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  1. Hi All, So, I went out today and got some mud in my V10 and wanted to disassemble it to clean the mud out. I looked up some video tutorials on disassembling the unit and unfortunately could not get past removing the V10 pedals. As stated in the video, I removed both hex screws on either side of the pedal and the hex screw underneath the pedal. Then my issue came when the video showed people easily removing the 'axle'. I have tried both sides of both pedals and can not get the axle to come out. I've tried tapping on it with a hammer and flathead and it is not showing any signs of budging. I noticed that there appears to be some kind of white plastic cap or something when I look down the thread of the axle. Both sides look the same to me. The pedals feel very loose and there is some give between the pedal and spacers. It almost seems like the axle is stuck inside the pedal itself, but is loose from the part that's connected to the wheel itself. Does anyone else encountered this issue? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if a V10F battery can be put into a V10? Not at the point where I’d need that kind of range right now, but might be later!
  3. If you try it, I'd like to know your results with it after a while! Very hesitant after my crash with the V8, haha.
  4. I have overriden my V8 using darknessbot. It worked great. However, I did experience a motor cut off while riding the tilt back at about 20mph. Not 100% sure what caused it, but just a tale of caution. I am also a newer rider. Only been riding for a few months.
  5. Hoping this hasn’t been asked 1000x but I just got my V10 today and I’m trying to figure this setting out? Not sure what language it’s in but everything else seems to be in English. Running latest app on iOS with firmware 2.2.8
  6. Thank you for the input! I actually ended up going with a V10 to replace the V8 mostly bc of cost and wanting to stick to 16" for now. I'm still rather new to EUCs and I don't want to change too much just yet. The next wheel up would have been the Tesla and I have never owned a Gotway wheel before. Didn't have the money regardless. I was actually saving for a Z10 early, next year bc I own a few Ninebot products and it seems uniquely awesome, but that will have to wait a little longer. My main use for the wheel is to commute to my bus stop which is currently a couple of miles away. I went with the V8 bc of weight, footprint, water resistance (Seattle!), motor cut off button (buses and stairs) and cost (other choice was the KingSong 14D and just chose the bigger wheel without much reason, haha). Really hoping the V10 doesn't make my life hell on the bus. Hopefully the benefits will outweigh the increase weight and footprint. Looking forward to seeing how the 2.5" wheel handles these trails around here. I'm also really excited about the larger pedals!
  7. Haha, I mean I have to get a wheel I don't hit the tiltback as often to avoid the urge to, right? Is faster wheel and wearing protective gear learning my lesson?
  8. Agreed. I have some pads and wrist guards I use when inline skating that I will be wearing much more often. I'm also going to stop the speed hack and pay attention to the tilt back now lol.
  9. So, this was my second crash and here's an overview before I get into specifics: Wheel: Inmotion V8/Solowheel 3 Speed: ~20 mph Reason: cut off Protection: none, other than a thick jacket and pants Injury: scraped knee and elbow, minor bruising in the same areas, and a ripped jacket Wheel damage: cracked inner and outer shells (both sides), cracked center panels, and a broken speaker I'm not going to go into too much detail, but at the end of the day I believe this was my fault and I'm really lucky I only sustained the injuries listed. I will definitely be wearing protection more regularly, especially when doing anything new. Now, the crash. I was going to get lunch last week going to my downtown area for the first time and was transferring from the end of a bike lane onto the main road. I was attempting to go as fast as I could to get out of the main road and back into the next bike lane. I had been riding the tilt back for a couple of minutes and then felt the wheel cut off and it threw me forward. I believe the cut off was due to two things: ignoring the tilt back warnings and overriding the top speed of my wheel via DarknessBot (30 km/h -> 35 km/h). I landed on my hands and pushed my momentum to my right side to try and get off the road as fast as possible. Once I fully landed, I hit the right side of my body and slid for a bit. This is how I ripped my jacket and got my scrapes and bruises on my right knee and elbow. My knee was far more scraped than my elbow. I hit my right side pretty solid and partially knocked the wind out of myself. Once I gathered myself, I looked up to see my wheel tumbling down hill about 50-60 yards and end over end. Once it slowed down, it veered right and hit somebody's car. I was a bit shaken and felt like I needed to sit down before going after my wheel. A couple of people stopped to make sure I was ok and luckily the man in the car my wheel hit, was not concerned with any damage to his car. I didn't get a chance to see if I caused any damage or not. Once I saw the damage to my wheel, I didn't think it was wise to try and ride it again, so I got a ride from my fiancé to the food truck I was headed to and they ended up being out of almost everything. So, I went home hurt and hungry, haha! I was pretty sore the next day, but a few days later, I was good with my wounds healing.
  10. Update: I was able to remove the battery from the board, but it seemed as though there was more than glue holding the contacts to the battery and one of the contacts came off of the board. However, once the battery was removed, there were no additional effects to the wheel. I have a new board coming in that should solve my issue either way, but one day I may try to solder the contact back on and see if that was in fact the issue. At this point it’s looking like it was, but unfortunately they don’t make it easy to replace that battery.
  11. Awesome! I will keep an eye on this calendar since I don’t have a Facebook profile.
  12. I am totally fine. Was only in pain for a few minutes after the crash and was riding the next day. Glad you found a way to exercise your pup! I don’t think I have any off leash areas near by that I could use my EUC at. It would have to be pretty secluded bc people around here already freak out when they see Luna for some reason.
  13. I actually used to have her pull me on my rollerblades around the park, but I stopped bc her normal pulling became worse. Finally gotten her back to being somewhat normal on the leash, but Husky gonna Husky.
  14. Wouldn’t work for larger pulling dogs like my Husky. She’s broken out of several of them. Little too flimsy for my uses. Training is the only thing that works, but requires time and persistence that I haven’t had. I’m personally dropping the EUC and dog combo for now, lol.
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