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  1. 2 hours ago, Ben Kim said:

    I also don't know why he's so determined to make that wheel climb the hill considering this motor is wound for top speed not torque.  One would think after so many years in the game he'd understand. 

    51 minutes ago, Ben Kim said:

    And people are trying to change it based on a slope climb test that isn't applicable to people in the real world.  Those people can buy MSPro torque version.

    You're missing an important point here: A heavier rider & gentler hill could have similar results. And heavy riders are naturally going to be attracted to the most powerful EUC on the market, for obvious reasons. What's wrong with stress-testing things so that future batches have more fail-proof components? 

  2. 4 hours ago, Patton250 said:

    I can’t figure you guys out. Someone takes a product, the first of its kind mind you, kind of a prototype, the first run and does to it what it was never designed to do and it fails and you guys are devastated? Gezzzz


    I had to add to this. You know very well veteran and Jason will get this fixed so let me ask you this. So let’s say they get it fixed and Marty takes the thing up overheat hill and it passes. But then he goes up overheat Hill for a second time immediately after the first trip and it fries that time. Are you guys going to be devastated then as well? My point is 99.999% of you guys will never put any wheel never mind this wheel under that kind of stress condition. Rant over.

    Devastated is "a bit" of an overstatement. I was just hoping it would meet my needs so I could order it :D

    See my other post:

    6 hours ago, travsformation said:

    But with Marty's testing and Jason's determination to get Veteran to make this wheel "Overheat-hill Certified", we might just get what we're after, even if it's a little further down the road...

    It isn't a big deal, I can wait for a revision or another new wheel. This is Veteran's first wheel, I'm sure there's plenty more to be excited about in the future even if this one turns out not to be for me

    3 hours ago, Planemo said:

    Well said. However, to counteract that, I think people were under the assumption that the highest power wheel ever made would make it up overheat hill, given other far lesser spec wheels have.

    Further, the fact that the Sherman is a bit heavier shouldn't make any difference (as has been suggested) IMO, given an extra 10kg or so isn't a huge amount relative to the weight differences between humans.

    The Sherman has a monster spec in all departments, so I would have expected it to make it up the hill. The board should be a factor of X more robust than other wheels in direct relation to the power it can produce (and maintain), taking into account the torque requirements for the diameter of the wheel. I totally accept that other wheels have also failed overheat hill but they were never touted as the most powerful wheel on the planet either.

    I am sure that Veteran will sort it, they will want to, in order to maintain the stature :)

    +1 ! :thumbup:

  3. Just now, winterwheel said:

    No pussy flat-landing...^_^

    Seriously though, this was a super disappointing result for some of us on the heavier side.


    And for those of us who were hoping it would be capable of serious off-roading as well as cruising. But with Marty's testing and Jason's determination to get Veteran to make this wheel "Overheat-hill Certified", we might just get what we're after, even if it's a little further down the road...

  4. 15 hours ago, Marty Backe said:

    I just climbed a short curb at a "slight" angle and whacked one of the roll bars, denting it badly.

    6 hours ago, Marty Backe said:

    Yes. It's been commented on before and now I can attest to this being a problem. And it's not a tiny dent. You can hear it happen in my overheat hill test. So that tubing isn't as strong as you might thing. Looks very easy to replace though.


     This is a big issue for me personally. Depending on how "slight" that angle is and how fast you're going, that could lead to some nasty falls... 

    Worries me for rutted off-roading too, I really hope they address this

    6 hours ago, Marty Backe said:

    I'm getting two new control boards to try. Jason (EWheels) is determine to make the Sherman climb this hill.

    Goooooo Jason! It's awesome that we have him lobbying on our behalf, keeping manufacturers in check and trying to get them up to Western design and safety standards (insomuch as possible) :thumbup:

  5. 1 hour ago, HelRider said:

    Thanks! 😊 Hope you’ll have a nice holiday too.

    Thanks! I'll probably be doing the northern coast of Spain! 

