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  1. szaroczek

    MSX customizations-sharewhat you’ve done

    Of course the other picture wasn't taken by the platform and hopefully will by uploaded later on.
  2. szaroczek

    MSX customizations-sharewhat you’ve done

    And I thing I had few quite good reasons to by seriously anxious about batteries when planning to add the additional battery package to my MSX, hadn't I...? But now, thanks to information got from this forum and this topic in particular I upgraded my MSX by putting iron studs on its tire and 3D-printing out the fender.
  3. Eventually I give up and followed your suggestions: My KS16C went under a paid repair by Ryszard, another, already known to some of you, Polish "KingSong" dealer. The repair was performed professionally and efficiently. I already enjoy riding my wheel. Regards to all
  4. Now, that is COMPLETELY wrong! And I have no bloody idea where you did get this conviction from! My general warranty rights to the vehicle in question have already been confirmed by "Electricunicycles" and the unit is already ascribed to my account on their web-page. Well, @US69, it shows some others, like for example @Smoother, dare to disagree with this conviction of yours. In truth I believe you belong to minority here, which, however could be understandable assuming your role and possition you hold here; look below: Well, I don't think you are exactly right here. KS16S in terms of its basic mechanical construction is nothing else then KS16C. Assuming the same battery size it weighs the same and it is designed for the same weight of riders. And yet its axle, which in basic is also identical with the one installed in KS16C, is just a little bit (actually 2 mm, not 1 mm as someone suggested before) thicker in these very sectors it used to get broken in the KS16C models. But there is more to it, as "Electricunicycles" explain: older batches of the very same KS16C featured thinner axle while latter ones ("Electricunicycles" nicknamed them "face-lifting") already received the thicker pieces. Doesn't it make for an evident acknowledgement the former axle was poorly designed and did not match expectations of the purpose it was supposed to serve...? I never said "general acknowledgement" - KingSong, and as it shows its dealers, at least some of them, are not the kind of reliable and fair players that would honestly, openly and officially confirm their failure; as it is they are playing an evasion and dodging game and they put a brave face on such things, we already know it. What I was trying to say was, their behavior and actions they take disclose the true nature of things. Honestly, I am kinda amazed and stunned and I find it quite funny and absurd some of you look like thinking this should be me, a small, weak and defenseless individual, who paid through nose for my car, who should be understandable and sympathizing towards a big, strong and rich company that is not willing to fulfill its warranty obligations and that it is me who, according to such understanding, should be ready to take the burden of such a confusion on myself...! Is this really what you are trying to say this is again me who should care and be bothered there are no spare parts for this wheel anymore, which in the end is STILL subject to the warranty coverage (!!!) anyway, which at the same time means this is obviously STILL quite a NEW wheel anyhow, because they just "discontinued" its production already...??? Come on, guys! I think there is something fundamentally wrong with this type of logic here! We are not talking about a 5-year or 8-year old product! It was bought as a NEW something like... A YEAR AGO and it still has almost a year warranty on it!!! This is sort of disgrace and disaster a company discontinues producing spare parts for its products while most of them are still in use and most of them are still covered by manufacturer warranty rights, in particular when it is universally known some of its components are being known for systematically failing! Guys, just wake up! This is a really enterprising surrealism what we are dealing here with! Finally for a dessert I got something really ridiculous and absurd for you. A while ago @Smoother, relating to my KS16C, advised me: So, as an expansion of this sensible after all suggestion in the attachment I added a picture of the front page of "Electricunicycle" web-site, a company from which my car originated and which declared my warranty rights to my broken axle void on the basis of the wheel being "misused". Isn't it ironic?
