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  1. Gracias a ti ! ThanksWheeler Leroy for all your nice explanations about GT16 ! By the way, do you think that for common OFF ROAD (not too steepy ) the GT 16 equals a TESLA or a MSX OR KS18L ? ( FOR INSTANCE is the MSX smoother in normal OFF ROAD , not in diffcult and rocky single tracks ) I hope I 'll can decide soon if the choice of GT16 is the best one As far asI can anallyse the last posts, the only big problem could be the resistance of the shell and the rain Anyway i m not in a hurry too, i can eventually wait for the brand new
  2. Thanks to EUC EXTREM !? By the way your videos on Winter 're AMAZING ! Moreover, do you take OFFROAD BMX TYRES for OFF ROAD with GT16 as MIKE 16' 2.125 or others Thanks for your returns and (or) explanations ! ? Nice trips to ALL WHEELERS !??‍♀️
  3. May be less than 90 lbs ?!! (45 kgs naked)
  4. Thanks a lot for your very usefull comments from GERMANY It confirms several things i thought about the GT 16 Have a good night ! If anybody else can also give me his or her experience with this wheels, you' re welcome ! Nice ride to all wheelers
  5. Hello, I already ride since almost 2 years a 14 inch wheel, but i feel that i need a better wheel than mine. After folowing thaïs forum, my choice is now : ROCKWELL GT16 My questions are (only ?❓) for owners of GT16 : 1) CAN i do off road on GT 16 better than 18 inch 2) CAN i use GT16 under ALL conditions wheather ? 3) To change the tyre, is it really difficult, What tools do you recommand me ? 4) What tyre is better for off road? (can i use 16 inch BMX tyres for instance??‍♂️? i than you so Much for reading ? Have a nice day ALL Whee
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