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  1. hi can i download different DIY light effects anywhere rich platform. app included only 3 shared DIYs. not enough
  2. Hi, where can i find different DIY light effects, can you recommend any rich platform? thank you
  3. Hi, I set comforte mode then tried V10F , i saw 40 km/h . thank you
  4. hi, i have V10F , tested on 135km . I want to share some of my findings as a result of my test; 1- i set max speed 45km/h with darknessbot, i saw max speed same 45 km/h on inmotion app but when i using device , i could do max 36 km/h with %100 battery. started titlback with sound alert. how can i increase speed? 2- whats mean comforte and classique modes? what differences? 3- handle bar is long for v10f, can you-I change size? 4- Default Speaker Volume too Loud, 5- insufficient width of the Self-Standing Support Struts, couldnt self standing, 6- In add
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