  5. I know he gets them FOR FREE! They ARE NOT. They fit right away, except you need to use a specialized press to get them off and back in. What DO NOT directly fit are pedal supporters and actually they should be replaced into new ones. The seller that sold my wheel used to replace the engine with the axis once it broke as a warranty claims in the past; they don't any more. I don't think this is any sort of argument here. If the seller or a manufacturer are not able to repair the defect in the warranty period they are supposed to replace the whole unit; I'm ready to this. That was just an example and if you read properly my former post you would know I did not expect this. My suggestion there was much more reasonably; read the thing well before commenting. I think you don't know what you're talking about; you have no idea about their resources. By the way, I wonder if you have any clue how much do retailers pay for the wheels and in fact other stuff made in China! Nor you probably have an idea how much do the retailers earn on any product imported from China... Talk to experts, then speak. If cases multiply and there are many other complaints and there is mess on respectable international forums they sales may drop; that might matter to them, doesn't it...? I believe public opinion matters to them... They probably don't, but the "Electricunicycle" might... They are the legal guarantor of my wheel. I think this actually is what an individual should be doing when being mistreated by a stronger and not fair entity and I also believe a forum as this can help a lot what in fact many of you effectively do commenting on this issue. Well, this is always the option. But you know, sometime there is also a matter of principle in an effort to make the world better and more just place to live for all of us. As someone of you have already noticed - this is for the benefit of all the community...
  6. Thank you all for any of your thoughts and reflections on my case presented above. However, at this point I would like to make some more specific analysis and particularly explore and bring to your attention two interesting and to my belief very telling points. Here they are: 1. To begin with, not so long ago identical axes problem with KingSong cars were handled properly by both the KingSong manufacturer as well as by "Electricunicycles" < https://www.electricunicycles.eu/ > its Polish retailer and guarantor, and both entrepreneurs were taking right, straightforward and fair responsibility for those axis failures conducting warranty repairs. Suddenly, I suppose because such cases multiplied, they have changed their tactics and started rejecting warranty claims resorting to finding comfortable, yet dubious and hard to prove reasons for which the KS wheels' axes break other than their poor technical design. However, the very fact the here discussed KS axes cases became so frequent obviously made it a clear indication and an obvious proof the fault here is on the producer party. Now, lets see what usually happens in similar cases concerning other respectable and fair companies, like for example some automobile companies. Well, in such circumstances, as we all know, such companies are preparing, organizing and undertaking product recalls by replacing the faulty part or repairing the malfunction in ALL the units of the suspicious batch, regardless of whether the breakdown followed or not, FOR FREE! Now, in KS axes case, especially recently, both the companies are doing something EXACTLY OPPOSITE - they are REJECTING ALL THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES!!! That is really so embarrassing and degrading, indeed! That also suggests I am just and unlucky guy having experiencing this axis problem in a wrong time and just too late, after both the mentioned companies had changed their strategy, and that is exactly not fair and wrong on the part of both KingSong manufacturer and "Electricunicycles". At the top of this, remember: KingSong manufacturer HAS REDESIGNED the axes they used to install in their wheels by which they OPENLY RECOGNIZED AND ACKNOWLEDGED the factory fault in its design. Also do not forget, my KS16C features THE OLD, weak type of the axis, despite of the "Electricunicycles" declaration that is has a NEW type installed in it, which circumstance would undoubtedly change the whole flavor and perception of this case and render my case weak enough not to worthy of making a deal of warranty claim, wouldn't it? To conclude this paragraph and its essence I believe there is a reasonable way to handle this KingSong monocycle axes case by its manufacturer as well as their pathetic Polish dealer "Electricunicycles" which would probably save their faces and at the same time would not jeopardize their financial interests and stability by finding some golden mean by means of some reasonable compromise. And that is, instead of replacing ALL the former, thinner and weak axis in ALL their older monocycle units, just manage the cases when they got physically broken and replace them into new, stronger ones and this AT LEAST when it happened in a WARRANTY PERIOD of their use!!! The question, of course, remains whether KingSong manufacturer and "Electricunicycles" even care about saving their faces at all... I'm wondering if this analysis and logic make any sense to the general international electric unicycle's public...? 