Steel Spring Wire Shoelace, 2 in 1 Sports Shoes, Shock Absorption Shoes https://a.aliexpress.com/
  11. that seller keeps editing the price from 679 to 649 to 759 now and saying hes got someone coming offering more
  12. omg, on the one hand i know they can be expensive and prone to theft, but on the other is that not everyone can even ride them :/
  13. i would go with bigger one just so u have more in resrve
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