    1 hour ago, HelRider said:

    And perhaps next summer you’ll come here? 

    Yeah, that would be awesome! I'd love to follow the EuroVelo routes: find nice places to park, go exploring on my wheel, following the bike routes, then return to sleep in the RV. I'd have a low daily average like this because I'd be doing maybe 30-50 km in one direction, then returning back to the motorhome (if only I had the money to hire a chauffeur to drive my RV to the next destination...😂) and it would take quite a while, but sleeping every night in the RV would make the trip much cheaper, and as a digital freelancer I could I could work a few hours here and there and extend the trip as long as possible. The sooner I start planning it the better... :D

    1 hour ago, HelRider said:

    Yeah, sometimes videos linked from Imgur don’t work, sometimes they do. It’s annoying. :( 

    Yeah, I know...I use Google Drive for videos. Or Youtube, but upload them as unlisted when it's just a short clip

  6. 8 hours ago, Unicycle Freedom said:

    Up to Sherman, or waiting new Gotway with suspension.

    The Sherman is an interesting option and a great long-distance cruising wheel, and fine for mild off-roading (not too rutted because of the ground clearance, not too crazy because it's tough to brake and burned up on Marty's overheat hill test), but for me, too heavy and impractical for day-to-day use. If you do consider it, wait for the revised version further down the road, once they've corrected the issues with the 1st batch. 

    Gotway has apparently announced a new wheel with suspension and a 3500W motor and 2700Wh in batteries. Might be worth checking out if that's what you're after


  7. 13 hours ago, Ben Kim said:

    It very much looks like a different take on the V11 suspension, where the wheel is suspended and not the pedals. I see nothing gimmicky about the setup, i do see issues with that suspension bottom though in terms of clearance, but gimmick? I don’t think so. 

    Maybe not a gimmick, but it does look very much like a not-too-polished afterthought...

    13 hours ago, Ben Kim said:

    PS: This wheel will do 70kmh. Should we ban EUCs yet? 

    Fantomas has managed 71 km/h on the MSP, and Vee recently did 83 km/h on the Sherman...

    10 hours ago, Finn Bjerke said:

    Thx for your keen observation I see it better now. Correct me if Im wrong: 3 types
    1. "real" suspension KS s18 style 2 chambers.
    2. Wheel move suspension (Inmotion v 11) 8cm
    3. Pedal move suspension (GW EX)  6 cm or so

    Is this GW EX  superfast and very dynamic suspension ?   I dont think so. Either you get real suspension KS S18 with less battery or you get more battery power and pseudo suspension. You cant have both (for the time being) 

    I entirely agree! 👍

    10 hours ago, Finn Bjerke said:

    We should ban unsafe speeding on donkeys, snowboards, Harleys. Rollerblades, cars. A kitesurfer broke my knee 1 year ago - so  i started EUC rides as soon as I was out of hospital.  Unsafe disrespectfull retards who are overspeeding annoy me. 

    It's all down to the rider/driver, ultimately. What I don't agree with is what some suggest: banning an entire category of vehicles based on the actions of some riders. And speed limits and vehicle top speeds are separate things. In Spain any PLEV capable of more than 25 km/h is illegal...what about cars? They aren't designed to max. out at the speed limit, they're capable of much, much faster speeds, yet no one is calling to ban them... 😓😤

    Look at Fantomas, he performs his speed tests in safe environaments, in the middle of the night when there's no one around. 60 km/h can be safe in certain scenarios (to others, if a rider wants to put himself in danger, and no one else, that's his/her call), while 30 km/h can be unsafe in others. It's down to holding individual riders/drivers accountable for their recklessness.

    BTW, sorry about your knee! Glad you recovered and are riding! 

  8. 14 hours ago, Marty Backe said:

    Overheat Hill Stress Test Results

    Nice job, you accomplished what the NYC crew failed at! And they think they're the badass ones! ;) 

    A big thanks for doing this for the community! Especially in this very unique scenario where face-planting was far less of a concern than the exhaustion of having to lug the wheel back home!

