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  1. Er du dansk så forstår du sikkert norsk skriftlig ganske greit? Sett den videoen av deg før. Jeg kjører nok i litt røffere trails enn det der, her finnes det ingen slike luksus tur-stier, men jeg skulle ønske det var det for det er jo morsomt å kjøre i litt mer avslappende terreng også. Her er det ski løyper belagt med bark, som er mer krevende men veldig morsomt å kjøre på, eller så er det smale skogsstier med mye røtter og stein, også veldig krevende og morsomt! Har en litt bredere sti opp til et vann, som det er masse steiner i, der det er veldig vanskelig å finne en vei mellom steinene. Sykt gøy!
  2. We have mostly been looking at coastal areas between Barcelona and the Gibraltar border, but I wouldn't mind looking a bit further from the cost. South of Valencia most of the coastal towns look like a Disneyland tourist trap with mostly drunk Scandinavians or Englishmen, and I don't drink, so I would probably feel a bit lost there. Riding opportunities are high on the list of requirements, and my girlfriend loves to ride trials. It's the EUC talking she don't like:) I'll start to look more in the Catalonia area. Thanks for your input!
  3. Gillar egentligen inte att skriva på svenska, även om jag har bott i Sverige i 20 år, så tycker jag det är svårt. Jag skriver mycket på norsk och engelska, så svensk känns lite klantig när det är så lika norsk. Är det okej för er i denna tråden om jag skriver på norsk eller engelska? Ni kan svara på svensk. So, you do most of your riding in the city? No off-road trails at all? I like city riding, but I don’t think I would be happy if I couldn’t ride trails. Here in Årjäng there is a cross country ski track which I quite fun and there are some fun trails in the forest, but mostly there are lumber gravel roads that aren’t that fun to ride. We have Glaskogen nature reserve about 20 km north of us, but I haven’t explored that too much yet. I’ll let you know if I’m close to Göteborg and if you are in these parts let me know.
  4. Perhaps I should try to spend more time here then:) We have been considering migrating to Spain in about 5 years’ time, at least for the winter months, any areas with a lot of interesting trails to ride you would recommend?
  5. I recognize the stages. Now it is at a stage where I fear for her life, it's like I drain every bit of life from her eyes when I talk about EUC's:) Even though she rides, she has absolutely no interests in the capacity of 21700 batteries Vs 18650 or fw updates.
  6. We'll probably take some trips down there with the campervan in the summer, so I'll reach out. Do you know any scenic rides or challenging trails we could take around where you live? An impressive stupidity combined with bravery and brute force is all the tricks I have, so if you possess any finesse, we could exchange tricks:) Would be great to do a proper wheel talk, my girlfriend have started to get an expression of pain in her face when I start to talk about a new wheel.
  7. Adapting to new things always comes with some resistance for me. One part of me is excited for the new thing, but I also have a grumpy old man side that doesn't want changes, so then it becomes not just an external battle with the "new" wheel, it is also a batle in my head:) I've had four major slides in my latest rides. Two jump off's, one decent recovery and one beautiful correction where I had to stop and admire the skid marks, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to do that kind of correction on the old fw. I'm not build for ballet, more like a "run through brick walls" type of body, so the new gentleness I have to adapt to doesn't come easy:) Changing instincts takes time for an old fart like me. Still, I have more likes than dislikes with the new fw. I had similar issues with shoes. The new fw is more different than what a soft vs hard shoe sole gives you, but still somewhat similar in the way it changes your riding style. I haven’t been able to find one pair that are great for all surfaces. It was much easier when I had the Onewheel, hard flat soles for every surface. EUC's are so much more shoe sensitive. Before I started riding EUC's I had 5-6 pairs of shoes, not counting slippers or special purpose shoes. Now I probably have over 15 (haven't dared to count):) Some shoes are good for tarmac and off-road trails, others for gravel, some are for warm summer days, rainy days, cold winter days, hard riding days or long leisure cruises. I usually ride a mix of tarmac, gravel and trails on my rides, and the tarmac and trail part are somewhat shoe compatible, but the perfect gravel shoe is not a very good tarmac/trail shoe. And now my shoe preferences have changed with the new fw. Soft shoes feel sluggish in a new way and hard soles feels to aggressive. I’m too late with soft shoes and too early with the hard, but this will probably change once I get used to the new fw. Has any of you found one pair of shoes that are good on all surfaces?
  8. Over roots and stones, I think fw 2.0 is definitively better. The reason I slid more in the mud has to do with me having to learn how to handle my movements a bit different, I have to be even softer and more balanced in slippery conditions than what I am used to, but as I wrote: correcting a slide has never been easier. The new stiffness and responsiveness is very different, and I already prefer the new fw on more dry surfaces, so I'll stick to it and learn, it's just when I have to react on instinct and the wheel is so different and my instinct reaction doesn't apply the same way, I become a bit wary. It's like if my girlfriend suddenly changed into someone else and got new abilities:)
  9. I had to use my old Samsung phone, then it worked on both my XL and 16S. Worth the hassle though, so much smoother on tarmac and no wobble in 90-degree medium speed turns on the XL. I’ve gotten used to ride at about 42 psi, but with the new stiffness that feels a bit hard, so I might go down to between 38 – 40 psi. A bit unsure if I like the stiff pedal off-road. So easy to be too hard in my movements and get a slide on slippery surfaces, but on the other side it is much easier to correct the slide, so I guess some rider adjustments is needed. Weird with an almost silent 16S and much more confident going uphill.
  10. Yes, it's a weird winter. I'm about 200 km north of you and it's the same here. As a EUC rider I'm glad I can ride every day through the winter, but as a human being I'm a bit worried. I read that if there is a positive or negative spin on a wind current in the Atlantic, the meteorologists can determine if we get a mild or cold winter in Scandinavia, but now it seems that every “normal” weather phenomenon is dialed up to 11. If they forecast a wet summer, I’m attaching floating elements to the wheel and shovels on the tire;)
  11. I've searched for winter tyres and have now tried 3 different tyres on my 18XL. The first was this BMX tyre you linked, or at least it has the same tread, but I didn't even try that. To thin and soft, not at all suited for EUC's. The tyres eunicycles.eu has might be different than the one I got, but I doubt it since it has the exact same thread. The second tyre I tried was a motorbike cross tire that I had to shave in order to fit the wheel. It was just awful to ride on any other surface than mud or soft forest trails. Then I tried a 2.125 tyre from aliexpress, similar to the one on the old KS18 model, and this had a thick enough sole to use these kind of studs: https://www.best-grip.se/product/bestgrip-1000. I chose the 2.125 for more agile trail riding, and it worked, but the thick sole of the tyre took away the feel of the surface and in high speed turns on tarmac I got the sickening feeling of a slide as tyre shifted sideways, which was a bit unpleasant. In October I read that the forecast for the winter would be very mild, so I bought a new original tyre:) Next winter I might go for the 2.5 version of the aliexpress tyre and the screw in studs from best grip.
  12. Espen R

