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  1. So, let's face it, 45 km/h (28 mph) of real speed, which, as some have suggested, could be set for V10F on the Inmotion app as its max. speed with the use of OS Darknessbot app is just a pure myth even if technically possible to put it on the scree of the Inmotion app and there is literally no one who has done it this way on his/her V10F and actually rode 45 km/h (28 mph), right...?
  2. I'm afraid it might not be welcome for us to write in Polish here, so I wrote to you on private message. I didn't get any confirmation it had been successfully sent to you, so just let you know I did.
  3. I'm sorry, guys, for this question, but I'm not an English native speakers and occasionally experience just a language problem. So, what exactly do you mean by "carving", please?
  4. @UniVehje, thank you for your feedback. So, close, yet not exactly. Well, to my personal experience that wouldn't be exactly true. I got Gotway MSX beast in addition and its tilt-back begins EXACTLY at the speed I'd establish for it; at the moment I got it set at 47 km/h, which is maximum Gotway software allows and my impression is the tilt-back would NOT begin even at 45 km/h... But it's never happened to you, hasn't it...? By the way, do you mind if I ask how much you weigh? I wonder if someone else got in real at 45 km/h with his/her V10F...
  5. Dear friends - V10F riders - I got a big and serious question to all of you: has any of you, after setting the speed-limit of your V10F to 45 km/h (29 mph) with the iOS app Darknessbot, EVER ridden this wheel with THAT very speed, or is it only a pure myth and a sweet daydream some of us, like for example myself, just fantasize about without any real chance of achieving?
  6. Now, that's a very clever thing to do!
  7. @gon2fast, I honestly appreciate sharing your experience which is informative and didactic, indeed, except it does not really fit the merits of this thread. This thread is not about reasoning how fast one should or shouldn't go on a given wheel and why, which topic surely deserves attention and probably a separate thread, but rather how to fix V10F which max. speed is stuck at 21 mph (34 km/h). So, if you have any thought on it, you are very welcome to contribute here.
  8. Actually I found it on a warranty card which came with the wheel.
  9. Hi, @Liamfind, I was suggested by some other forum member you are the Inmotion representative here. Recently I bought a second-hand V10F on Polish auction web-site in a very good condition overall; there was only one pedal broken which was already replaced. The wheel is operating very well except I cannot make it to surpass the speed of 34 km/h. The speed-limit setting in the Inmotion app was set to 40 km/h, the wheel was lifted after making this setting to have the engine turned off and the setting active, yet the wheel would never go faster than 34 km/h. There are NO exception in this regard at all. I weigh 87 kg and no matter how dynamically I accelerate, no matter if I go up-hill or down-hill, no matter if I go with wind or against it, no matter what is the battery charging level nor how heavy my back-pack is - it always tilts back exactly at the speed of 34 km/h. To me all these circumstances clearly suggest this protection behavior of my wheel has most likely nothing to do with such things like momentary wheel overload, which was already suggested to me by some other V10F riders, or anything like that; it looks as there is just some firm speed limitation set somewhere in the wheel's brain which, for some reason, the Inmotion app cannot override. I learned you might possibly need the serial number of my wheel to deal with this problem so, should it be the case, here it is: SN:1251885FD228007C. The wheel was originally bought on the 25/09/2018 at "Inmotion France by NewWalkings", so this is still quite a new device. The total distance ridden is about 2.000 km. Hope you could help me with this problem for which I would be so much grateful.


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      @Liamfind, have you even read my email a sent to you like two weeks ago already...? :unsure:

  10. OK, got it, that's great! So, there is some hope to get help from the guys from Inmotion. By the way, they ask for "SN" to send them in the email describing the problem, which I believe is a vehicle's Serial Number. If so, where I find this SN of my V10F? Is it maybe printed somewhere on the wheel's body, or I should get it somewhere from the Inmotion app? Actually my wheel, when getting connected to the Inmotion app, is being recognized as V10F-D228007C; would it be its SN possibly...?
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