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  1. @Marty Backe i got this and highly recommend it. Very breathable, comfortable and CE rated. https://www.backcountry.com/alpinestars-evolution-jacket-long-sleeve. Actually wear it over my dress shirt to and from work in NYC. the 50% off sale helped.
  2. Crap! Might have to get this.
  3. What was the recommendation?
  4. https://www.ninebotus.com/valve-extender/
  5. Send it over if you can once completed if you don't mind sharing. Thinking of doing it as well. The ultimate would be if we can connect the audio to wheel log and have the pitch change depending on speed and also stop when the wheel stops (red light etc.)
  6. Dan NYC

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    From my understanding ,and someone please correct me if i'm wrong, Gearbest is a greymarket importer which means they are not importing the product legally and you can't be sure which batch you will get. Getting service will also be a challenge because of the import issue. Ian from Speedyfeet mentioned this in his last video.
  7. The video of the guy who set up his EUC to play the Jetsons car flying sound as he's rolling is awesome. Might have to figure that out.
  8. I was waiting at a red light and a girl asked "Are you from the future?"
  9. Thank you Marty for the answer and all your great videos. Looks like Ebay has tons of pebbles so will start with that.
  10. Sorry new here so not sure if this is the right place to ask. As pebble's are done now is there any other display watch i can use with the V10 to show speed? Thanks.
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