    V10F vs KS18L?

    I can understand the noise turn off. I started with the 16S, which has a very loud "brain eating" noise, so the XL was a huge improvement. My brain has stopped hearing the coil whine when I ride the XL alone, but when I ride together with someone on a V10F I hear it loud and clear:( I really hope Inmotion would make a 18 or 19” wheel with decent amount of range, the quality feel is miles a head of Kingsong and Gotway.
  13. Espen R

    V10F vs KS18L?

    My experience teaching others is that they all prefer the 18XL in the beginning, because, as you say, it feels more solid and stable, which is quite natural due to the laws of physics. But as they progress in skill level, I see the short and light drift towards the V10F and the meatier stay with the 18XL, again due to physics;) I prefer the 18” in almost every scenario, especially off-road, but when it comes to high speed city riding, dodging in and out of traffic, you can’t beat a high power 16”. A 16” wheel is probably more difficult to master, at least it was so for my meaty bones, so I do believe that an 18” is a better beginner wheel if you can handle the weight and size of the wheel.
  14. Espen R

    V10F vs KS18L?

    Almost never:( I got it in a trade, and it started my EUC journey, but I only used it for a couple of months while I waited for my 18XL. My girlfriend learned to ride on the 16s, but now she mostly uses the V10F. It now serves as a loan out wheel.
  15. Espen R

    V10F vs KS18L?

    I own an 18XL and a V10F, and even though I use the XL 90% of the time, because of range and off-road capability, I can't praise the V10F enough. So, I agree, for on-road in town use, it's a beautifully balanced, comfortable and nimble wheel. It’s great for light off-road, and if you don’t mind jumping a lot, you could have a lot of fun on more root/stone filled paths as well. If you don't really need a 18" wheel, you won't regret buying the V10F.
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