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  1. Then let me rephrase; The implications from a moderator that sees the community’s critique and colourful language as a valid form of reasoning from KS to why they chose to leave, is quite absurd. I’m sorry for the derail, but if the moderators here don’t see the reasons and value in opposing to a moderator forwarding a highly questionable form of reasoning from KS and use it to blame the community and individuals for being a community of human beings in all their different linguistic colour and form, then I fail to see a reason to be a part of it. Now I’m done:)
  2. I wrote both also in the first post. I just think it is a fairly heavy implication from a moderator, and the line of reasoning to why he thinks they pulled out is nonsensical in the same way the reasons why K was put on trial in Kafka’s book is senseless. They left the community because of valid rational critique and colourful language? That is not a sane reason in my book. I would be flattered by the engagement and treated the critique as a pure gold source for ideas for how to make wheels for every part of the EUC community, which would mean more income for me, if I were a EUC manufacturer. The way I see it, the only one who have lost by pulling out is KS, and implications from a moderator that the community is the reason to why they did it, is quite absurd.
  3. "But this line of posting mad KS pull their Q&A thread" A pretty clear implication, and I fail to see it otherwise. “I am not saying you is the cause. But negative loaded questions and strong color language just made them retract interaction with community” Again, how is this not and implication that I am part of the reason? Why would he put it in a reply to me if it wasn't? I though I did that when I politely explained the humorous intention of the phrase, but when he uses it against me after I made the explanation, it felt a bit maddening. But I’ll try to be even more patient:)
  4. Please take this in the best way you can. I don’t think this qualifies as communication. I can understand that you didn’t understand that the “god of greed” thing was meant in a humorous way when I first wrote it, but after I tried to explain it was meant as an overexaggerated joke, it is really hard for me, aka maddening, to understand the lack of your understanding. You’re not saying that it is my fault KS pulled representative, but you pretty clearly imply that I am. That time I went to far with the representative I realized it and deeply regretted it thanks to this community, and I gave him a full honest apology, which he fully accepted. Is this the reason you imply that I’m the reason he left? Then there are the numerous times I’ve critiqued the S18 for having weird specs that puts it in a category of its own, and a 50kph speed limit combined with a battery size that can’t handle that safely for very long. Is that the reason? If so, then this is a community I don’t want to be a part of. You’re a moderator, you do know that, and you clearly imply that I’m the reason or part of the reason Kingsong pulled their representative. Based on what? Rational critique and overexaggerated humorous colourful language? If you lack the empathy to understand how that feels, read; The Trial by Kafka.
  5. In a 3D design process, you are fully aware of the size of everything, I doubt KS are using clay models, so I don’t think they designed the wheel and then realized they could only fit a battery of this size. The small battery is not because of the design, it’s a business decision, and I’m pretty sure that would become clear once the XL version is released. It is very hard for me to understand that you don’t understand that. I could agree with you if the S18 was a 35-40kph wheel. With the current specs I think it is a strange wheel. Does it limit the speed when the voltage drops or does it become dangerous? If I owned this wheel, I would limit it to 35kph, and I wouldn’t try to push it when it gets below 40%. My gripe with the current specs is that not everyone who buys this wheel would understand that. For those who do, great, you know what you get and can enjoy it for what it is, and for that it is probably an awesome wheel.
