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  1. Tor 77

    Z10 Motor Sensor Fault

    I also got this message a couple of times, specially if powered on when lifted. But message goes away and it works ok
  2. I am also waiting to be able to send PM, so need to post more to be able to contact @MRN76 to get code to unlock my Z10 speed
  3. Snow in Norway also now and a lot of fun on my Z10, just lower the tire pressure and gear up No problem when falling as you just slide away But slippery when around zero degrees, the more cold the better traction
  4. Tor 77

    Limited to 26 km/h

    Hi, Problem solved Got good help and support from Ninebot Service Only problem that the reply from them got in my spam.... until I found it. My firmware is 1.0.4 and seems to be up to date. I got another login info from Ninebot Service and it opened up a new Low Speed Mode that was switched on. After switch off this mode it works to 46 km/h. Br Tor
  5. Tor 77

    Limited to 26 km/h

    I got it from Aliexpress, may be that the software adjust to the location during first time power on ?
  6. Tor 77

    Limited to 26 km/h

    Where do I disable the limiter other places than lower left corner on main screen ? If I activate the limiter it only goes 10 km/h, also the three sliders for the warnings only goes to max 25 km/t. Thanks for help !
  7. Tor 77

    Limited to 26 km/h

    Hello, Just got my new Ninebot One Z10 and have like 20 km on it now, but I am having a problem that it is limitet to 26 Km/h. Is says so in the display below the speed reading and starts to pull back when I get close to this speed. Also the speed limit settings in the App only goes to 25 Km/h. I get no reading from the tilt and trim in the App, in the black box data the fault code 17 is the first one and come many times. Any help is highly appriciated ! Br Tor