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  1. I contacted mrn76@bk.ru, sent keys, after couple hours answer, than paid 60USD via paypal and the answer in couple minutes. There was link to https://mrn76.ru/NineToolBeta_V3.0.0.apk. I was on 1.1.7 and the update fails. First, you must update the firmware to version 1.4.0. This must be done with the original application. After flashing, the battery was 50% and top speed was about 20km/h. After full battery loading, the top speed is 25,5 km/h. Almost no beep and no backtilt. On the steep street 9-11° and my 82 kg, the top speed is above 10 km/h and no beep. With Ninebattery i can se
  2. The BT flashing is the only reasonable way. I understand that you want make money from your effort. But I guess, there is little chance, to make not hackable flash SW. And another cheaters will make money form your work. Can you think about crowdfunding? If you collect certain amount, you will release SW for free.
  3. I know that FW for Ford is not suitable for Ninebot :-) I thought, that if in the FW is encoded serial Nr, you can sell the FW online and the risk of theft is minimal.
  4. Is the FW related to serial nr? If yes, you can sell FW for J-TAG flash. I bought and flashed the hacked FW for my Ford S-MAX. From Alex Motral from Moscow (https://www.drive2.com/users/motral/)
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