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    New i5 Newbie

    I just bought my first EUC from eWheels after having done extensive research on what model would work best for me. After watching countless videos, and being an avid motorcyclist and workout enthusiast, I didn't think learning to ride an EUC would be so difficult lol. I now understand why people say padding is important for a brand new wheel. It's not from colliding into things but every time I fall off, the motor accelerates and the wheel goes flopping around on the ground smashing up the beautiful finish. I think learning to ride an EUC is similar to learning to fly a radio controlled helicopter which was one of my hobbies when I was younger. Meaning the need to master hovering in one place is much more crucial than forward flight because eventually you have to land again and return to a hover. The desire to move forward to increase stability is hard to resist. I was pretty surprised how little I knew about how an EUC actually operates. I was envisioning a self balancing wheel that all you had to do was stand on it then lean forward and backwards. I wondered for the longest time how the wheel could do that, well I realize that I really didn't understand at all how the EUC works. I was thinking Segway all this time that stood motionless while standing still. My i5 didn't come with an instruction manual, so I had to find how to inflate the tire via Google as well as to recommended tire pressures. My initial inflations were too high making the wheel less stable. I'm 5'11 and 190 lbs which is near the higher limit that's recommended for this wheel. I'm looking forward to getting comfortable riding this thing.
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