  6. My point with the greed thing, which was meant in an overexaggerated humorous kind of way, was that the battery size was a business decision, not because of lack of space in the design. When Inmotion are able to develop and produce a similar product with a much larger battery pack at the same sales price, I find it strange that KS were not able to do the same. It might be because of higher development costs, but it may also be a corporate decision by someone who doesn’t understand EUC’s that much. We don’t have the facts, so we have to chose what we believe. I’m open to both, but my in my experience I find the latter more likely. For me, if we are going to use your TV’s as an example, it’s like introducing the new 16:9 format only available in black and white. Who needs color when you have a wide screen;) If the wheel manufactures actually had to invent suspension, then I could follow you, but I see it more like an adaptation. They have a huge knowledge base on the subject they can use, and there are even readymade solutions they can use or take inspiration from. Still a lot of work, so kudos to them, but I prefer to watch TV with color, so if I had to choose between them, I would’ve gone for the V11. PS: With a wider tire and more power-hungry motor, I doubt you’d get more normal use range with the S18 over the 18L. I do understand your frustration with GW, but for me It’s the only sensible option at the moment, and I’m not thrilled by the prospect of owning a GW. There are a lot of hills here that I would like to traverse with a little more than walking pace, which is the reason why I feel the need for more power, and I also need more range.
  7. That's ok. Your response didn't make any sense to me, so I guess we're two people who can't communicate with eachother:)
  8. The only sacrifice Kingsong had to make when it comes to the battery size was to the god of greed. I don’t believe for a second that they couldn’t fit a larger battery because of the suspension, because then they would be incomprehensively poor at 3D design. This was a profit decision, and if they’re able to sell a lot of wheels with the current specs at a high range/high performance price, then I’m sure they’ll be happy with themselves. I’m going to the dark side for my next wheel. GW here I come;) If you can live with the range of this wheel, then that’s great for you. I’ll sulk in my corner and curse at the god of greed;)
  9. So, when you use your wheel for fun you don’t need range?? I struggle to understand that logic. S18 = 20-30mins of off-road riding for me, and then I would feel a bit cheated on the fun part. More range = more fun, that’s the obsession on range for my part. You live in a fairly flat part of the world, so you might be able to have enough fun on short range wheels, but where I live, we have something called hills;)
  10. Couldn’t agree more. I can’t say I’ve ever been in a situation where I felt the need to ride backwards. I’ve got little over 5000km, but I still feel like a rookie, and I hope that feeling never goes away. After about 2000km, I probably felt less like a rookie than what I do now. Off-road riding is very physically demanding, and the techniques you need to ride smoothly and swiftly over bumpy terrain requires a lot of muscle and stamina, which takes time to develop. I’ve followed the same path as I have done with other sports that demanded a lot of strength. Started at my normal weight, a little under 100kg, but with muscle build up comes appetite, so I gained about 18kg in the first few months, and I kept that weight for little over a year before it slowly began to decline. Now I’m at the point where the build up is complete, so the appetite is reduced and I’m losing weight fairly fast. I’ll probably be back to two digits on the weight scale by the end of the year. I can withstand the forces and keep the wheel planted to the ground with the muscle gain, and with the weight reduction comes stamina, so I’ll soon need a new wheel with more range, because the 18XL can only give me 1-1.5 hours of hard off-road riding. The MSP or the MSS with the larger battery pack could’ve been the natural choice, but I’m not sure about the width, it looks a bit clumsy to me. I want more power and range, so 20” seems like a logical progression to accomplish that without widening the body, so I’m eagerly waiting for the new GW wheel, but a 3.00 wide 20” wheel would be closer to raping a bear with brute force than the agile trail dancing I can do with the 18XL:)
  11. Well, I use my 18XL every day and I also have to charge every day. For long tarmac cruises, the range is fine on the XL, but when I push the wheel hard, it is not that impressive. If I average 25kph (15mph) on my daily off-road trail run, I have 30-40% left after about 1 hour, and that isn’t enough for me anymore. Luckily, I live in Scandinavia, so the dry conditions I need to average 25kph are fairly rare. In slightly damp conditions I only manage to average between 20-22kph, and then I have 50-60% left after 1 hour, which leaves me 30-40min of extra riding time before the battery is down to levels where I don’t feel comfortable pushing the wheel. With the more power-hungry motor on the S18, I would get less than 30min on that wheel, which is kind of ridiculous. I don’t think Kingsong would double the battery capacity on the XL version of the S18, so I’m forced to go over to the dark side for my next wheel.
