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  1. rojieh


    I did about 20 miles yesterday and decided to try my Doc Martins instead since they have a nice cushion and a heel. Felt pretty good!
  2. I've never tried it for long distances, but I find that wearing dress shoes (Oxfords, vibram sole, padded insole, slight heel) is actually more comfortable than sneakers or other athletic shoes for unicycling. This youtube video shows a pro wearing something similar in some scenes. What is your favorite footwear for unicycling? I'm going to do about 15 miles today in the dress shoes to see what it is like.
  3. Thanks! I’m definitely keeping the ninebot and in some ways it nice to know that the v10f is different like having an SUV. I can’t wait to really try it out once it stops raining.
  4. I just upgraded from a Ninebot One S1 to INMOTION v10f because of a Black Friday sale. I have been looking forward to this for a long time, but am very surprised at how less agile the wheel feels. I realize it is much heavier and larger than my old wheel, but any hints on settings that might make it feel more agile?
  5. Hi, I'd be grateful on some advice about which Ninebot model to buy. I want a USA warranty, so my options are limited, and the current prices are: Ninebot One C+ ($799) Ninebot One E+ ($950) Ninebot One P pre-order ($1,295) There may be a price drop once the Ninebot One P is out, so I could wait a bit. I will not be using it to commute, and I'm guessing I would go no more than 5-10 miles in a day. A lighter unit might be easier to carry around. Other than range and maximum speed are there other issues to consider between these models? Is the waterproofing and durability about the same?
  6. I wonder if they fixed the broken handle issue by using a sturdier metal? If not, this heavier unit could be even more prone to handle breakage.
  7. Thanks! Knowing the correct name was very helpful. It looks like the best deal is on Ebay ($6 with free shipping!) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Electric-Unicycle-One-Wheel-Solo-Rider-bumper-stripe-Solo-Wheel-protective-strip-/321831400868?hash=item4aeea575a4
  8. Where can you buy more of the foam/rubber/padding? They sell it at the ninebot store, but I am guessing it could be purchased elsewhere much more cheaply.
  9. Hi, I'm trying to decide where to buy my Ninebot One E+. There seem to be two USA resellers that, I believe, are official: Ninebotus.com and and Hoodriderz.com. Do people have better experience with one seller vs. the other? I live in California and both are on the East Coast, so I could order from either.
  10. Thanks, this is very helpful. I wonder if you could attach a training rope elsewhere on the Ninebot to avoid this problem? There are screw holes for mounting things like lights. Perhaps these could be used to hold a tether during learning?
  11. Hi Noam, thanks for the info. I can see the trolley handle would also be handy since I would not have the lift the unit to carry it around.
  12. Hi, I'm interested in buying the Ninebot One E+, but some online reviewers complain about the handle being defective and breaking. Does anyone in the forum have this experience? Is this a defect that they have now fixed?
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