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  1. When a person pays $2000 for a toy then they should ride it as they see fit. I don't see a right or a wrong on this topic. Just opinions. I have and will never see anyone drive/ride any vehicle just the same as everyone else. I suspect that person was well aware that he could go down hard while pushing the limits. I see no error in his personal choice to do so.
  2. Girth Brooks

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    I bet that is going to end up being one bad ass wheel.
  3. My Monster has officially been sold and is on the way to @Gene Martin in Indiana.
  4. Girth Brooks

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    @Lutalo I can't be the only one who thinks this is by far their best looking wheel to date. Hahahaha
  5. Girth Brooks

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    This wheel looks to be great IMO. I am glad to see them give up the awful round disk body. I would love to ride one.
  6. @Marty Backe you all have brought attention to the thread at least and we all got what I feel is great info from @Jason McNeil. No sweat
  7. If or whenever my Monster takes even one of the spills my Z10 has survived then I know with 100% certainty it will break badly. I paid several hundred more for the more fragile of the two wheels so your point is very sound, Marty.
  8. I get the feeling that this is a very possible reason for them to stop making them if they're not going to make a newer version.
  9. I am with Marty in that I have no comparison in torque to the 84V variant. I do know that the 100V isn't sluggish at all for such a massive rolling resistance. I am probably selling it short like@Smoother mentioned by saying it feels boring to ride. The power of my Monster is incredible in itself. I just haven't felt the love for it as a whole like the Z10. I hate I spent so much money to find that out. However, as @Marty Backe stated and as I've tried to convince myself, I also need to give it a chance to grow on me more.
  10. @Marty Backe I will 100% keep that in mind. I don't plan on letting it sit too much while I still have it. The weather is finally starting to not be constant, cold rain so it will likely have more miles on it soon. It is also expensive so I might just have to keep as a result of the cost alone.
  11. @Rehab1 It might not though. I have to sell this expensive bastard first before it could get lonely. Hahahahaha!!
  12. @Smoother I assure you that I thought I was getting what I really wanted when I bought it. That feeling sadly has never materialized for me yet. I keep telling myself to just ride it and enjoy it, but I already get that joy with the Z10. It sucks to spend that much only to feel like you didn't get what you paid for. If one simply wants all out speed with stability (which I just knew I wanted) then the Monster is the only wheel to get. That being said, I bet the MSX is likely the best all around wheel one can buy today. I know it's just as fast as my Monster, but I would bet anything it isn't anything short of a blast to ride.
  13. @ED209 @Nick McCutcheon power, torque, and speed are all one could want on a 100V Monster in my opinion. I can't see how anyone who want anything faster with one wheel.
  14. Promise. The Monster is wildly stable to the point it doesn't feel as fast as you're going. Over 25mph on the Z10 feels faster than it is to me. I don't get that unnerving feeling on the Monster, so I am going to sell it for a Honda Grom. The fun factor on it is extremely high as I have ridden one enough to know.
  15. Trade that Ninja for a clean title Grom then we can probably sort it out. I have never been to Boston but I love to travel.
  16. It's just simply boring to ride to me. It's very fast and powerful. I never pick it to ride over my Z10 though. I've ridden it 36 miles total, and I just feel like I wasted my money on it. I also will never put that range to use in one day like I thought I would.
  17. @Leyline I think you're the first to pick up on the user name! LOLOLOL!!!!
  18. After riding a good bit on Sunday I have decided to sell my Monster, y'all. The experience just wasn't what I thought it was going to be honestly and I now have buyer's remorse. It has all the range and speed I could ever want, but it's just simply not as fun to ride as my Z10. I posted an ad in the private sale section but wanted to mention it here in the event you all know anyone interested.
  19. Girth Brooks

    First 40+ km/h wipe-out

    true story
  20. @Larryyla Michigan isn't Tennessee the last time I checked.
  21. America really is as crazy in any given instance as everyone on the outside thinks. It's normal for all of us cause we live in it. When you do take a step back though it's very clearly a very wild place. I heard over a thousand rounds of automatic weapon fire yesterday at my best friend's house and it was nothing out of the ordinary. That is a normal Sunday afternoon in rural Tennessee. Seriously.
  22. Girth Brooks

    The Photo Thread

    I sold my daily driver just to get a hatch back to haul my wheels. The weather finally broke today so time to go ride.
  23. Girth Brooks

    Small crack on my MSuper X

    Since purchased I have often thought of gluing or attaching some sort of bumpers at what I feel would be points of contact on my Monster shell. I hear the are the most easy to break shell on the market. The miserable cold, rainy weather will past here in the coming weeks and it'll finally start getting ridden more often as a result. With more riding will come drops and crashes it has not yet seen. I would love to prevent that if possible but honestly not sure where to begin.
  24. Girth Brooks

    So I’ve stopped riding everything but my Z10

    Today I learned that @Darrell Weshis a fast dude on and off the wheel. You have to be a total bad ass to compete at that level. Much respect.