  12. @Arbolest Cybertruck:) I love aesthetic design, with beautiful curves and interesting lines, but I also love functional design like this. Serviceability trumps beauty when you need a tire change. How is it to ride compared to the original Monster, and what is that trolley handle you have on the red Monster? Awesome work man!
  13. I have my alarm on the XL set to 40kph, so I really try to stay safe, but sometimes I don’t hear the beeps and then I end up with tilt back. After the 2.0 FW update, I’m completely speed blind. I’m totally with you when it comes to the 80% alarm. I usually get it off-road, and now they come even when it feels like I’m holding back, so they kind of kill some of the fun. I could never sell the XL, it has too much sentimental value for me, and it is a great learner wheel. The speed issues I have usually comes when I’m doing the boring stuff, like grocery shopping, and for that I need a wheel with a functional trolley handle, which means I’d have to find a diy solution on the Monster. The MSP and the MSS have been very interesting to watch. They solve every speed issue and has the power I miss for off-road use. The MSS even comes with the Nikola pedals. The only things I don’t like is the trolley handle, width of the case, strength of the case, the padding, ergonomics, a true 80% warning and the speakers. Of the two, the MSS with the 2250wh battery is the closest to becoming a candidate for me. The only one I’ve seen off-roading with a Monster is Ian at SpeedyFeet and my fellow Norwegian EUC Guy. With the more powerful motor on the 100v V3, I can’t see any reasons to why it wouldn’t be a good off-roader. It would be different for sure, but with a larger wheel diameter I could ride the narrow trails in the forest made by animals with a lot more confidence than now. At the moment it’s a toss up between the Monster V3 and the MSS, but if the new 20” GW wheel fits the bill, I’m willing to wait for the 2nd or 3rd batch.
  14. My love for EUC’s created a fear of it being taken away by some government regulation, and I saw GW speed riders as the reason why this would happen, so I do understand your point @Unventor. After 47 years on this planet, I can’t brag about any form of wisdom, but I have learned one important lesson; It’s all about perspective. I’ve been, and sadly still is, dead sure of many things in life, viewed from my own subjective perspective, but as soon as I manage to see something from a different perspective, my certainty vanishes. Little by little I’ve learned to doubt and question myself, especially on the things I’m most certain about, and to this date I still haven’t been able to find something that is true from all perspectives. There are many perspectives to view the speed of EUC’s, and you, @UniVehje and @mrelwood have all valid arguments, and so does the GW speed daemons. Apart from the 1-2% who enjoys hurting and ridiculing others, nobody does anything deliberately to hurt anyone, it’s all about perspective, and trying to convince others to adapt your perspective doesn’t make it truer. We don’t have much when it comes to individual intelligence, but we do have a hive intelligence, and that is quite substantial. Every perspective must be addressed and tried out before we can collectively conclude anything, and this will be true when it comes to EUC’s as well. Hive intelligence is not based on arguments or convictions, it’s all about facts. Through the history of mankind this is how we’ve always done things, trying every option and move forward with those that worked. You can watch other EUC riders do stupid things from your own perspective, and they can watch you being overly cautious and boring from their perspective, and you can argue all you want, but the only thing that matters is gathering facts for the hive, and for that everyone is doing a great job doing what seems right from their perspective:)
  15. Replacing the Monster with a smaller wheel would be a bit silly. With increased power comes larger battery packs, so I see a 20” wheel as the logical next step that replaces the 18-19” category, but I have realised that logical decisions aren’t what we should expect from EUC manufactures, so I guess we’re only left with a hope:) If the suspension eats up all the extra space gained by the wheel diameter increase, and we’re left with a wheel with the same power and battery size as the MSP, I might choose the Monster V3 instead. I wouldn’t mind a larger wheel either, if they could increase the power and keep the range. 26” with a tyre that isn’t to wide perhaps? My trail riding opportunities would be almost endless with a wheel like that:)
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