    This image is absolutely EPIC and is going to go down in EUC history! 


    I'm also wondering if the birds of prey circling around you at the base of the hill were yet another ominous sign of what was to come... 😂


    On a serious note...aside from the board blowing (I'm just going to say board because it seems unclear whether the MOSFETS were the sole culprits, or maybe the soldering), that motor noise and vibration prior to the cut-off was a bit unnerving...

  9. 41 minutes ago, MrRobot said:

    Marty do you have any speed bumps in your area you can test the roll cage clearance on? This is my main concern... Don't do a ton of curb hopping but there are a lot of speed bumps here. 

    That kind of test is prone to injury. I think Marty's already put himself on the line enough for the community, I reckon that test should be left for someone else ;)

  10. Wow, what gorgeous places, @HelRider and @UniVehje !!! I've added all of them to my Want to go list on Google Maps (thanks for adding the links! I've manually searched for the others) :thumbup:

    I was actually planning on going to Scandinavia with my motorhome this summer, to get away from the Spanish heat, but for the same reasons as you, it's going to have to be a domestic trip. But that will give me more time to plan my trip for next year! 

    Looks like you're getting luckier with the weather---even when it does rain, you manage to find shelter before it catches you! I'm sure the V10F is thankful! ;)

    BTW, those stops to stretch make a world of difference, I agree! I found that helped enormously on a recent expedition I did too. 

    Keep the posts coming, you're making me all the more excited for next year's trip! And enjoy the last stretch of your trip!

    P.S. The links to the videos you posted are broken :( 

  11. I've been considering a GW for some time, KS 50 kph tiltback just doesn't cut it for me anymore, but had concerns about build quality and QC. I've been trying to convince myself to overlook them but to be perfectly honest, their most recent releases inspire less and less confidence. The MSP with the non-revised trolley handle, awkwardly-placed kill switch, exposed speakers...this wheel where suspension seems to be more of an afterthought...I dunno, seems to me like they're just pumping out new wheels for sales' sake, trying to roll for as long as they can with what they've got, implementing as few changes as possible to the design. 

    Not too keen on GW right now, especially now that Veteran's joined the game, making GW shortcoming all the more obvious. Might wait and see what they have in store...


  12. 24 minutes ago, Tazarinho said:

    I think the design was done with two things in mind.

    1. Being able to store all the batteries without having a bulky wheel. Which leads to the square design.
    2. Being able to get the side panels off with minimal fuss. As it is you don't need to take off the footplates or the roll bar. But the consequence is that the footplates are quite low and the roll bar can't cut corners.

    I'm still glad it's there. If you hit the metal bar with some force, you'll have a nasty crash and what you see in the above picture. If the bar wasn't there you'd hit the plastic shell, utterly destroy it and potentially take a hit/scrape on the corner of the battery pack, which is not what I'd want...

    I understand your points, but if I had the choice, I'd choose the angled roll bars = a little more work to remove the side panels +  sacrificing a little battery capacity,  as opposed to faceplanting because it scraped when hitting a corner. I've asked Manu Wheeler (from the French video) if he's had any scraping issues other than off-road, maybe I'm exaggerating a non-existent problem (for street-riders at least), or maybe I'm just looking for defects to justify not buying one :roflmao:

  13. Maybe this post of my own personal EUC upgrade path will also help:

    The Inmotion V11 could also be a very good options for you. Safe, 18" tire + suspension, good range for when you inevitably become addicted (😉), probably the best waterproofing of any EUC, good range, very smooth ride, very classy to show up at work on...

    But let us know if you're after something smaller/with less range, since we're mostly recommending performance wheels (so you don't outgrow your new wheel too soon). But I entirely agree with everything that's been said about 16" being the minimum for safe commuting, especially when wet (and I reckon a 16x3" is much better than a narrower tire, it gives so much more stability). What's your commute to work like? What kind of paths and terrain is it on?

