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  1. Espen R

    V10F vs KS18L?

    I can understand the noise turn off. I started with the 16S, which has a very loud "brain eating" noise, so the XL was a huge improvement. My brain has stopped hearing the coil whine when I ride the XL alone, but when I ride together with someone on a V10F I hear it loud and clear:( I really hope Inmotion would make a 18 or 19” wheel with decent amount of range, the quality feel is miles a head of Kingsong and Gotway.
  2. Espen R

    V10F vs KS18L?

    My experience teaching others is that they all prefer the 18XL in the beginning, because, as you say, it feels more solid and stable, which is quite natural due to the laws of physics. But as they progress in skill level, I see the short and light drift towards the V10F and the meatier stay with the 18XL, again due to physics;) I prefer the 18” in almost every scenario, especially off-road, but when it comes to high speed city riding, dodging in and out of traffic, you can’t beat a high power 16”. A 16” wheel is probably more difficult to master, at least it was so for my meaty bones, so I do believe that an 18” is a better beginner wheel if you can handle the weight and size of the wheel.
  3. Espen R

    V10F vs KS18L?

    Almost never:( I got it in a trade, and it started my EUC journey, but I only used it for a couple of months while I waited for my 18XL. My girlfriend learned to ride on the 16s, but now she mostly uses the V10F. It now serves as a loan out wheel.
  4. Espen R

    V10F vs KS18L?

    I own an 18XL and a V10F, and even though I use the XL 90% of the time, because of range and off-road capability, I can't praise the V10F enough. So, I agree, for on-road in town use, it's a beautifully balanced, comfortable and nimble wheel. It’s great for light off-road, and if you don’t mind jumping a lot, you could have a lot of fun on more root/stone filled paths as well. If you don't really need a 18" wheel, you won't regret buying the V10F.
  5. For my use, which is a combination of being a car replacement, shopping, picking up packages, etc in town, a daily hour long fun/exercise on/off-road ride, and 2-3-hour long weekend rides, there is only one wheel that can do all of this, the 18XL. Is it the best wheel out there, probably not? Our V10F is nimbler and nippier when it comes to in town use, but the wheel is to small and the range to short for hard off-road riding. When it comes to the kind of off-road riding I do, I’m sure the MSX and even the Monster V3 could do a decent job, but because of the XL’s narrower tire and therefore being more nimble on the roots and stone filled paths I ride, they wouldn’t be able to keep the same speed. I’ve tried a slightly wider off-road tire on the XL, which was great for grip, but it felt like wrestling a wild boar when I tried to go fast on my paths, so I changed back to the original tire (a new narrower 2.125 tire is on the way). For high speed-straight line-on-road use, a 3.0 tire would be nice, but because the laws of physics are what they are, what little you gain in high speed stability with a wider tire, you lose too much of the medium speed fun ride manoeuvrability that I love. The best wheel out there is the wheel that suits your needs, and for me that is the 18XL.
  6. I've been looking at two different types of studs, where one is a screw in stud which is fairly easy to remove, and the other is a traditional car tire stud with a diy solution to mount them I found here in the forum. If I go for the car stud, I'll probably buy a second tire for summer use, but at the moment something like this is most likely what I would buy: https://www.amazon.com/100pcs-Qiilu-Screws-Winter-Motorcycle/dp/B0778FMF1Z/ref=pd_cp_263_3?pd_rd_w=dCOak&pf_rd_p=ef4dc990-a9ca-4945-ae0b-f8d549198ed6&pf_rd_r=6KZ67SRC11GNXHY73RZN&pd_rd_r=74f3bef4-d9e7-4f2c-9a72-56d1335bab36&pd_rd_wg=PiteE&pd_rd_i=B0778FMF1Z&psc=1&refRID=6KZ67SRC11GNXHY73RZN
  7. If they measure from inside the rim edge, then it should fit in height. The with should also work, if 60 mm = 2.36 inches, but the 60/100 tire #RoCan linked was rated as 2.75. The world of tire measurement is a weird world:) I think I'll take a chance and go for the one I linked. With 40% of my riding being off-road and 20% on gravel roads, the original tire hasn't been that great for me, so if this tire works ok on asphalt, I might use it all year and just remove the added studs in the spring.
  8. I've bought a 18x2.5 bicycle tire, but that is way too thin, and the electric bicycle off- road tires looks very similar to my fat bike, and are not great for studs. I'm not sure if the 100 is the aspect ratio, 100% of the with, which by my great math skills means that it is 60mm??, and that might be too tall unless I shave off a cm or the measurement is done when the wheel is not mounted to a rim and without air. If the 100 is in mm, then it won’t work unless the measurement is off rim and without air. The weird thing is that 14" = 35.56cm, and if you add 10cm and convert it back to inches you get 17.93 inches.
  9. I've been looking for a off-road/winter tyre for my 18XL and came across a lot of different tyres in 60/100-14 dimention. Like this one: https://www.chapmoto.com/duro-dm1156-soft-terrain-front-tire-parent-2052511561460 Do you think it would fit or do you have other alternatives?
  10. Isn’t there room for being a bit of both? After 46 years of dim-witted accidents, there is very little chance of maintaining any sort of facial beauty;)
  11. Lol:) I firmly fall into both categories!
  12. I know this isn’t a popular subject, so I really appreciate your initiative. If you love riding EUC’s please protect yourself, even if you don’t care about getting hurt, because rules and legislation hurt a lot more, and it hurts us all. I think there are two reasons for not using proper safety gear on EUC's. Reason one might be that EUC riding causes something like Superman/woman syndrome, where the risk of getting hurt gets dangerously diminished. We are almost flying:D The other reason why safety gear is given low priority might be because we are so dim-witted and ugly, we don’t care about protecting our wits and face. I know I suffer from Superman/woman syndrome, but I choose Ironman as my superhero role model when I ride my EUC’s;) He can also fly!
  13. On the XL I don't pay that much attention to where my feet are, but on the KS 16s my heal is at the end of the pedal and my toes are outside the pedal.
  14. You're probably right increasing the temperature span, especially in a coastal climate like Gothenburg. I live 190 km north of you, where it is a bit dryer, so here it starts to be some friction in the ice at -2, but I'm not really comfortable riding before it drops below -3. I once lived close to Lillehammer in Norway, where it gets really cold and dry, and from -20 and below, it was so much friction it felt like I was biking uphill all the time:)
  15. I don't take you for a fool at all:) This is just a friendly banter, and I love to be a prick when someone uses the term; evolution when it's more correct to use the word; progress;) For me, learning is evidence of adaptation, which humans are quite good at, but not intelligence. If we were an intelligent creature, then we would naturally cooperate and not fight each other, we would establish our self on more than one planet and in more than one solar system, and we would be able to control the climate on the planets we live on. We might become an intelligent creature in the future, but we have a long way to go. For me it is liberating to define myself as an idiot. It makes me more humble and understanding towards others, I don't beat myself up when something I thought was a smart choice or a clever thought turns out to be quite the opposite, and it makes it much easier to learn, because I'm not afraid to fail.
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