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  1. I know that this post is old, sorry to revive it. I hope I can give some light here. The charger is intelligent and does not provide voltage unless there is a load on it. So you might see no output on it. On the other hand, your issue is very likely a problem with the battery. Please take into account hat these units have 20 batteries in series, and if one of them fails, the system will react weird even shutting it down completely. The unit can even report 100% of charge with one dead cell (other cells can compensate for that single cell). I found 3 dead cells in my unit. So I would update the
  2. asela

    Inmotion v3

    It could also be a problem with one of the cells in the battery. There are 20 batteries in series and the controlling circuit is quite picky internally. If one of the cells is dead, then the whole unit will shut down. If you ever want to check the batteries, be extremely careful as voltages are high and you could burn the circuits too.
  3. Hi Steve454, thank you very much for your input. I already tried that, but that button only makes a soft reset. I also tried pressing that button before pluging the battery and following 30,30,30 sequences but nothing... it looks like the memory is full and there is no way out, so I have no sound at all. I also tried removing the internal battery and checking the can ports but i see nothing abnormal there. The unit has less than 20km so I am really stuck..
  4. Hi! I have a problem with my unit, I am trying to update the sounds and the system halts probably due to full memory. I can reach 2% of upload with the English voice file and 1.6% with the factory one. I tried several Phones and still the same. Any idea on how to free this space or perform a factory reset of the unit? Thanks a lot!
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