  14. On 7/12/2020 at 2:07 PM, Chriull said:

    Afai read it's recommended to use both ports (each limited to ~5A) for 10A. If you have a 100.8V 10A charger (1kW!) you should use a split cable to plug in both ports and the charger.

    I just found this, shared from a post of Jason's (source)

    On 7/9/2020 at 8:18 PM, Shield said:

    Charge Ports & Charger: the Sherman is being shipped with a 5A/100V charger as standard equipment. There is also the option of getting a 100V/8A charger with some enhancements like a Wh/Timer screen, variable amperage output in 2A increments & partial charging support. Charge ports have been upgraded with 2x wires for each +/- to support 8A from one port. It is not recommended to charge the Wheel above 8A, so please do not use both chargers at once!


  15. On 7/11/2020 at 9:33 PM, fryman said:


    Too bad they haven't addressed the roll bar / shell clearance issue mentioned by @DjPanJan (which I can understand, since it would basically involve redesigning the wheel), which is a BIG design oversight IMO...the distance between the tire and the frame is minimal at the corners. An angled roll bar (edit: and shell) as opposed to a "square" one would have prevented that (at the expense of a little battery capacity maybe?):



    sh1.jpg sh2.jpg

    The way it is now, I wonder whether it poses a problem exclusively for off-roading. I can envision a few streets scenarios where this could potentially also be problematic: What if you ride up a ramp at an angle? Or take a right at an intersection (e.g.), from a flat road to a steep hill? (you're accelerating, leaning into an incline, etc.). If this scraped at speed, it could lead to a seriously nasty fall.

    Do note that this is just speculation, the pedal would probably scrape first (or maybe not), it's hard to imagine accurately without physically having the wheel to see the real-world dimensions, it's just something that caught my attention when I first saw the wheel because I'd never seen an EUC where the frame was so close to the edge of the tire.  Just compare it to the Monster V3, where just about the entire tire extends out further than the frame:



    And this is with a knobby tire and no rider on the wheel...swap that for a street tire and add a 90 kg rider and that tire-to-frame clearance becomes even smaller.  Not trying to be alarmist here, but this is a safety discussion I think it's worth having. I'm going to write to the dude from the French video to ask him, since I don't like speculating with no real-world data to back my claims I love speculating but prefer having real-world, first-hand info to back my claims 😅

  16. 3 hours ago, Llorx said:

    Yep, I noticed that 16X is quite nimble. Coming from v5f I do see a difference, but not that big difference I expected (specially when I saw how big and heavy is haha). Is easy to ride at low speeds and is easy to do fast turns to avoid potholes and such. Loving it so much :thumbup:

    It's pretty impressive how they managed to make such a heavy wheel so nimble and easy to turn, and that fat tire... 😍  

    Glad you'er enjoying it! Just wait until you feel more comfortable on it and start doing more off-roading, you're going to love it! :D 

    Do be careful with that torque though, it's easy to pick up a lot of speed fast without even realizing it! 😉

    Since done your research, you've probably already read that you should be careful not to accelerate too aggressively when above 40 km/h (some people say 45 km/h, I just prefer to be extra cautious), but I thought I'd mention it just in case. 

    And as a general safety precaution, since you're coming from a much slower wheel: get used to the speed gradually and try to stay self-critical about your riding skills, it's very easy to become overconfident and ride faster than you're able to control the wheel (if you need to swerve to dodge a pothole, person, etc.). And gear up! You're riding a performance wheel now! ;)

    Happy riding! 

  17. 2 hours ago, EMA said:

    that's the part you need to file, just i bit maybe 1mm:

    Great, thanks! :cheers:

    I figured it would be that part, but it's nice to have confirmation from someone who's actually done it! (you also spared me having to ask and looking like an idiot) 😅😂

  18. 5 hours ago, Jon Stern said:

    That's because they were too busy trying to get it to cut out and getting in to fights with car drivers to ride very far!

    On the opposite end of the scale, when Marty has the wheel, drivers pull over for him thinking he's a cop... :roflmao:

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