2. At the top of the above argument which, in my humble opinion, is paramount for proper recognizing and judging my case, there is actually one more minor, yet quite meaningful and apparently strongly discrediting both KingSong manufacturer as well as their Polish dealer "Electricunicycles" circumstance. As @Smoother mentioned in his post above, there is another official Polish KingSong dealer operating in this country, "Eunicycles" < https://eunicycles.eu/en/ > run by Mr. Ryszard. Everybody concerned knows that for some mysterious reason that business entity UP UNTIL NOW IS RECOGNIZING ALL unfortunate broken axes cases in ALL KS units, and more, which actually makes my point here, KingSong company IS STILL supplying him with the FREE axes as spare parts to its monocycles, by this again ACKNOWLEDGING their responsibility for the problems KS owners do experience in this regards! That is suspiciously strange and queer, isn't it...? So, why in relation to one of the two Polish KingSong dealers, "Eunicycle", the manufacturer is taking responsibility for the bad axes and in relation to the other, "Electricunicycles", it is not? Here is the obvious answer: Ryszard, the owner of the second one, is a respectable, kind, helpful, responsible and clever businessman and he is willing to put some of his effort, knowledge and resources into handling his customers' problems and warranty claims, while the first one, "Electricunicycles" IS NOT! And in the case of this second one "Electricunicycles", in order to warranty-cover and repair the axes the Singsong producer was to replace the WHOLE ENGINE with the broken axis; Ryszard on the other hand, as @Smoother mentioned above, developed on his own account the way of replacing the axis itself and he himself takes financial costs of this not that easy to perform procedure in all his clients' warranty cases; so, in such a circumstance the KingSong is ready and willing to cooperate. Anyway, the bottom line of this circumstance here is, KingSong, by supplying its other Polish dealer, "Eunicycles", in free spare axes as replacements for broken ones in any warranty cases "Eunicycles" receives, is proving it up until now recognizes its responsibility for that problem. In the light of the above, taking into account: - my KS16C, apart of its broken axis, is in a very good technical condition, - is it still covered by its dealer's two year warranty, which fact is already confirmed by "Electricunicycles" trader, - it features the old, faulty axis, which actually broke, I believe both, "Electricunicycles" as well as KingSong, companies should take their responsibility for repairing my broken wheel in this particular case.
  7. raport-KS16D3B1612306002 (1).pdf
  8. Hello, everybody. Hereby I bring you a highly distressing, devastating and discouraging to me case of my KS16C electric unicycle failure. I bought this unit as a used one from the former owner who had previously bought it directly from Polish KingSong distributor "Electricunicycle" < https://www.electricunicycles.eu/ >. The unit featured a two year warranty expiring with November, 8th, 2019. According to the declaration of the former owner it was also supposed to feature the new, stronger, 12 mm, type of axis rather than the old one, 10 mm which was notorious for its frequent cases of breaking. The wheel bore visible signs of use but was operating properly. Additionally, to double check, I contacted by email "Electricunicycles" to confirm the type of axis my wheel had originally installed in it and I was confirmed it was supposed to be the new, stronger axis. After few dozens of kilometers I made with it one of the pedal supporters began to rub against the engine's cover which obviously indicated the bend or breaking of the car's axis. I contacted the original Polish distributor "Electricunicycles" by email with a warranty claim as well as the explanation I bought the wheel from their former client simultaneously requesting ascribing the wheel to my account. This time, however, I did not receive any response. After few days I reiterated my email - with no response. Since this bizarre business entity does not render available any company phone number, over the next month I was forced to issue dozens of emails sent to all three of their email addresses available on their web-site: - < sklep@elektrycznemonocykle.pl >, - < biuro@elektrycznemonocykle.pl >, - < serwis@elektrycznemonocykle.pl >, unfortunately with no effect. I also sent a message on their Facebook profile - no result. I even sent a physical certified letter - no answer.Being desperate, I opened a thread on Polish only electric monocycle forum "Ecojazda" < https://forum.ecojazda.pl/ > complaining on the total lack of contact with this Polish KingSong distributor (here is the link to the this thread: < https://forum.ecojazda.pl/index.php/start/monocykle-elektryczne/252-elektryczne-monocykle-brak-kontaktu?limitstart=0 >) and amazingly I got many responses from other annoyed "Electricunicycles" customers experiencing exactly the same problem. Only after the intense activity on the mentioned forum thread the "Electricunicycle" eventually responded and sent me a courier to bring my monocycle to their service. Yet, before I handed the wheel over I opened it and measured the axis - to my dismay it was an old, faulty, 10 mm axis! The warranty service, after receiving my unite and examining it, issued the "service report" concluding that "the car was misused" and for this reason my "warranty claim was dismissed". The reasons for this statement was there were signs "of extensive use on the wheel body as well as on the pedals". To get my wheel back I was demanded to cover costs of the shipment of the wheel to and from the service, which of course I bore. In conclusion to the above here are my objectives: 1. There was absolute lack of contact with the Polish KingSong distributor "Electricunicycles" when it came to the warranty claim for over a month; it was established only after pressure from the Polish electric unicycle forum "Ecojazda" arisen to which users I am deeply grateful for their participating in this thread related to my case and supporting me. 2. I absolutely disagree with the accusation of my wheel being misused; I was not driving nails into any plank with it nor was I casting it as a boat anchor into some lake's depths. The wheel was being ridden in a normal manner with normal, seldom cases of collapses which, as I am sure is pretty obvious to all wheel riders, is a normal and unavoidable aspect of its use; I do not believe there is any electric unicycle user who never fell off it, nor do I believe there is any wheel in the world "extensively" used for thousands of kilometers with no signs of use on it, like cracks or scratches on its body and pedals - watch your own wheels! 3. The axis problem in KingSong KS16 monocycles is notorious; there are unnaturally multiple amount of registered cases of them being broken: 4. The KingSong manufacturer itself acknowledged the weak axis case by redesigning and replacing it with a thicker and stronger one being installed in subsequent releases of this KS16 models. 5. I made some research and I found out similar axis problems are not to be found in monocycles of other brands such as for example: Gotway or Inmotion. 6. Another official Polish KingSong distributor < https://eunicycles.eu/en/ > in any KS16 axis problem case unconditionally carries out a free warranty repair replacing the old, weaker, broken axis with a new, redesigned, stronger one. 7. Despite of the "Electircunicycles", the original Polish vendor and guarantor of my wheel, confirmation, the axis in my car was of an old, thinner, 10 mm, faulty type rather than the new, 12 mm one. 8. I weigh 87 kg (I believe it is something around 191 lb...) Right now I am seriously embittered because in the light of the above I believe I am being manipulated by the Polish KingSong distributor, "Electricunicycle", in an attempt to avoid their warranty responsibility in relation to my KingSong KS16C axis problem. I wonder if any of you might possibly have any ideas or suggestion what I should be doing right now in this situation to have my car repaired as a warranty claim? Be grateful for any clues. Regards P.S. In the attachment: - the original "service report" after examining of my wheel by the "Electricunicycle", - the original invoice for my KS16C I received with it from the former owner. (... didn't go, will try later)
  9. szaroczek

    Wheel Guard for MSuper X

    OK, got it. Then one more puzzle: how did he possibly shape the fender section since it could not stick to any part of the body of the wheel?
  10. szaroczek

    Wheel Guard for MSuper X

    Slartibartfast, thank you for your post. The final look of this cover is fabulous but I think it is formed of fiberglass. As far as I know this is rather a brittle material, unless I'm wrong... Regarding vertical lights I'm not a big fan of those and in fact I don't use them at all, so them being hidden would never bother me. I'd love to here from "eddi" how strong this material is and how resistant to smashing. Also if he would be willing to make such a thing again and sell it and how much he would charge for it. Hopping for him/her to answer...
  11. szaroczek

    Wheel Guard for MSuper X

    "eddi", where did you get that thing from? Did you buy this cover ready or made it somehow, please? Can it come with mudguards on both sides?
  12. szaroczek

    MSX customizations-sharewhat you’ve done

    By the way, I was so anxious and desperate to learn ASAP what kind of cells are there in the battery packages in my MSX that on cut opening the blue coating I didn't notice there was a label on it saying there were NCR18650GA inside...!
  13. szaroczek

    MSX customizations-sharewhat you’ve done