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  1. This tire is like buying a different unicycle totally .... That is my feeling, the difference is cheaper instead of spending money on a new unicycle, the subject of turns I personally turn the same. About going at speeds ... The wheel sounds like a formula 1 ..... It is magnificent ... According to different terrains ... This tire is wider than the original, I would highly recommend having one of these tires. I bring it to 1.9 bar pressure and I weigh about 81 kg Tire: cst c-186 2.75x14
  2. jezulin


    What is your opinion of the wheel when everything near the suspension is filled with dust and sand? Do you have a long warranty that lasts a long time? Or rather not? Thank you.
  3. I would like to know the same. +1
  4. modified the msx seat with two wooden faces https://youtu.be/kDv3EFpIInM
  5. The power of the city, that's right. all music and video is designed by myself https://youtu.be/1FrVW3p-Rko 🤳🎼
  6. https://m-es.gearbest.com/scooters-wheels/
  7. https://youtu.be/qFtgEtkyy2w 🎬🎥
  8. Esta es mi experiencia en el ninebot Z10 paseando para ir a trabajar, se honestamente que este foro está en inglés pero quería dejar hueco a la gente que habla en castellano y así poder resolver cualquier duda , respecto a la ninebot z.
  9. https://youtu.be/ao-6dAZbNQk For anyone who wants to learn to ride a unicycle, in Spanish
  10. Hello everyone, I switched to loomo mode and discovered that it is not so scandalous when I turn the wheel on or off, and I like that sound more, a greeting
  11. You can share the file for the whole community, we will be eternally grateful, thank you
  12. Any news give us information, thank you very much
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