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  1. Ninebot Z10 with no battery for sale for $800. Buyer pays shipping.
  2. @Planemo I have never heard of a third party BMS for the Z10 myself. Z6 and Z10 are not equal in battery department though, That is why nobody has been able to upgrade a Z10 to a bigger battery like with the Z6.
  3. @Alexandre Borgmann I have come to the conclusion that a full battery replacement is the only option we have to fix this issue. The BMS control board is the problem with our wheels and it is located inside the battery. It can't be replaced on its own. You have to buy a new battery pack to solve the issue. I will likely sell mine in the near future to get what I can out of it. This hobby is extremely fun but I can't deal with the Chinese monopoly on warranty and repair parts.
  4. @Daniel Burkemper I feel pretty certain that @MRN76 recommends to not go past your current unlocked speed.
  5. FWIW to all of you Z10 owners that should be concerning, I have never had any issues with anything on my Z10. I have never let it get below 20% charge at any point. I still have a battery that is not communicating at all. The battery still has a charge as tested with a volt meter but it simply isn't showing up in the BMS through Wheel log or the Ninebot App There is no way to charge the battery though because the BMS will not recognize it. I have tried everything possible.
  6. I am fairly certain the BMS has failed on my unit, but I could be wrong. Working with my seller trying to get Ninebot to warranty it, but we all know at this point that they're pretty tone deaf to anyone not in China. I am just trying to get a plan in place if they don't cover it under warranty because I don't have high hopes that they will. I would be extremely appreciative if you could inquire about this other battery pack you speak of. I am trying to not get too down about it but it's extremely hard. The weather is finally warm and I can't ride.
  7. @houseofjob because a battery pack cost $900 alone. Hopefully can get an entire used wheel for near that price. I am very sad at the moment. $2000 for a wheel that has one communicating battery limited to 16 mph.
  8. I'm looking for a defective Ninebot Z10 for parts. Must have two good batteries or I'm not interested.
  9. Does anyone know if or where this board pictured can be bought?
  10. @DRACULA how did you get the face plate off the battery casing?
  11. I haven't found an answer either. I definitely feel like it's a BMS failure at this point. I've tried everything including a new charger.
  12. @houseofjob do you know if the BMS board can be purchased for the Z10?
  13. I cleared app cache first and then I deleted/reinstalled app but neither helped me. Now the charger is not working. I just plug it in and the light stays green and the LED strip on the wheel doesn't light up.
  14. @Alexandre Borgmann I am currently battling this same exact issue as well. @ruohki I will try the trick with the app to see if it will help.
  15. BMS is still at 1.2 @Marty Backe
  16. I'm thinking of checking the battery connections themselves. Maybe it's somehow loosened. @Marty Backe update firmware just says firmware up to date.
  17. Battery 2 not communicating again. How do I get a BMS update. Can anyone tell me??
  18. Update: Both batteries back to 100% after a normal charge and the wheel is back to normal. I still see no option to update the BMS firmware though.
  19. I didn't see any prompt or option to update the BMS firmware in the Ninebot app either. Is it hiding somewhere I'm not looking? I went to settings < battery to look but just showed current BMS without choice to update.
  20. I just had a battery issue (first of any issue) with my Z10 just now on lunch. Said "bad communication with battery 2". Battery one showed 78% and battery 2 showed 20% before not showing up at all. I luckily have my charger with me. I'm going to charge it and see if it persists. I have not updated the BMS firmware. I'm still on v1.1.2.
  21. I can't believe some of y'all fell for this. Hahahahaha!! Good one, Marty!
  22. I am certain that Z10 survived without any issues. Mine has been to hell and back at this point. It might have it's faults for sure, but I'd bet anything it's the toughest EUC that can be bought as of this moment.
  23. Fucking dead laughing thinking about how anyone could assume a OneWheel is better than an EUC in any fashion given the specs of the top tier versions of both. To each their own I guess. Hahahah!!
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